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Enhanced Multipliers: Odds 3.25

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Posted on 04 May 2016 by "H".

Tomorrow is another big day in Europe, when we are going to find the finalists for the Europa League tournament. Liverpool is behind against Villarreal while Shakhtar Donetsk and Sevilla drew in their first match.

Unibet is offering enhanced odds on these two matches if both home teams win the match. They give you odds 3.35 on a Liverpool and Sevilla victory, which is quite above the market price. 


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If you go to Unibet and combine these two matches alone, you'll get odds 2.80 in return, but if you use their Enhanced Multipliers offer, you'll get 3.35. It's a big increase and will certainly add some value to your pick.

Do you believe that Liverpool and Sevilla will both win tomorrow or what are your predictions for the two matches?

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6 comments on "Enhanced Multipliers: Odds 3.25"

 bowie198405/05/2016 00:06:39 GMT
Do you believe that Liverpool and Sevilla will both win tomorrow...
Thanks but no thanks, you see this promotion would be pure gold if you could combine any kinda result with each other above 20% of the market price, but one home team tomorrow will definitely $hit the bed IMO so I rather keep the money to myself.
 bowie198406/05/2016 00:02:30 GMT
To be quite honest nobody could have expected that Villareal gonna beat himself rather than just simply take a beating by the poodles... I mean an own goal and a red card?
I can honestly say that the Anfiled Road is not a place where any away team goes for the sure thing, but this game supposed to be a lot closer IMO.
 pochui06/05/2016 11:48:48 GMT
well i have to agree with both bowie's- first of all prematch it was not a very attractive offer, too many ifs and butts, probably you could find a safer place to put your hard earned cash into... now the second bowie is correct in that villareal really helped to sink themselves big time. gonna be a fun final between two teams desperately fighting for the chance to play in champions league next year...
 Calmplay07/05/2016 04:55:06 GMT
I was very confident for the Liverpool win and it was the Sevilla one I had a doubt, now we know who are the finalist I believe that Liverpool will lift the trophy so guys bet something you have on it Blink
 bowie198408/05/2016 00:08:34 GMT
Yeah I am leaning for the poodle win too, mostly because they are really cup specialists (probably many of us here remember 2 those crazy finals a decade ago - one against Alaves and the other one against Milan) but Sevilla gonna be here third time in a row, so they r definitely know whats up...
Tbh they are the value bet here.
 DaCapo7108/05/2016 15:47:59 GMT
Nice odds and gratz to all mobsters which making a bet on this double bet. But in my opinion was this kind of combinations normally a -ev bet, because in the european Football league can happen everything.

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