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The 5 Most Popular Football Betting Markets

Posted on 23 January 2023 by "T".

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Boost your winning chances on each bet you make by going for popular football betting markets. All are available at various bookmakers.

The 5 Most Popular Football Betting Markets You Need to Know

Football is one of the most popular sports betting markets in the gambling industry. Many offline and online gamblers bet on it because it has a lot of active events throughout the year to bet on. On top of that, bookmakers provide plenty of different markets to choose from.

However, to earn the most out of your football bets, you need to bet on the best markets. And the challenging thing especially for new gamblers is to identify them.

But the good news is that we have listed the most popular of all for you. Here are some of the best football betting markets you need to consider.

1. Over / Under

Over/under is a betting market in which you have to just estimate the number of goals you expect in a particular football match. For example, you can bet on a specific match to have over 2.5 goals. So if there are 3+ you win, and if there are 2 or less you lose.

In addition, the betting market is available for all football matches and one of the safest bets is the over 0.5 outcome. This is because its probability of at least one team scoring is high.

The other good news is that over/under has several favorable odds and these are determined by the bookmaker you choose. Here's where comparison sites like come in to help you easily find the best bookmakers with great odds. The platform has the top betting sites for different sports and professional leagues. Not only that, but it is also packed with free bets and no deposit bonuses.

2. Prop Bets

Despite being popular with basketball, baseball and hockey, prop bets are also common with football. Many betting platforms offer either player or game props and some provide both. Nevertheless, each sportsbook has different odds for various football matches and leagues you have to check out.

There are different types of football prop bets that include first team to score, time of first goal, odd or even goals and goals in both halves. You can also bet on which player will score the first goal, last goal, or the most goals.

3. Draw No Bet

The draw no bet market is unique as it has only two outcomes. It is either an away or home win. What makes it so special is that this betting market removes the draw option from your bet so it's a less risky option.

If your selection succeeds, you win but if the match ends in a draw, your bet is returned. However, supposing that the football team you chose is defeated, you lose your bet.

4. Asian Handicaps

Among the many betting markets in the industry, Asian handicaps are some of the most recommended options. These bets originated from Asia and all you need is to understand how they work. There's a guide with examples at to help you out.

Asian Handicaps are designed in a way that a specific team is handicapped depending on its strength and the opponent it is facing. A stronger team must win by more goals like 2 or 3 or more for your bet to succeed.

Now, if you bet on a particular team at -1.5 goals and it wins by 2 goals, you win. But if the team is defeated, scores less than 2 goals, or draws, you lose.

5. First to Score

One of the simplest markets that are friendly and best fit for new bettors with less experience.
If your chosen team scores first, you win. Nonetheless, if the opponent scores first or no goal is scored, you lose.

You just have to check the match you want to bet on then examine both teams to identify the stronger one that is likely to score first. This is easy if you've been following the teams' performances in the league.

To help you even further, brings you all you need to know about the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 before you place any bets.



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47 comments on "The 5 Most Popular Football Betting Markets"

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» The 5 Most Popular Football Betting Markets

