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VAT Court Case a Big Win for the UK Gambling Industry

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Posted on 29 August 2021 by "T".

This week marks a win for the UK gambling machine owners as HM Revenue and Customs, the tax authorities in the UK, decided not to appeal a test case that they lost in June.

Rank Group, owner of Grosvenor Casinos and the Mecca Bingo chain, had emerged victorious in the courts and then at a tribunal over Value Added Tax applied on slot machines.

When the Revenue and Customs decided not to appeal the outcome of the court case, the outcome would be that Britain's betting companies, pubs and amusement arcades will receive a substantial sum in tax refunds that would possibly amount to billions.

The court had decided that the affected gambling operators were unfairly charged VAT by the government on some of their slot machine income. In the case of the Rank Group, the company could be refunded around £80 million.

The tribunal decided that they should not have been charged VAT on their machines between 2005 and 2013 since they were similar to VAT-exempt gambling items such as casino roulette wheels and online gambling games.

The tribunal followed a court case in April 2020 that found in favor of the betting company Betfred, which operated fixed-odds betting terminals. Betfred should also be entitled to receive a refund of its VAT. According to its 2020 corporate accounts, the Done family-owned betting business reported that it had secured an exceptional credit charge worth £99 million from its VAT appeal.

It is estimated that up to 1,000 other businesses are due a refund.



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15 comments on "VAT Court Case a Big Win for the UK Gambling Industry"

 CALICUL29/08/2021 19:16:35 GMT
the best news for gambling machine owners in the UK. Now they could supplement certain prizes, to be generous with their customers. I think that would be a good move.
 ligador3730/08/2021 02:26:58 GMT
The government always trying to get its cut. Wherever he sees that there is money, he seeks to find a way to establish a tax and keep some of the money. In this way, investors are discouraged.
I approve this decision of the court, and hopefully similar cases will occur in different regions. One thing is to collect, another is to abuse.
99 million euros is quite exaggerated
 dule-vu30/08/2021 02:43:16 GMT
We will se will they refund this money!
 antonis32130/08/2021 03:48:58 GMT
If I understood correctly , the government will not go fora second round at the courts with the gambling casinos so as to win the case , so that's big win for them , they will take this money for sure , but I guess there might be a compromise in the end , in order to get as much money as soon as possible , especially these times of crises .....
 dule-vu30/08/2021 04:56:38 GMT
Yes,they will get money back,its just question how much money they will back to them!
 antonis32130/08/2021 20:56:54 GMT
The so powerful very big established casinos have to go to courts to find justice and get their money back , due to these bad unjustified more taxes , just imagine the small or very small businesses , completelly at the mercy of the governments and the ones who control them .....
 dule-vu30/08/2021 21:09:32 GMT
Well,in most countries goverment do things like this and do what they want,just depend is it law and court on side of people and workers or they work with goverment!in this case they show how things should work!nice job!
 ligador3701/09/2021 03:25:26 GMT
Unfortunately it is so; governments look for a way to, in some way, tax whatever it is. Sometimes they do it through a disguised tax, and other times in a more blatant way. Luckily, in this case, the law did not agree with the government
 dule-vu01/09/2021 05:10:49 GMT
when you have judge who have nothing with politic and goverment,then he can make decision like this,no matter who will get money!that he look how things are really,not that he choose side!we all know what decision would be in our countries!
 ligador3702/09/2021 03:57:48 GMT
Unfortunately sometimes the law (and sometimes it is a saying, because it is most of the time) does not act independently and impartially when the State itself is involved, at least in matters of taxes and other tributes.
 dule-vu02/09/2021 05:18:12 GMT
maybe normal people dont have anything from this,but at least court do job that is payed for!
 antonis32102/09/2021 20:44:50 GMT
Taxes here , taxes , there , taxes everywhere , not only small businesses struggle for their survival , but also bigger ones or the biggest can have problems with their profits or winnings , due to government's greedy lust for moremoney . They someone successfull they also want to impose new taxes , new ways to take proportions or partsof thism money , casinos are no exceptions , despite some of them being very big multi million or billion businesses ,they are also victims and ofcourse online casino and poker , terrible taxes to pay everytime . Unfair .
 CALICUL02/09/2021 21:26:09 GMT
we are legally robbed with many taxes
 ligador3703/09/2021 10:14:56 GMT
Although normal people do not receive anything directly, they may in some way benefit from it in the future (or perhaps not). taxes make products reach the final consumer more expensive. then when the tax is eliminated or that it is not so expensive, it may in some way imply some benefit in the future (it will depend on each room, of course).
 dule-vu03/09/2021 10:15:06 GMT
yeah,we cant say that players will have something from this,only this companies,but still we see how now matter how much money you have and how big you are,judge can change everything and can back money to people!in normal country,system works like this!

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