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Please welcome sports betting platform!

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Posted on 23 March 2021 by "T". is an innovative sports betting platform launched in 2018. The sportsbook is Operated by Ice Gaming N.V. and maintains a gambling license under the jurisdiction of Curaçao. It means that operates legally, and it is absolutely safe to punt with. The company provides a plethora of quality services in terms of sports and esports betting, game streaming, and casino games.

The bookie is widely available in most countries around the globe, as its platform is offered in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese, Thai. And new languages are regularly added. Both desktop version and mobile version with access to all the main functions are available to the users.

Favorable terms, awesome opportunities, involving atmosphere - that is not all to say about

A rich selection of disciplines
Even though was initially established as an esports betting platform, accepting bets on the most popular computer games like CS:GO, League of Legends, StarCraft, Dota 2, Rainbow Six Siege, and many more, now, it also has a full list of all traditional sports disciplines on its offer! Thus, the punters may choose from Football, Boxing, MMA, Basketball, Table Tennis, Hockey, Handball, Rugby, Tennis, Volleyball, Snooker, Futsal, and Cricket. For each discipline, provides a wide range of betting markets with competitively high odds.

Also, has just launched an online casino! Now, 23 games from the Playson provider are offered, but it is only the beginning!

As already mentioned, is safe to deal with in terms of legitimacy thanks to its license. But license holding may not be enough when it comes to reliability that should be delivered to customers. And here is beyond reproach! The bookie ensures safe and timely payment and withdrawal procedures via the most common and widely used methods: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, QIWI, NETELLER, WebMoney, AstroPay, Skrill, Jeton, MPESA, Paysafecard, Boleto, MTN, AdvCash, Yandex Money, Paypal, and Bitcoin. 

Additionally, the sportsbook provides reliable customer support service. Their support team affords instant and quality assistance at any time and can be reached via email ([email protected]) or live chat.

Extra features is always willing to encourage bettors and boost their winnings by giving profitable bonuses on regular basis. The newcomers appreciate 50-100% welcome bonuses, while loyal users take advantage of 200% exclusive bonuses!

And for those who are looking for ways to generate additional income, provides a beneficial affiliate program. The participants may earn just by attracting new players!

What's more, having achieved all this, does not stand still! The bookie always expands the horizons by adding new disciplines, features, options, etc. This significantly increases users' opportunities and gain their interest!

Watch live streamed games, check stats, play casino games, bet on your favourite sports and eSports at!

New players get a 100% up to 100 bonus that can be used for casino/betting!

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20 comments on "Please welcome sports betting platform!"