 dule-vu08/02/2023 13:37:30 GMT
We all have different thing to bet and like goals, correc results and so on!
 geseco1213/02/2023 20:39:17 GMT
most people like to bet on goals and the winner of the game, I think these are the most profitable bets I know, but I'm sure there will be others that for some will also be profitable.
 dule-vu13/02/2023 20:39:55 GMT
Result on end and goals
 geseco1214/02/2023 22:06:55 GMT
today was played the paris vs bayer match, and I could win a free bet that was passed to me, more than 0 goals and more than 3 corner kicks for bayer munich, to continue playing and betting on these sports in a responsible way.
 CALICUL14/02/2023 22:10:51 GMT
I didn't look at the results, but i made a single ticket and in an hour or two I will check the ticket. Now i play in 888 in the same place where i bought the sports ticket and i hope to be lucky this year with this company. Good luck.
 geseco1215/02/2023 23:47:39 GMT
888poker is a good room to bet on many sports, has the best odds, I hope they continue to make promotions for players, this sport like soccer are the most played, and people bet a lot.
 dule-vu15/02/2023 23:48:07 GMT
They are not the best, but they are good!
 geseco1217/02/2023 00:25:36 GMT
I really like to bet on soccer, I think I know more about this sport, and I think I have a lot of information about it, that makes me make good decisions when betting on these sports.
 CALICUL17/02/2023 00:40:59 GMT
I am disappointed with the results because it is something very complicated and it is not easy at all. I have always tried to bet from 2018 - 2019 without having a 3-day break between tickets, but i have no profit from football. It's good that i don't have big losses, but very small ones.
 tomex1117/02/2023 10:19:30 GMT
I've been playing for over 20 years and I have strange observations because either the level has leveled out so much and not only when it comes to football or I don't know ... maybe a lot of matches are fixed now because every now and then some scandals come to light, and once there wasn't that much. Now it's really hard to type anything... Sad
 dule-vu17/02/2023 10:21:45 GMT
I think that before we had much more fixed games, because now they can watch every change of odds and how much money somebody put on game, before nobody could know it and they couldnt stop it! now even uefa watch this and they will take measures when they think that something strange happend on game!
 tomex1117/02/2023 10:36:14 GMT
and what about how federations often ignore it ... type in google and read how many different types of scams are now coming out, and I suspect that it is only 1%, if not less, of what is happening that we do not know about, and what is coming out it's not even in my head. Beeches often report suspicious matches and often go unanswered. In tennis, snooker is already a plague, the same in basket they can even set a handicap to the point, in handball in football well in every sport.
 dule-vu17/02/2023 10:39:21 GMT
they have interest in it Big Smile
 geseco1218/02/2023 02:51:16 GMT
I am very happy because I have started betting with the help of the experienced bookmakers, so far I am winning 15 out of 15, I hope the good streak continues, every time I learn a lot in this world of betting.
 CALICUL18/02/2023 03:02:34 GMT
it's good if you win, but i hope you took something seriously. I have bad luck again with this football where good teams lose or draw with small teams and that ruins all the charm. Obviously, the favorites don't always win, but they don't win in too many matches...
 5thirty718/02/2023 04:54:26 GMT
I must say I have never gone 15 out of 15. You need to maximize your wins (at least that would be my advice)
 dule-vu18/02/2023 10:05:45 GMT
So then he is in big profit and dont need to play freerolls and stuff like that!
 geseco1219/02/2023 03:28:10 GMT
That's right my friend, my bets are small, always taking care of the bankroll, if you know how to have a good management you will always come out positive, also I always play freerolls as tournaments up to 10 dollars, I have no problem to say it.
 CALICUL19/02/2023 08:03:56 GMT
even if i look at sites that offer tips, i can only be very careful, but they don't get it right either. Something also happens with football and many players are good, and they make the results quite unstable.
 geseco1220/02/2023 03:45:51 GMT
as in everything in life there is always a margin that is out of your hands, in this case betting on these sports are quite complicated, but with hard work and study of it can be achieved to get profitability.
 dule-vu20/02/2023 06:09:12 GMT
Good to hear that! Thats why ever point from posts is also important...
 farhadjo20/02/2023 09:04:35 GMT
I can talk a lot about the topic of sports betting, but I want to share the latter. Yesterday I went to the section of the rates of bets (according to GMT +5, at about 23:50), and wanted to bet on the dollar. But I see that I have one bet, although I thought that my bets were expressed from 8 bets, and about 4000 coefficients, for me, due to the loss, they should have ended (since I did not really believe). But, it turned out, the rates of 8 have already passed, and they were winning. Approximately 60 with a minute in Atletico Madrid-Athletic Bilbao was, and my rate from 20 centers at that time was valued by about $ 120 (and the last rate was Athletic Bilbao to win). At that moment, when he thought, he could take the money, athletico Madrid forgot a goal, and there were no more goals. If the eighth was victorious, he would have received more than $ 800.
 CALICUL20/02/2023 09:13:27 GMT
the bets are hard and i missed winnings of 300 or 400 dollars with odds of 1.17 or 1.25, this after the big odds were already won by me. Football is much too ugly sometimes, because such tickets destroy everything...
 tomex1120/02/2023 09:55:42 GMT
At the moment, it is very difficult to hit a combi bet consisting of many events and you need a lot of luck to hit a good day and good matches. It was a lot easier in the past and a lot less surprises, and I don't believe in sports, it's so evenly matched so the reason for what we're seeing now must be different. Now it's even hard to hit a small ribbon at a low total price...
 dule-vu20/02/2023 09:57:23 GMT
on every sport you can make something, just depend what you like to play!

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