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Microgaming announce development of 3D Slot Game

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Posted on 27 January 2011 by "M".

Microgaming announced on the 24th of January, one day before the opening of the ICE Totally Gaming exhibition in London held between the 25th and the 27th of January, that they have developed the first "true" 3D online video slot. According to Microgaming, the slot is based on the  Sterling Silver 5 reel 25 payline. There will be a previewing at the exhibition but the launch of the game will be later this year.

A spokesman of Microgaming comments:  “We have been working on 3D gaming content for some time and launched The Great Galaxy Grab online slot in 2009, which was developed using 3D rendered graphics. This time we will be launching a 3D slot which truly brings the world of online gaming to life, and we look forward to unveiling this to operators at ICE.”


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6 comments on "Microgaming announce development of 3D Slot Game"

 Davoodoo27/01/2011 17:45:26 GMT
3D slot game : DOUBLE the joy of losing !!
 shokaku27/01/2011 18:36:41 GMT
Posted by Davoodoo:
3D slot game : DOUBLE the joy of losing !!

lol Big Smile

Yep. Slots are evil. Evil

But Microgaming has a habbit of producing as much new games as possible.
 ZmxPowah28/01/2011 08:50:51 GMT
Kinda... Microgamins is more into casino bisnes for sure ^^.
And 3d slots? Dunno how it will work...
Maybe if you win you see the cash floating around you ... gr8 thing to get addicted.
 jessthehuman28/01/2011 09:51:58 GMT
Seems like an odd thing to make 3D ! Why not 3D roulette ? Blackjack ? etc ? surely they're a much more appropriate thing to have as 3D.

Slots are "video slots" anyway - I mean, sure, can be rendered in Direct3D API - but what's the point ?
 retribution22/09/2011 23:55:25 GMT
Posted by nataalka:
**removed by admin**

What an extremely odd first post.

So what's the deal with the 3d slots. I can just imagine:

A 3d model of some old person, walking to the cashier to cash in their pension check, then walking to a slot machine and putting in nickel after nickel, until they sadly stand up, walk away dejectedly and then go to the grocery store to buy a can of catfood for supper because they just blew their grocery money.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against old people, nor condone them eating catfood. Afterall, everyone knows dogfood is far richer in nutrients AND taste, for only pennies more.

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