 Cesar1423/03/2021 14:00:27 GMT
They are saying that this casino is safe in terms of legitimacy thanks to its license and also has great reliability, that is irreproachable, I have not tried it yet but, I will read more comments to corroborate if it is so, because sometimes the opposite happens and we only lose money and time.
 dule-vu23/03/2021 20:05:05 GMT
you are completely wrong about this news,its not about casino,its about betting part,same as their names say!they have casino part only for short time and there they have only 23 games,so dont think that anybody would play much on it!
they are betting site,but we dont much about it and licence is in curacao!
 geseco1224/03/2021 04:38:04 GMT
what he talks about in this news is exactly the casino, he is describing it from the trust it generates in its customers to the promotions it gives, the availability of countries that can participate with this online casino.
 dule-vu24/03/2021 20:34:59 GMT
geseco what is not to understand here?you have everything in headline of thread,even if you dont read news!this is SPORTS BETTING SITE,so its not casino!they just add casino games (even I cant find this casino part on their site) and they have only 23 games,so dont know about what casino you "exactly" talking about!
they are sports betting site from 2018.!
 Cesar1424/03/2021 21:41:09 GMT
You are right DULE-VU is a bookmaker, I think I was confused on that side, but in reality it is a bookmaker that is generally willing to encourage bettors to increase their winnings by offering profitable bonuses on a regular basis, up to a 100% in bonds.
 geseco1225/03/2021 04:59:52 GMT
Sports betting is mostly more profitable, I think it is one of the great businesses of many, there if the probability of winning of each team also plays an important role, that is always known by sports lovers.
 DinGo!25/03/2021 18:11:42 GMT
Good to see, that there will be one more nice bookmaker. It,s always a pleasure to make some bets and take some money. Hope, that they have some deposit offers, so everyone can take a great value from this. Usually people can take easy money from this welcome offers.
 CALICUL25/03/2021 18:24:31 GMT
I don't know anything about this sports bookmaker, but they can't be strong and offer good odds. I see few minutes ago that he also has bets from league of legends, counter strike, dota 2 or call of duty, which are not in the sports category, of course. Anyway is good for moment.
 dule-vu25/03/2021 20:53:43 GMT
now we talk about them like they are sports betting site as they are,not casino page!I am sure that all of use didnt know anything about this site before,because there are just too much of them on market and dont think that any member that made post here,will make deposit money there to try luck,because you have old sites where you are registered for years!
but good luck if somebody try it!
 geseco1226/03/2021 05:15:41 GMT
It is difficult to enter all the rooms to play, but the most important thing is to recognize that sports betting in casino is the boom of years ago, also every certain time I bet in the big rooms and it has gone well for me, but there is always risk to lose, always with responsibility, I have not tried this room, I think I will try it later.
 Cesar1426/03/2021 16:58:42 GMT
In the casino, sports bets are the most reasonable to be able to play and in the long term be profitable, this particular casino I do not know much about its benefits, but I think that most of these casinos are the same, only a few things change, but the bottom line is similar .
 DinGo!27/03/2021 01:48:37 GMT
They need to have a good deposit offer to try it. Just because if they don,t have this there is no point to try a new bookmaker, it,s always better to place some bets in the bookmaker, which you are already know. People need to have some free money and if they can offer this for sure they will have some players. For sure it,s nice, that they can offer bets for dota 2, CS GO and so on. Maybe it will be interesting for some guys.
 CALICUL27/03/2021 10:18:58 GMT
I will be waiting to see if this bookmaker will enter in my country because they can have strange bets with high odds. For example, i would like to bet at the beginning of the season on who will be the champion, but from several championships per ticket ( Uk, Germany, Italy, Spain... ), or who will win Oscars etc... I like these bets and I hope has something like that.
 dule-vu27/03/2021 10:23:15 GMT
Posted by Cesar14:
In the casino, sports bets are the most reasonable to be able to play and in the long term be profitable, this particular casino I do not know much about its benefits, but I think that most of these casinos are the same, only a few things change, but the bottom line is similar .

in first post it was casino site,other member defend you,then you say that I am right at that this sports bet site,even it is only!they didnt even had casino part till now (if you can call casino site with only 23 games) and now again next day you write that is casino site!what you can call then its spam and that its only just to write something for points?
 geseco1227/03/2021 16:33:29 GMT
You have to respect their point of view, they will realize their mistakes and in the end they will correct themselves, I think we are all here to earn some money to play poker, it is a matter of respect, I think it is just beginning.
 dule-vu28/03/2021 11:18:14 GMT
so what poker now have with this thread and this site?its sport betting site,but if you say that we are here for poker,what about casino games then,as we see then everybody talk and that you also spend money,but probably now we see then you dont,,if only poker is important!
he write first this,then he say that is mistake,that its sport betting site and tomorrow again he write how its casino site Shock
 DinGo!28/03/2021 20:57:11 GMT
You also need to understand and be sure, that you can trust to bookmaker, because sometimes some people just don,t want to pay, or finding some reason not to pay. I,m sure, if this bookmaker is here on bankrollmob, everything will be fine, but i just know, that some for example casinos can slowplay your cashout, in hopes, that you will play casino again and loose that money. Anyway i think everything will be fine with any sites, that we can see here.
 CALICUL29/03/2021 14:42:16 GMT
BankrollMob cannot be held responsible for any bookmaker, casino or poker room, because it is not able to do that, but stay calm. In my country there is the national gambling office which grants the license, and if not pay they will lose much more... They will not risk losing more with one player and will pay.
 DinGo!30/03/2021 10:58:21 GMT
To be honest there are so many bookmakers right now, that it,s hard to choose one and especially to choose a new one. On our TV we can see this advertisement hundred times a day. People have no money for bets, but they still promote different bookmakers.
 CALICUL30/03/2021 16:38:02 GMT
It's a sad thing because there are too many bookmakers, casinos and poker rooms... exactly as you say. This puts people at a disadvantage, because they do not have the confidence to play. It would be the case of a reorganization and who is great to buy the little ones and customers will become more. However, betting is different because here is another style.

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