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Over under betting at M88 explained applicable

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Posted on 07 September 2020 by "T".

If betting on win / lose results has become so popular around the world and popular, then Over Under bets have only been available in the last few years. Therefore, not everyone understands about this bet to win at M88 betting. If you want to expand your knowledge in the field of betting, please BET88 find out in the article below.

1) What is Over Under betting?

Simply put, Over Under betting at M88 is betting on the total number of goals in the match or round. The dealer will give a benchmark (usually 3 in football) for the player to predict. Over means the player chooses the number of goals that is greater than the house's benchmark, and Under is smaller. There is no draw result in Over Under. On the soccer scoreboard, this handicap is abbreviated by the dealer as O / U.

When placing bets on the online bookmakers wager on the total number of goals. In the 90 official minutes of competition with the number of minutes of injury time. But during extra time or penalty shootout, the goal will not be counted.

Over Under is a very special bet, players don't care whether they win or lose. Just predict the number of goals that will be scored by both teams in the 90 minutes of official competition.

2) Over Under betting rules:

Each dealer will have different benchmarks and eating rates. However, to make it easy to understand, for example the benchmark is 3, the odds are 1.25 and the stakes are $ 200. There are 3 possible outcomes:

- If the result of the match or round is greater than 3, the player will win the entire bet: 200 x 1.25 = $ 250. In which, $ 200 is principal, interest will be $ 250 - $ 200 = $ 50
- If the result equals 3, the player wins half of the bet: (200x 1.25) / 2 = $ 125
- If the result is less than 3, the player loses their stake.
In addition to football, Over Under betting is also used in basketball with the same calculation.

3) How many types of Over / Under odds are there?

  • Over / under 0.5 odds

If total goals> 0.5: the player who selects Over will win higher when choosing Under.
If total goals <0.5: you choose Over to lose your bet and choose Under will win your bet.

  • Over / under 1 odds

If Total Goals> = 2: The player who selects Over wins the bet, and chooses 1 Under, he loses the bet.
If total goals = 1, the wager will be tied.
If total goals <1: choose Over will lose and choose Under, the player will win.

  • Over / under 1 / 1.5 odds

If total goals> = 2: choosing Over 1 / 1.5 will win and lose when choosing Under 1 / 1.5.
If Total Goals = 1: Choosing Over 1 / 1.5 will lose half of your bet and win half of your bet if you choose Under 1 / 1.5.
In the event of total goals <1: selecting Over 1 / 1.5 will lose, choosing Under 1 / 1.5 will win.

4) How to read Over - Under in football

For players to have a better understanding of how to read over / under bets, BET88 will guide you as follows when play at M88 Bookmaker:- Players can bet on the full game, or 1st half.

- The home team will usually be placed at the top, the away team will be below
- In the case of two teams kicking in a neutral ground, the letter N will be written next to the home team
- The weak team will be written in black letters, the strong change will be written in red so that the player can easily recognize.
- In the event that two teams are evaluated equally, it will be written in black letters.


The question of what is an Over - Under bet in football has been clearly explained in the post. Hope you guys will understand more about this bet when participating in handicap betting. Wish you guys can choose a suitable odds ratio to win.

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11 comments on "Over under betting at M88 explained applicable"

 dule-vu07/09/2020 13:56:30 GMT
dont what exactly this mean,what is this site for,but when I click on link I get some page where is everything on thailand language or some similar language,so cant read anything there!I see what will they offer from this news,but dont know what rules or what will it offer!we will need to find more about it!
 antonis32107/09/2020 23:36:05 GMT
dule vu , neither can I , lol .

Anyway , as far as it concerns the under/over , clearly it's an option loved by so many players for some years now , you don't have to predict the team who will win , just the number of goals more or less . This , in combination with some goal/ no goal options , or on some events who will be the winner or on some events two evnts of these options for better odds (ex : over under and result for a game ) , these will help you build a nice paroli betting system or any other system and win big . Because if you try only for the result of a game , this might harder and not so profitable .

Ofcourse , trying to predict the exact score or putting many crazy results of undergogs on the bet coupon , hoping for fast big money and a miracle payday , will get you nowhere Blink,
 dule-vu08/09/2020 15:09:25 GMT
its strange to see something like this on BRM site,so dont know is this some payed news from this page,so thats why we have it or its some mistake and they didnt made english version,I dont know!but we never had something like this here on site!you just cant read any word of it!
 geseco1208/09/2020 21:49:09 GMT
Even though I read the text, I don't understand anything because I don't bet with a handicap, mostly I bet on a winner or a loser, I think it's more profitable for me, I analyze the matches well, to win, but it depends on each one, in what is better.
 antonis32109/09/2020 10:24:36 GMT
We don't have only English readers or customers or players , so maybe this foreign language link page is focusing on this specific target group of bettors , who knows . Ofcourse , the news article is for everyone .
Knowing that in one match there is going to be a lot of goals or on the contrary there is not going to be many goals , maybe not even one , then this under over option is the best to use to have profits .Choocing the exact number of goals or a range of goals (2-3 , 4-6 ) might be more difficult , ofcourse exacgt score is epic achievement lol , but the under over gives you many choices , over under 1 or 1.5 , 2 or 2.5 , 3 or 3.5 etc , so you play for many results and you can still win , ofcourse the bigger risk you take the biggest reward you might have .
 CALICUL10/09/2020 16:08:42 GMT
I won a ticket with 9 matches two years ago at 2.5 goals plus or minus. The amount of money was not large, only good. Now i haven't tried like that because it's very hard to hit. I try for result. Here it is bad for moment. This idea at M88 is nice.
 antonis32110/09/2020 17:02:14 GMT
I want to try more this option in the future in my sport bets , along side with some other choices , like goal/no goal and less the result of the game . A system or a paroli , with a multiplier , will give good odds for a very good payday , especially if I cashout when I will have hit most of my choices and a risky one is still to go . . I have seen many of such king coupons being successfull on betting sites nowadays , I have to abandon extremelly risky bets , I will not be a millinaire in one day or with one bet/coupon/paroli lol Smile
 CALICUL11/09/2020 16:35:43 GMT
There are enough betting methods to make money. Nice odds on all kinds of bets, but in some houses you can't find certain things. For example 888 poker in Romania has few offers compared to another competitor, that offers much more. Anyway good luck with that here or in other places.
 antonis32111/09/2020 18:24:45 GMT
Yes , it is true , not all sportsbetting sites in all countries have thesame odds or the same offers or the same opportunities , You have to search which has the best offers and where you can usually find the best deals , where you can build the best bets and coupons so as to have the best profits . Ofcourse , in order to be successful in this , you first have to know where to bet on every match , and clearly , under over and goal no goal ate among the best options for a player
 dule-vu11/09/2020 19:37:47 GMT
antonis but if you make news on site like its BRM and you want that more people come on this site,why would you do this if most of people on this planet cant read anything on your site?especially if you make news here on english and then give people link to go on your site!if you want to have few languages on your site,then do it,not just this one!
 CALICUL14/09/2020 09:41:16 GMT
I like offers that offer winning option at break or at end, because they have acceptable odds and there are more chances on part of the bettor. I don't know if this bookmaker has such a thing, but if it will enter on my country will check to play.

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