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GAMSTOP celebrates Second Annual ‘Self-exclusion Awareness Day'

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Posted on 06 October 2023 by "T".

GAMSTOP's second annual self-exclusion awareness day was held successfully, supported by football clubs from all four divisions of the professional game in England.

GAMSTOP, the independent self-exclusion scheme in the UK, has launched the campaign #TakeBackControl2023 in a bid to raise awareness of the service all across social media channels, calling on the support of its partners in the field of football and other sports.

Since its inception in 2018, more than 400,000 individuals have registered with GAMSTOP. Recent statistics revealed a 30% increase in sign-ups among aged 16 to 24 in the first half of the year.

Uniquely set to reach this target audience are football clubs, and #TakeBackControl2023 supporters were famous names such as Bolton Wanderers, Crewe Alexandra, Crystal Palace, and Queens Park Rangers.

In Scotland, Ayr United and Livingston FC also supported self-exclusion day while Welsh Premier League Champions, The New Saints FC, also shared GAMSTOP assets. Also, GAMSTOP is in talks with a Premier League Club to provide workshops on gambling awareness.

Other sports organizations that participated included the Professional Darts Players Association and the Professional Players Federation. Activation via social media channels has reached over 5 million users, with more than 50,000 views on X (formerly Twitter). The social media posts conveyed essential information about registering with GAMSTOP, which is a totally free-to-use service.

CEO of GAMSTOP Fiona Palmer said:
"Everyone at GAMSTOP is incredibly grateful to the football Clubs and sports organizations who supported our second self-exclusion awareness day, and we were delighted to welcome new partners this year. Sports fans are a key demographic for us, so we know how important how they are in reaching these audiences through their own social media channels".

GAMSTOP is a free tool that allows people in the UK (Great Britain and Northern Ireland) to exclude themselves from all licensed gambling websites and apps. People can choose how long to exclude: 6 months, 1 year or 5 years.



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11 comments on "GAMSTOP celebrates Second Annual ‘Self-exclusion Awareness Day''"

 CALICUL06/10/2023 12:52:50 GMT
I think that the English government has forced many operators to do things in the right way and this is excellent for players, operators and the government. Everyone has to be happy and that is ok.
 cocozza08/10/2023 02:45:08 GMT
For the first time I hear about GAMSTOP and I think it is a perfect app for people who can't control gambling. There are many lives ruined by gambling and having the key to saving yourself is a relief for people who suffer from this and for their loved ones. I think it has to become more popular because it has been around for several years and I have never heard of GAMSTOP.
 dule-vu08/10/2023 04:28:45 GMT
Ok, this is campaign where they talk on that day more about this and what this can bring to you, but we all know that on all sites we have this options for so many years and that you can do it at any time this! Its up to every player will he do it or not! Its strange to see that they have young players from 16 to 24 and legal is only from 18?!
 antonis32108/10/2023 19:22:26 GMT
It is good for such an organisation to exist , although many times I feel that this kind of organisations don't succeed so much in the awareness of younger persons for the gambling . Sometimes they succeed in quite the opposite, the promotion of gambling activities .
In Greece we have kethea , this organisation is for gambling addiction , but also for drug addiction , for heroin addicts . I believe they should have separated these two kinds of addiction , it's not the same thing . Plus they do not do great job in protecting younger ages neither from gambling nor from drugs .......
 dule-vu08/10/2023 19:35:46 GMT
Uk is very big market, so its not strange that they must do things like this!
 antonis32108/10/2023 23:04:35 GMT
Self exclusion is most important for underage kids or teens . There should be no discussion on this .

But we should tell the truth about what happens in reality with far too many underage people finding the way to create accounts and play or place a bet . It is not sth uncommon or rare . They can do this with the help of an adult friend or relative , with the use of their parents' credit card . I could see in Greece in the past teens going in sports booking shops , play , pay , and no problem , not even once I hadn't witnessed sb to tell the teen that he was not allowed to play , that it wasn't right ....

Self exclusion is also good when you have gambling problem , when you cannot have self discipline on your betting decisions , when you feel that you are on a permanent tilt for a long time . Then it can help you to stay away for some time , relax , take it easy , come back when you can feel again that you have control , or else you will lose a lot of money

 dule-vu08/10/2023 23:16:40 GMT
Kids cant gamble online for god sake!
 antonis32116/10/2023 15:35:00 GMT
Self exclusion is nice , it can help you move on , go on playing , or else the fun of betting and playing can be ruined . If sb had problems with sports betting , casino or poker , he should exclude himself for some time . For a day , a month , some months , a year . Although there is also the permanent ban , but this choice is not good , i think it has no meaning . I mean you exclude yourself for one month , you get over tilt , you come back . Or you come back after a year . But if you ask permanent ban , you wont be able to come back , that sucks !!!

i had some problems recently with casino slots , i lost control , tried to impose discipline to myself , i failed repeatedly , so i was forced to ask for a ban/exclusion from sports and c asino for some time . I think this was the best decision !!!
 dule-vu16/10/2023 16:01:53 GMT
Then somebody must do on lot of site, on every where is registered!
 antonis32121/10/2023 10:13:53 GMT
poker rooms should give players more options when it comes to self exclusion . they should be able to exclude themselves for a day , or a week or a month or three months . 6 months or even a year . The self exclusion up to a month should not be undone if a player asks for , and this should be done for the players' good
but if a player chooses to self exclude himself for many months but he decides that now he can come back , after a month or so , he should be allowed to return . A month od self exclusion is a good period to relax from tilt , regain control over your betting habits , so poker or casino rooms should allow them to play again

i see B win self exclusion choices . you can choose to self exclude yourself for a day or permantly , but there are no other choices . Thats bad and sad , they should have more choices , self ban for a week or a month or 3 months . if they had such choices i wouldnt have to alert their security team and ask them for help , i could manage by myself this situation , and choose the self exclusion for one month (or even 3 months )
 dule-vu21/10/2023 10:36:41 GMT
too many restrictions!

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