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Producers of 2019 Eurovision admit Human Error resulted to Incorrect Voting Results

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Posted on 23 May 2019 by "T".

Duncan Laurence, winner of the 2019 edition

Eurovision has admitted they made a mistake! Let's check out the updated ranking...

Eurovision Song Contest 2019
The Eurovision Song Contest 2019 was the 64th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. The contest was held in Expo Tel Aviv in Israel, as rules state that last year's country winner shall host the next annual contest. In the 2018 contest in Lisbon, Portugal, Israel won with the song "Toy" performed by Netta.

The contest had two semi-finals on May 14 and 16, and the final on May 18, 2019.

A total of 41 countries joined the contest, with Bulgaria and Ukraine absent.

New, Corrected Results
The Eurovision Broadcast Union (EBU) revealed on May 22, Wednesday, that due to human error, the results initially announced for the 2019 Eurovision song contest were incorrect, which caused some mayhem to occur.

Of course, the first four countries were correctly named; however, the dilemma began at the fifth spot - the correction now sees Sweden move up to 5th place, putting Norway to 6th place. Germany also moves down to the second to last place.

An incorrect counting of the jury votes by the Belarusian delegation caused the televised results to be amended three days later.

EBU said in a statement, "The EBU can confirm, following standard review practices, we have discovered that due to a human error an incorrect aggregated result was used. This had no impact on the calculation of points derived from televoting across the 41 participating countries and the overall winner and Top 4 songs of the Contest remain unchanged.

To respect both the artists and EBU Members which took part, we wish to correct the final results in accordance with the rules. The correct jury points have now been added to the scoreboard and the revised totals for each participating broadcaster, and their country, have been published on

The EBU and its partners Digame and Ernst & Young deeply regret that this error was not identified earlier and will review the processes and controls in place to prevent this from happening again."

Below is the updated 2019 Eurovision ranking:
1. Netherlands (498 points)

2. Italy (472 points)
3. Russia (370 points)
4. Switzerland (364 points)
5. Sweden (334 points)

6. Norway (331 points)

7. North Macedonia (305 points)

8. Azerbaijan (302 points)

9. Australia (284 points)

10. Iceland (232 points)

11. Czech Republic (157 points)
12. Denmark (120 points)

13. Cyprus (109 points)
14. Malta (107 points)

15. Slovenia (105 points)
16. France (105 points)
17. Albania (90 points)

18. Serbia (89 points)
19. San Marino (77 points)

20. Estonia (76 points)
21. Greece (74 points)

22. Spain (54 points)

23. Israel (35 points)

24. Belarus (31 points)

25. Germany (24 points)

26. United Kingdom (11 points)

Representing The Netherlands, 25-year-old Duncan Laurence was crowned the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, scoring 498 points with his song "Arcade".

Bets on 2019 Eurovision
The sports betting sites at first expressed their frustration towards the disastrous ranking error at Eurovision, saying they are going to lose "a lot of money" and it is "not in accordance with our regulations".
What does this mean then for those who bet at the sportsbooks? It's good news, actually...

Most sports betting sites by now have paid off the bettors who won based on the initial results. The good news is that many sports betting sites say they will not roll them back. They said the bettors won according to the official result, so there's no need to retrieve back their winnings.

What about those who won based on the new, corrected results? It gets even better...

Many bookmakers say they admire EBU for admitting their simple mistake to the public and bear no ill will. A spokesperson for a bookie said, "I guess they had good intentions. We can live with it."

Even Betsson is cool with it - those who have won in the initial but inaccurate result and those who won based on the new yet corrected result will all get their money.

CEO of Betsson Pontus Lindwall says that while it wasn't really in accordance with the company's regulations, they will normally do this so as to meet the customer's best interests. He also believes this kind of mistake happens extremely rarely.



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7 comments on "Producers of 2019 Eurovision admit Human Error resulted to Incorrect Voting Results"

 Mober23/05/2019 12:21:03 GMT
I had heard some comments abort this years eurovision contest,
but i didnt even know it took place already Smile
Just informed about it with this post.
And we did bad as a country, not that i care though, since i consider this
a silly competition, but inspite that, congratulations goes to netherlands i guess Smile
 Gerimantas23/05/2019 15:29:18 GMT
Of course very strange situation, not look professional and many thinks go like maybe this is also not good results. But for most people it is not big emotions if one country finish 5 or 6th, it is not top 3 places which are important
 CALICUL23/05/2019 17:20:17 GMT
Eurovision is a great disappointment. The contest is politically arranged in many countries or at the semifinals and finals. I'm not surprised that they've done something wrong. It is not the first time and will not be the last time. With such European leaders we have no chances, as this annual contest to regain what was once.
 sohelbd7723/05/2019 20:39:57 GMT
I really want to know about voting system. how it's works and how to vote
 bowie198423/05/2019 23:15:27 GMT
Hah, Not-So-Great-Britain ended up in one of the last places again - lol. This competition is not really about the songs nor the talent nor anything that actually matters in the music industry so this article does not suprise me at all.
 pajalnick24/05/2019 11:35:09 GMT
it seems to me that these adjustments didn’t make big changes to the standings ..... therefore, it seems to me it was possible to leave everything as it was ... and in general, Eurovision recently seems to me to be more a political competition than a competition of musical talents ... . it is sad
 CALICUL24/05/2019 17:40:26 GMT
That's how it is Pajalnick but even so i receive a minus vote from the administrator again when i say the truth. I think it is the vote 50 with minus for me when i said the truth. From this point of view is not correct because Eurovision is really a contest where the winner is chosen by politicians and other influential people... This competition has become a shame. Tongue

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