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Fun Facts about the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, by the Numbers

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Posted on 10 February 2022 by "T".

Here are some things you may want to know about this year's Winter Olympics in Beijing.

2022 Winter Olympics

  • When: February 4 to February 20, 2022
  • Host Country: China

Since Beijing hosted the Summer Games back in 2008, thereby making it the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Games, several venues will be re-used for the 2022 Games.

There are three competition zones: Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou.

In Beijing, the National Stadium (also known as "The Bird's Nest) is where the Opening and Closing ceremonies will be held. This zone shall be the venues for the following sports: curling, figure skating, freestyle skiing, ice hockey, speedskating, short track speedskating and snowboard big air.

Yanqing is located 46 miles northwest of Beijing and is the place for skiing and sliding events: alpine skiing, bobsled, luge and skeleton.

Zhangjiakou is located 111 miles northwest of Beijing and is the place for most skiing and snowboarding events: biathlon, Nordic combined, cross-country skiing, freestyle skiing, ski jumping and snowboarding.

China allocated more than $9 billion for a high-speed rail connecting Beijing to nearby ski resorts in Yanqing and Zhangjiakou.

There are 13 competition venues and all will be powered with renewable energy, with wind and solar as primary energy sources - a first to be done at an Olympic Games. Natural CO2 refrigeration systems will be used at four ice venues - the first time this low-climate-impact technology will be used in China and at the Winter Games.

The budget that Beijing organizers say will cover hosting the 2022 Games costs $4 billion, but the real cost is speculated to be much higher.

Russia reportedly spent $51 billion on the 2014 Sochi Games.

However, note that Beijing has the luxury of repurposing the venues they built for the 2008 Summer Olympics for the Winter Games. For instance, the Water Cube for swimming is now the Ice Cube for curling.

The IOC is contributing $880 million toward Beijing organizers' costs, only a few million less than what the Pyeongchang organizers received four years ago.

Media Coverage
NBCUniversal will present a Winter Olympic record of over 2,800 hours of coverage across NBC, Peacock, USA Network, CNBC,, and the NBC Sports app.

China says it will relax some of the restrictions on Wi-Fi and allow access to social media websites like Facebook and Instagram so athletes can share their posts.

A total of 91 countries will compete in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, specifically 2,871 athletes (1,581 men and 1,290 women).

Jamaica is sending its four-man bobsled team to compete for the first time since the 1998 Games in Japan.

Approximately 45% of the athletes are women and 47% of the events are women's events, thus making Beijing 2022 the most gender- balanced Winter Olympics to date.

420 athletes from 78 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) have been awarded Olympic Solidarity Beijing 2022 individual scholarships.

13 NOCs are benefitting from the Beijing 2022 scholarship tailor-made option.

Fun fact: Norway holds the record as the country with the most medals won in Winter Olympic history: 132 gold, 125 silver, and 111 bronze, bringing the total to 368!

Sports Events
There are 109 events in 15 disciplines across seven Olympic sports. Check here for the complete list of games.

Seven new events have been added: women's mono bob (under bobsleigh), freestyle skiing big-air (men's and women's), as well as mixed team events in ski jumping, freestyle skiing aerials, snowboard cross, and short-track speed-skating team relay.

There are 109 sets of medals that will be awarded to the winners - seven more than at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.



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45 comments on "Fun Facts about the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, by the Numbers"

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» Fun Facts about the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, by the Numbers

