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Brisbane man to keep working despite winning $60M Powerball Jackpot

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Posted on 07 January 2022 by "T".

An extremely lucky man in his 30s has won the entire $60 million Powerball jackpot.

After a few missed calls from The Lott officials, a man from Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia finally picked up the phone and was informed that he was the sole winner of the massive jackpot.

The man said, "I know you've confirmed it, but initially, when I saw this on The Lott app I thought this has to be a gee up or a glitch in the system. Surely I haven't just won $60 million."

"I don't think I'm going to get a lot of sleep tonight."

He bought his 36-game QuickPick entry online.

The winning numbers in the Powerball draw 1338 held on Thursday, January 6 were 15, 5, 28, 20, 29, 34 and 27. The Powerball number was 8.

The $60 million jackpot winner said he would use his windfall to "buy my first house, help family and friends and have plenty of holidays".

Despite his newly-acquired fortune, he has vowed to continue working, "I still plan to turn up to work in 2022 too."

"Mate, this is bloody unreal. I think anyone who gets hit with this info would think it's surreal. It's just unbelievable. There is a massive shock factor. You always daydream, but you never really expect it to happen. It's a lottery after all. For me, it's a lot to process. I just didn't really expect it."

The Queenslander is the first Powerball division one winner of 2022.

There were 1,708,139 winners in divisions 2 to 9 who won more than $31.26 million, including four division 2 winners who each won $216,329.20.



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40 comments on "Brisbane man to keep working despite winning $60M Powerball Jackpot"

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» Brisbane man to keep working despite winning $60M Powerball Jackpot

 Calmplay12/01/2022 17:17:48 GMT
But why would he keep working, even if I love my job very much I would never keep working after such win. I will for sure invest the money in a business or whatever but would definitely like to be more free and spend more time with the families and close friends as in life those are much more important than just work.
 godoy12/01/2022 17:46:31 GMT
Imagine one day you hit something impressive like this a lottery that leaves you a millionaire or billionaire overnight that this powerball is crazy crazy prizes to take your breath away and win every prize like this and insane you only think with 30 years and 60 million in your pocket my GOD what luck lol it's crazy rapaizzzzzzzz,...........
 CALICUL12/01/2022 17:57:22 GMT
is too hard to win a huge prize with an jackpot but it's possible, of course
 antonis32113/01/2022 16:48:46 GMT
Wow , $60M win , far more than the $6M that a player won in a slot as I read in the news . He intends to spend them well as I read , to buy a house , help family , some close friends . He is very lucky indeed . This win is awesome , he has to grab this opportunity from its hair , make the best use of this money to improve his life , it's the best win of his life for sure .
 dule-vu13/01/2022 16:54:27 GMT
Probably best and only win in his life!
 antonis32115/01/2022 00:56:45 GMT
Yeah , win all this money and you decide to keep on working , $60M in your account and you say I will keep on going to work for some peanuts per month , yeah it's absolutely rational . I don't know why this story reminds me of Forrest Gump though
 dule-vu15/01/2022 00:57:00 GMT
Just spend it and enjoy!who would like to work any job with this amount on account!
 subsonic15/01/2022 12:55:49 GMT
Congratulations to this lucky man! $ 60 million for a lifetime will change his life in the right direction!
He started the new year very well!! Now he can start planning his new life, he has now received significant financial help!! It is very interesting why he doesn't pick up the phone for days when he' called, he must have been busy with his work...and why he didn't look imediately in the up too see the winning number...
Anyway... good luck with his new life-giving!! Heart Smile
 CALICUL15/01/2022 13:03:29 GMT
I think this prize is too exaggerated and seems to be the biggest prize in a strong lottery in Europe. 60 million is something phenomenal and i would like another way of rewarding. They could offer this money to 60 players and it would have been much better.
 geseco1217/01/2022 06:21:12 GMT
it is a very big prize, until now I had not heard of a prize of 60 million dollars, congratulations to this player, luck can surprise you at any moment, and may he enjoy it with his loved ones.
 dule-vu17/01/2022 07:44:21 GMT
you have much bigger prizes from lottery,we had even news here...
 geseco1218/01/2022 20:39:58 GMT
for sure there are more news of bigger prizes, but what I know is that this prize is crazy, a lot of money, that makes many people enter to play daily, and they get big money, the probabilities are small but the desire is big.
 dule-vu18/01/2022 20:40:04 GMT
For this big countries its normal to have this big jackpots,so every few months they grow till this amounts!lot of people play them and somebody must hit it!
Johnnie Walker Cool
 eloy218/01/2022 23:09:17 GMT
How amazing very few have the great opportunity to earn so much money so we must make the best decision to grow our money and not waste it in this way I am proud of this man for making the best decision
 CALICUL18/01/2022 23:32:38 GMT
this prize is a very big prize and it is really unreal for me. I'm not talking about the prize, but the number of millions that is huge, compared to what is won in a slot game. Now who knows if things will change, because this prize is a very big one and it is really unreal for me.
 antonis32119/01/2022 01:02:20 GMT
The logical thing with so much money is to start a business of your own and become the boss and do whatever you like , and help of course family . Maybe invest here and there , buy gold , land . You cannot keep on working for peanuts , not even for fun . Only Forrest Gump would find such pleasure , and without any payment , lol . Man , $60M win is unreal , you become the boss , you can do whatever you like , live in luxury , have parties everyday Cool
 CALICUL19/01/2022 01:06:32 GMT
he has a place to invest and he is not a great businessman to risk most of his money at once. He will invest with head and will probably be successful, if he has good ideas. Now it just depends on him. where he wants to invest or spend his money
 eloy220/01/2022 01:59:04 GMT
oh what a prize!!!! What a good decision of this man who, after having earned so much money, wants to continue playing to improve himself. There are many people who waste money and do not think about being great every day, so they should always make the best decision that would completely change your life. Good luck!
 CALICUL20/01/2022 01:59:45 GMT
I can't believe there are so many players who have increased the jackpot to this huge amount. So much money is earned in a lifetime by an average businessman, but to earning all money in a few minutes is wonderful.
 eloy221/01/2022 03:36:13 GMT
Felicidades ! Que buena decisión la de este hombre que prefirió seguir trabajando a pesar de haber ganado 6 millones de dólares. Me parece una increíble y buena decisión. ¡Buena suerte!
 CALICUL21/01/2022 03:44:49 GMT
many winners in the Powerball division and because of this this huge amount could be accumulated. I think it's nice to take such a win, but others who have played are disillusioned and probably jealous of this winner. This is the situation and for the winner is very cool
 eloy223/01/2022 05:47:56 GMT
You are very right, my friend, there are many players who feel jealous or angry because they did not have the opportunity to win such a prize, but we must always feel happy for the achievement of this player who made the best decision in his life and for all the players who did not win. a victory like this never give up because at some point luck will come for each of you and you will be in the same situation as this man
 dule-vu23/01/2022 06:38:08 GMT
Everobody would like to win this amount,so ofcourse they are jealous!
 eloy224/01/2022 23:44:02 GMT
Of course my friend, but one day we will all have the opportunity to win, just like this man, and we will make the best decision. Good luck to all the players.
 dule-vu24/01/2022 23:44:12 GMT
It will be good if somebody from us win something like this Big Smile

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