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Champions League Semi-Final Tonight!

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Posted on 02 May 2017 by "T".

Real Madrid will take on Atletico Madrid in the first semi-final of the Champions League tonight. It will be the fourth successive season the two Madrid clubs face each other in the Champions League (1 draw and 3 wins for Real Madrid).

Real coach and French football legend Zinedine Zidane told bbc sport that the past victories will count for nothing in tonight's derby.

"It's a completely different tie and they will be doing their utmost to go through as well," said Zidane. "Atletico always gives us a hard game. The strength they have is that they never give up, no matter what happens. They fight, battle, they know their strengths and use them as best they can. In the past four or five years they have been a very good side that have improved every year. What happened in the past is in the past, we can't rely on that now. The extra motivation comes from it being a Champions League semi-final."

Bookmakers hold Real Madrid as the big favourite tonight. Atletico have several injured players, including three defenders: Uruguay centre-back Jose Gimenez (groin), former Real right-back Juanfran (thigh) and Croatia full-back Sime Vrsaljko (hip). Real Madrid are also missing two important players: centre-half Pepe (upper-body injury) and midfielder Gareth Bale (calf injury).

Which team do you think will win tonight?


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43 comments on "Champions League Semi-Final Tonight!"

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» Champions League Semi-Final Tonight!

 pochui06/05/2017 08:33:31 GMT
yeah juventus look strong with their system of "do not let a goal in and score on the counter" but it's really not the kind of game to enjoy, i prefer all out attack where one team beats another by virtue of more goals scored and both do score many.
 dule-vu06/05/2017 13:37:09 GMT
if we know that nobody didnt defend champions league (not european cup,just champions league),so we cant expect that real madrid wont defend title,but will see!especially when we see how juventus play!they are much better as team,then at final two years ago!
 bowie198407/05/2017 00:32:12 GMT
Posted by pochui:
well i personally didn't see atletico scoring before the match, sure not expected them to have such leaky defense either.

It's a famous rivalry game like Lazio-Roma or Juventus-Torino - the fact that they've met in the CL again was just the icing on the cake. These are hard to predict but usually BTTS is da safest bet on these kinda games IMO.
 Gerimantas07/05/2017 08:40:50 GMT
Yes I like what dule-vu say about no one is defending their won title in champions league in history, so this is really a good bet to place on juventus in the final if we bet looking on the stats, and they will also have higher odds because real are favourites to win the final
 shokaku07/05/2017 08:57:39 GMT
Juve got to the final two or three years ago, only to get crushed by Barca. At that level even their tight defense is vulnerable. So if the odds for Real should be lower, it is because they would be the favorite.
 pochui07/05/2017 13:13:21 GMT
ok so what the hell is BTTS, the only thing i can think of is Blowjob Till The Swallow but i am not 100% sure this is the correct interpretation of the partially hidden information. oh and yeah- based on stats only juve will win the final (if they make it to the final) but real do look strong, i personally think they are the better side of the two at this moment of the season... but things can change, also real are without bale atm.
 Gerimantas09/05/2017 09:49:11 GMT
So today we have match between juventus and monaco and as many people I too think that juventus will go to final, it takes some magic for monaco to do some harm to juventys, lool how they not concede against barcelona and they have messi, neymar and suarez... monaco only falcap and mbappe
 pajalnick09/05/2017 11:57:03 GMT
As it seems to me with the Champions League final everything is clear ... in the semifinals, it seems to me that the feats will not happen and Juventus and Real will play the final game ...... I hope that Juventus will be able to win this year
 Calmplay09/05/2017 13:02:05 GMT
Yes as it stands it will be very very difficult not to see Juventus and Real Madrid not going through but if it will happen, I would put my money on Real to lift the trophy...
 dule-vu09/05/2017 15:09:38 GMT
it will be interesting to watch this to games and to see how tonights game will develope!will monaco attack from start,because they play whole season like that and how juventus will open game!hope that we will see lot of goals!
 bowie198409/05/2017 17:10:48 GMT
Posted by pochui:
ok so what the hell is BTTS, the only thing i can think of is Blowjob Till The Swallow but i am not 100% sure this is the correct interpretation of the partially hidden information