 dule-vu14/02/2022 00:49:02 GMT
Everything that they make,they want that is perfect!
 eloy217/02/2022 01:53:59 GMT
The important thing is that a great event is organized in China, in addition to promoting the sport, the great union in the country feels good luck
 CALICUL17/02/2022 02:15:24 GMT
The important thing is not necessarily the country where will it be. Russia has done the right thing and now humanity is good. The plans of the globalists were destroyed for moment and I hope that a war it will not be. People need to enjoy with these Olympics, not with WW3...
 antonis32117/02/2022 12:30:22 GMT
Younger I used to watch all the summer Olympics , and some of the Winter Olympics ( not so much the Winter games I have to admit , the games are not so thrilling nor they attract many fans to watch them ) . Nowadays no , I have watched no game in the winter Olympics , maybe if I decided to bet on an event , that would be the only reason to watch a live broadcast of a game .
 CALICUL17/02/2022 12:50:21 GMT
It's a beautiful thing because nearly 3,000 athletes from 91 nations will compete to win one of the 109 gold medals at stake in seven sports. My country has a delegation of 22 athletes and I hope to win something.
 ligador3717/02/2022 16:13:42 GMT
I must say that I have not seen, this year, anything of the winter olympics. The little I have seen has been in the news, but short video clips, with a summary of what happened that day and not much else.
They just don't attract me like other sports (besides the fact that the Champions League and Copa Libertadores have started). I wouldn't bet either, since I don't know many of those games.
 dule-vu17/02/2022 16:25:44 GMT
I see that norway is on first place with number of medals on this games!
 geseco1224/02/2022 14:36:27 GMT
i am surprised that norway has taken the most medals in these olympic games, i expected china and united states to be in the first places, that shows the great work that these norwegians have done.
 dule-vu24/02/2022 14:56:46 GMT
norway is great in winter sports!
 eloy225/02/2022 00:23:11 GMT
It shocks me that Norway takes the most medals in these Olympic Games, I expected China and the United States to be in the top positions, this shows the great effort these Norwegians have made
 CALICUL25/02/2022 00:35:42 GMT
I like these Olympic Games because it was something without major problems, but after that a madness started in Ukraine... that o hope will not start a world war. Norway deserves all the praise for what they achieved and it is very interesting that they have a best place in front with a few and very good countries in sports
 eloy226/02/2022 04:43:10 GMT
It is true, we want to see these events take place in the best possible way if it prevents the competitor, as well as the spectator, from doing their best version, we just have to relax and enjoy this that does not happen every day!
 dule-vu26/02/2022 05:59:40 GMT
Hope that all games will be in normal conditions,not like this anymore!
 Rogerio1026/02/2022 13:02:12 GMT
I think now it's finaly over with all this corona stuff at least here in Euorpe or maybe say in our country it's better everday. Cant wait to watch big sporting evetns with full of spectators open and great atmosphere. ps: Dule when will you invite me to go to Marakana? One of my goals to see that athmosphere there Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 CALICUL26/02/2022 13:30:37 GMT
it's good because this thing with coronavirus it's over
 geseco1227/02/2022 01:33:15 GMT
it was a great event, although my country did not obtain any medal, i feel happy that they have competed and made an effort to try to obtain them, maybe the next olympic games will achieve better results.
 CALICUL27/02/2022 02:01:51 GMT
Romania has finished a new edition of the Olympic Games without medals. My country is not lucky in this competition, but they are not insistent to make a serious performance either. It should be, but unfortunately politicians are contributing to the destruction of sport in my country
 eloy227/02/2022 03:40:22 GMT
I like the Olympic Games a lot because they complement sport, which is something that we must do in our daily routine. Likewise, we can observe very fun and interesting games.
 dule-vu27/02/2022 04:10:02 GMT
All olympic games are great,but I am more for summer!
 eloy202/03/2022 00:18:22 GMT
these games are super fun to play because they complement sports, which is something we must do to be healthy and even more so when we play it in summer
 CALICUL02/03/2022 00:38:19 GMT
when you are tired and have nothing to do, you can enjoy watching these sports, and if you are a big fan, you can do it again. Now the competition is over but many peoples it is still interesting to watch certain sports and athletes.
 eloy205/03/2022 01:12:16 GMT
Of course, these types of sports are very interesting. For example, I consider myself a fan of sports games and almost every day I like to watch certain sports and athletes.
 CALICUL05/03/2022 01:36:40 GMT
It was a major event because the Olympics are impressive. Beijing was the largest host city for the Winter Olympics and was the first Winter Olympics since 1984 to be held in a communist state. Very interesting, isn't it?
 geseco1209/03/2022 23:41:35 GMT
excellent event that was organized in this city, we all enjoyed these great competitions between countries of great competition, where we could also see very new sports where that way is encouraged to practice it and not forget it.
 CALICUL09/03/2022 23:47:04 GMT
people enjoy with Olympic sports a lot, because as they become older are even more attracted to something like that. Everything was fine here, but their professionalism of the host country also contributed a lot...

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