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UKGC to expand Scope of Gambling Harm Survey Questions

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Posted on 14 November 2022 by "T".

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) shall be updating its survey questions on gambling harm, including a wider range of harms, specifically non-financial ones and harm that is caused by someone else's gambling habits.

Also to be added to in the next survey are questions related to suicide, the UKGC said.

Suggested improvements based on the new survey questions
The questions were tested on the Commission's tracker survey on a quarterly basis, and were refined and tested once again. The Natcen Questionnaire Development and Testing Hub then reviewed these right before the pilot starts in January 2022.

The UKGC said the external review and analysis of the pilot data suggested that even if the questions were "clear and unambiguous", further improvements may be necessary.

In the next survey, UKGC shall be presenting a broader range of questions, including questions about harm from other people's gambling habits and suicide.

The external review recommended ensuring a broader range of harm issues are included within the questions and changing the order of harms questions to present less severe harms first.

Also, the UKGC was advised to change the scaled response options to have more equally spaced responses. This means the regulator must change the lowest level of response to a stronger term to ensure that people experiencing harm were truly experiencing harm rather than the potential for harm.

The regulator was told review the wording of all questions related to "harms from others" as the currently existing form of questions appeared to under-report the number of people they know are gambling so as not to underestimate harm from others.

Lastly, the Commission was recommended to continue data collection on suicide ideation and attempted suicide.

The Gambling Commission aims for the harms questions to be asked alongside core questions on participation and problem gambling in 2023, and become part of their suite of official statistics.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission regulates most types of gambling in Great Britain. They license individuals and businesses that offer gambling and provide them with advice and guidance. They exist to safeguard players by ensuring gambling is fair and they also promote safer gambling.



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3 comments on "UKGC to expand Scope of Gambling Harm Survey Questions"

 CALICUL14/11/2022 12:47:40 GMT
United Kingdom is a big country with many responsible people, who work to protect their citizens who know their rights. In the present case, this is proven once again.
 bowie198416/11/2022 23:27:28 GMT
IRL on a good day gambling only harms your wallet, but then you should never even play with money you cannot afford to lose.
I'd even argue that casual gambling (scratchcards, raffles, lottery, bingo) are even more harmful in some ways because they are presented as harmless pastime activities you could do with your mates for cheap, but altogether you are spending money on such minuscule odds it's ridiculous you'd even try them out.
 dule-vu16/11/2022 23:28:11 GMT
Its up to every player to decide how much he will spend,not that somebody else make your limits!

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