Both teams to score. But yeah your interpretation is spot on as always. Tonight I expect a scoreless draw in Torino.
 dule-vu10/05/2017 15:14:40 GMT
good game last night and hope that tonight will be even better!it was sure win for juventus and like all of us said,we already knewt finalist and its just to wait for real tonight!italian team showed that defence is something that they do best and in this season they score a lot!
 Gerimantas10/05/2017 16:48:54 GMT
Juventus was better team on both games and a good winner no one can say that it was a mistake from referee or luck, and now all that left is to see who is the second team in the final, 99% it is real madrid, but anything can happen, would be nice to see atletico scoring first maybe even 2-0 at halftime, wpuld be good game then
 xpok3rkingx11/05/2017 05:22:57 GMT

Your confi
Posted by dule-vu:
if we know that nobody didnt defend champions league (not european cup,just champions league),so we cant expect that real madrid wont defend title,but will see!especially when we see how juventus play!they are much better as team,then at final two years ago!

with your confidence you should have placed a bet then I did and won !!!!!
 dule-vu11/05/2017 15:58:21 GMT
I must admit that I didnt understand your post!you say:you shoudl have placed a bet then I did and won!?!?!?this sentence dont have sense!
and about my post,I just say what is fact,that nobody didnt defend title!will this change in final,I dont know 100 %,but this is how should be!
and about last night,too bad that atletico received such a goal,who know what would be in second half with 2:0 result!
 pochui11/05/2017 16:25:51 GMT
yeah poor xpok3rkingx has found his way to the drug dealer again it seems, now we will see him again after 5-6 years wondering why is justin bieber the president of us of a when "just yesterday" it was trump- the master wall builder owning americanos big time.
oh and yeah- a sure win bet based purely on stats would be juve to win the final.
 Gerimantas12/05/2017 07:47:20 GMT
So i remember the game between juventus and monaco and ober 2 matches juventus was much stronger much better team and deserve to go to final and same can say about real madrid, bad ztart to 2nd game but then quality shows and no problem to go to final. So a final between two teams that were really better than opponents in semi final.
 dule-vu12/05/2017 16:10:53 GMT
I love to read pochui posts and to see how he will answer to some members Big Smile !yeah he will still wondering when he come again after few years!we can see in other thread what he write!
and about final,we will see will all players be in final,maybe somebody will be injured!just can expect great game and lot of goals!
 pochui13/05/2017 08:02:17 GMT
really...? a lot of goals in the champions leagues final with one side in the final being juventus, the side which has a total of 3 goals scored against them in whole competition? hmmm hard seeing this goal fest to be honest, not that i mind though... always love an attacking high scoring game, but not sure this is what we will get.
 Gerimantas13/05/2017 12:29:18 GMT
Yes already waiting for the final and I think that anything can happen there, no real favorite to me, different teams one bery good attacking side, other bery good defense and super counterattack so really can be lots of goals but also can be 0-0 and penalties.
 pajalnick13/05/2017 13:01:24 GMT
Buffon deserved victory in the Champions League with his beautiful game and a long and remarkable career .... and Real? .... why do they need another trophy? They and tag regiment breaks from prizes and cups .... only Juventus ... only the old lady
 dule-vu14/05/2017 13:27:55 GMT
well pochui,I want to see lot of goals,because I want to see great and excitement game!I know that juventus have great defence,but its final and early goal could change everything and bring to us great game!hope that we will not watch 0:0 game!
 pochui14/05/2017 13:32:53 GMT
yeah dule-vu i would also love to see a game like for example leipzig- bayern yesterday, but chances are slim, usually finals are really tense, dudes know that a single mistake can cost them the title. realistically they are more or less even teams, both well drilled, but real have ronaldo up front and he can change games... hard to see where this will go...
 Gerimantas14/05/2017 18:55:59 GMT
Yes like pochui say I too think that there will be nerves at the start, but maybe one team will try to go and attack in first 10 or 15 minutes and we saw atletico madrid do this vs real madrid and with many luck, so could juventus try this and if score go out and keep this advantage?
 dule-vu31/05/2017 11:41:33 GMT
final is almost here,in three days we will see or new winner or team that will defend title for first time!for everything that they showed this season,juventus deserved this title!best defence in champions league,easy wins over barcelona and monaco and title in italian championship and cup!

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