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Playtech inks Sports Betting Alliance with Novomatic Americas

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Posted on 08 March 2021 by "T".

Leading gambling technology company Playtech has announced on Thursday that they have signed a non-exclusive sports wagering alliance with Novomatic Americas, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Europe's biggest VLT supplier Novomatic AG.

The strategic partnership shall see Playtech's sports wagering kiosk (SSBT) systems delivered through Novomatic ActionBookTM, the US market's most popular sports wagering kiosk. Novomatic ActionBookTM, which already supplies DraftKings and Penn National among others, is active in 11 states and 49 different locations across the US. The partnership deal also sees the parties jointly market Playtech's Mobile Sportsbook and Player Account Management (PAM) software to potential customers.

This agreement is the latest deal since Playtech entered the US market in 2020, with the company already supplying its services to Bet365 and Entain in New Jersey. Earlier this month, Playtech also signed an agreement with Parx Casino in Michigan, Indiana, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

US Managing Director at Playtech Jonathan Doubilet said, "We're delighted to expand our partnership with Novomatic and provide a complete sports wagering solution across multiple US states. This combined service will deliver a best-in-class experience and is a further example of Playtech's ability to partner with leading companies and leverage its scale in the rapidly growing US market."

President and CEO at Novomatic Americas Rick Meitzler added, "We are pleased to grow our relationship with Playtech, and look forward to introducing their sports wagering solutions to the Novomatic ActionBookTM. We are confident that Playtech's proven sports betting expertise in a wide range of regulated markets will further cement the Novomatic ActionBookTM's status as the US market's most popular sports wagering kiosk."


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22 comments on "Playtech inks Sports Betting Alliance with Novomatic Americas"

 geseco1208/03/2021 19:27:27 GMT
As the executive director of playtech says that this union with the novomatic americas company is to expand the association and provide sports betting throughout the United States, which will provide the best experience in its class since this United States market is in rapid growth.
 dule-vu08/03/2021 19:35:25 GMT
more and more us states will have online gambling and lot of them now will have chance to play on novomatic games,which wasnt case before!now its all question when other states will allow online gambling and that most famous companies can come on their market to offer at least casino games,if they will not allow poker or betting soon!
 geseco1209/03/2021 19:54:33 GMT
Little by little, a lot of work is being done so that this large market such as the United States can have online casinos as recreational games, I think they are progressing correctly, and I think that if everything goes well, poker will continue and this would be good news , I hope everything goes well.
 dule-vu09/03/2021 19:57:52 GMT
when you see how old is this company and how much they earn every year,its not strange that they will allow them to come on such a big market as usa is!I remember when I started to gamble,especially in casino in my town as kid,their slots were one of first and games were something special for that time,even we play them now!
 CALICUL10/03/2021 17:54:32 GMT
American poker in the '90s i think was made by Novomatic, or they created / took another model. These partnerships are good for them, because these things are good and power grows. It is important that they to make a good strategy for their clients and will be fine for all.
 geseco1210/03/2021 21:07:30 GMT
The important thing is that the market grows throughout Europe and other continents, so all of us will benefit, the rooms will grow and there will be more promotions, I think the United States market is quite large, that is why everyone wants to enter that country. achieve as soon as possible.
 CALICUL12/03/2021 18:21:15 GMT
They really do this but sometimes is very easy to attract customers and in other countries it is not easy at all. People play according to their pockets and others if they lose many times they are disappointed. Anyway, there are enough for moment.
 geseco1216/03/2021 04:19:54 GMT
Many play too much and end badly, but the most important thing is that it is quite a fun game, and many people play poker just for fun, there is the profit, lose or win poker will continue to be a game that will give you goosebumps .
 CALICUL17/03/2021 09:52:47 GMT
Novomatic Romania is the market leader in my country because it knows how to keep its customers close and their games are preferred by players. It is truly one of the largest gaming technology companies from the world and they have many gifts/prizes/earnings for us.
 Rocio2512/08/2021 00:16:14 GMT
Well, I think that this union is a good idea between playtech and novomatic Americas, it is an excellent idea since it would benefit them, and you see the betting customers in the US and as we know, the US is a highly developed country in technology. very good strategy that they have joined with them, and we see that the games they offer us are very fun they take away the stress and the most exciting is that money is earned through it
 CALICUL12/08/2021 07:49:54 GMT
it is an alliance that can be profitable for both
 Rocio2523/08/2021 02:45:00 GMT
This union between playtech and novomatic Americas is a fantastic idea since by joining their strategies it would be much better since they could have great results and we know that the US is a powerhouse, its technology is better and this would help a lot there since they are new ideas
 dule-vu23/08/2021 02:45:51 GMT
We will see what this will bring to players!
 Rocio2531/08/2021 16:11:43 GMT
One phrase I heard is the following two heads think better than one and the union of these two greats playtech and novamatic Americas is one of the best strategies so they can both grow and benefit and what they offer is great congratulations to both.
 dule-vu31/08/2021 17:06:34 GMT
Old news!
 Rocio2503/09/2021 21:23:15 GMT
This union between playtech and novomatic Americas is an excellent idea since both could benefit from it because there are new strategies and I think it is super better to join so that there are new ideas and both could benefit since we all know that the games are very fun and entertaining.
 dule-vu03/09/2021 21:23:28 GMT
Alliance is always good,but we should talk about new threads more!
 CALICUL03/09/2021 21:24:21 GMT
Rocio, you are right in what you say
 CALICUL10/10/2021 09:57:44 GMT
Novomatic could launch the American poker game from the 90's on all online platforms. It would be a success here, because it is a very pleasant game with a lot of appeal for old players, but it will also be attractive for young people. I hope this happens as soon as possible.
 CALICUL01/11/2021 18:49:27 GMT
I really like the melodic line from novomatic because it relaxes and gives a feeling of well-being when you play. Playtech inks Sports Betting is not something I know because I heard about them for the first time on this site. I hope their alliance will be for many years.
 CALICUL19/11/2021 21:18:22 GMT
they ally to increase their business capital and earn more, but for now they have to go out with other things that are on the side of customers. This would maintain a good state in this alliance and they will gain. It's good when everyone offers good things and money, and players as usual will take risks.
 CALICUL09/12/2021 10:42:07 GMT
This alliance must focus on Europe as much as it does on the United States. There are about 750 million people here, and those who will play can make a substantial profit from these platforms if they enter all European countries. This brings an advantage for them but also for the winning clients.

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