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Place Your Bets on the 2021 UEFA Champions League Final with Unibet

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Posted on 28 May 2021 by "T".

The 2021 UEFA Champions League final is scheduled at 3pm ET on Saturday May 29, 2021 and Unibet has awesome ways to let you join in on the fun!

This year, Estádio do Dragão stadium in Portugal will host an all Premier League final, as Manchester City and Chelsea, two of the biggest-spending soccer clubs in the world, go head to head for the most prestigious title in Europe.

The UEFA Champions League is indeed the most lucrative cup competition in the world. It is a financial game-changer for clubs spanning across Europe to qualify for the competition from their domestic leagues.

The 2021 Champions League final between Manchester City and Chelsea will also award the biggest prize to the winner than at any stage of the competition. The finalists of the Champions League will each get $18.3 million, but the winner will get an extra $4.88 million for automatically qualifying for the UEFA Super Cup, a one-off match against the UEFA Europa League winners, Villarreal CF.

The more matches won in a group stage and the deeper a team progresses, the bigger their financial rewards. This season alone, Manchester City and Chelsea have already collected an astounding $75.2 million and $73 million respectively, before taking into account the prize money coming to them in the final.

To celebrate this final game in the domestic European football calendar, Unibet wants to give not one but TWO promotions to their valued customers!

Chelsea - Man City Bet&Get Promotion

  • Score a free Champions League bet!
  • Place a pre-match Bet Builder Bet of at least €10 on the Champions League final and get rewarded with a €5 in-play Free Bet for the game.


€25,000 Game Of Champions Predictor

  • Win €25,000 when you correctly predict all questions, and it's absolutely free to join! Increase your chance of winning €25,000 when you avail a second chance by placing a €5 bet on the Champions League final.



This promotion is available from 00:01 CET Friday 28/05 - 21:00 Saturday 29/05. No opt-in is required for the promotion.
Only Bet-Builder bets count towards the promotion. You can use the bet builder feature from the event page, within the black header (All, Bet-Builder, Match combos, Most popular...)
Only bets on the Champions League final count towards the promotion. Minimum stake: €10. Minimum of 1.40 combined odds. Minimum selections: 2. Only real money bets count towards this promotion. Bets placed with a Free Bet, Bonus Money, Profit Boost or other boosts do not count.
The €5 Free Bet will be credited on your account once the eligible bet-builder bet is placed. The €5 Free Bet can be placed on any game, both pre-match and live and has no minimum odds or minimum bet restrictions. The €5 Free bet is valid for 7 days.
Unibet reserves the rights to amend or terminate the promotion at any time.
Unibet's general terms and conditions apply.

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16 comments on "Place Your Bets on the 2021 UEFA Champions League Final with Unibet"

 CALICUL28/05/2021 16:56:19 GMT
I did not see the odds between these two teams, but i would give for Mancester City 60% chances to win Champions League trophy. They are new champions of England and has 19 points more than Chelsea in final ranking of the Premier League.
 geseco1229/05/2021 05:09:17 GMT
The Champions League final there are always no favorites, it will be a match to the death, the two teams are quite strong, and have proven to be aggressive, now Unibet is launching a good promotion of predicting the questions and winning 25 thousand dollars, I hope you are lucky in that.
 dule-vu29/05/2021 09:02:51 GMT
odds are high on both teams,so you can earn money no matter what you choose!just is question who will be better!1 on mac city is 2,00!but we all know that this is just one game,that every team can win,like villareal was better on penalty in final,so chelsea have their chances!they got them few weeks ago in premier league with 1:2 as guests,so they showed how they can play with them!
just hope that game will be great no matter who will win!
 CALICUL29/05/2021 16:57:02 GMT
football is played on goals, but i suppose it will be a match where the emphasis will be more on defense, than on attack. The importance of this match is very important and we can see a little show. I hope I'm wrong and it will be a game with many goals. I bet on Manchester City.
 antonis32129/05/2021 19:15:16 GMT
Great opportunity to bet and win big , the final of the Champions League , like many crucial and very important games .make bettor players play more , espesially I would say pl;ayers with smaller badget tend to spend more on great events . Today is the day , good luck to everyone who will choose to bet on this final football match , and good luck also to Chelsea lol .
 dule-vu30/05/2021 09:34:57 GMT
our greatest tipstet on site and VIP gambler on casino and poker games got everything "right",goal and man city Big Smile Worship !
congratulations to chelsea,they done everything as they should in final,man city didnt had almost a chance and as I said yesterday seems that they know how to play with them!
pep made again mistake and again when its important game he didnt play as he play whole year!
 CALICUL30/05/2021 16:54:44 GMT
I did not see this match and i can't give my opinion about that, but the bookmakers got rich with many millions of euros yesterday, because people bet a lot on Manchester City. I have no regrets because Chelsea won but a small summary on youtube showed that Guardiola's team played poorly.
 geseco1230/05/2021 20:12:57 GMT
I watched the game and it was even, they had both scoring chances, but in a final this usually happens, chelsea played quite well and was able to specify, the bookmakers will always win, but that does not mean that many people win from this and live from this.
 dule-vu31/05/2021 10:44:25 GMT
and why do you think that bookmakers are on winning?how do you know what did people played and how many did they put money on chelsea?just because somebody is favourite,doesnt mean that all people played on them and that they put lot of money on city!
dont say that I know,but nobody from you also dont have proof for that!
 antonis32131/05/2021 13:12:37 GMT
Congratulations to Chelsea on the win , well done , I prefered her to win with Matchster City as opponent , and fans of Chelsea celebrated this victory at the streets Smile Hopefully most bettors players were winners with their betting choices for this final on Saturday night Smile
 CALICUL31/05/2021 17:27:15 GMT
just like you, I would have preferred Manchester City to win but a lot of things happen in football. The soccer ball weighs a little and no longer has the spectacle which was a few years ago. This is why many surprise results can always be caused. Good job for Chealsea.
 geseco1201/06/2021 04:42:36 GMT
the bookmakers always win in the long term, sports are always unstable with the results, but in reality it is football in particular that is the way it is, so it will depend a lot on luck in the end, in this case in the championships even more.
 dule-vu01/06/2021 12:23:28 GMT
dont know why we talk about big suprise here,because of chelsea win!if man city was such a big favourite,why we had odds on them 2,00?then it would be 1,50,but if you see last games between this two teams,you could know that game can go on both sides!
especially when somebody comment so much and didnt watch game at all!
 CALICUL01/06/2021 17:55:40 GMT
final is over, and the players who bet on Chelsea won over 300% more profit than his investment. I saw odds of 2 plus for Manchester City and more than 4 for London team. Saturday it decreased but it always happens. Now we will bet on Euro 2020
 Rocio2510/08/2021 20:50:26 GMT
Well the two teams are very competitive and very strong and this makes the fans very excited and proud of their favorite team, and this time unibet has a good promotion for the fans and as well you have to correctly predict all the questions and thus earn 25 thousand dollars.
 dule-vu10/08/2021 20:55:11 GMT
Why do you need to spam in thread so old that nobody even remember who was in final?
You have so many new threads,but every day you find this old!

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