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Young Player Wins €64,254 Playing Online Slots

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Posted on 18 November 2015 by "T".

We all love to hear about stories of casino players who spend real cash, hit a big win, and get to bask in the reassuring warmth of being financially secure for a good couple of years to come! What makes this particular story even more interesting is that this young player, just over 18-years-old, won big time by just playing online slots!

The young Swedish winner, Håkan, is not your typical frequent player in many aspects. He is just like most players who only does make a deposit when he is either trying to cure a case of boredom or if he has some spare cash that he can happily part with by playing online. Moreover, just like most players, Håkan would often let months pass by without playing at all!

The total cash amount that Håkan has officially won is 600,000 SEK!

His key to success
We all have been in this situation - we cannot seem to fall asleep even if everyone else is already sleeping. To help himself relax, Håkan decided to take a few spins on some online slot games. However, this time, he figured he'd make some impulsive big bets, thinking that his gameplay won't last long and he can go back to bed once he's done.

At least, that was his plan.

His win is deemed by many to be pretty incredible - he won two similar big-time amounts on two different slot games, within just 5 minutes of playing!

By "going all out" was actually his key to success. He bets 600 SEK (equal to €64.28 or £46.50) on each spin which is actually a ballsy bet especially for a young player, but his big bets definitely paid off.
Håkan actually only got 2 hours of sleep (from 4am to 6am, as he starts work at 6am), but he stated that he really slept well during those 2 hours after he won two big prizes!

The two online slots that made him a big winner
It started just like any ordinary day, in which a person just wants to play for fun and hope to win a nice sum of money.

Håkan first played Starburst, a Net Entertainment online slot game. It's not his favorite slot game, but he decided to play there just because he wanted to play something different. Within minutes, he got his first big win of 300,000 SEK as he managed to line up 3 expanding Wilds with free Re-spins.

Next, he decided to play his favorite slot game Cash Spin by Bally. After only 5 minutes, he won another astounding 300,000 SEK!

All in all, Håkan won 600,000 SEK (equal to €64,254.74 or £46,596.00)!

Enjoying his winnings
Initially, his parents did not believe that he won that substantial amount of money.

Håkan is actually saving some money so he can buy a car and has just passed his driver's test a few months back, and with his winnings, he can now afford the car of his dreams!

Currently, his parents are the only ones who know about his huge win, but Håkan stated that he plans to throw a special party. He said he'll be booking a VIP table at a posh club in his town where they will be having a champagne celebration.

source: casinotopsonline

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12 comments on "Young Player Wins €64,254 Playing Online Slots"

 klash2318/11/2015 12:22:34 GMT
Does anyone know where this story came from?Sounds like a marketing story to me.I don't know anyone who would gamble 65 euro on a spin on starburst,10 spins takes all of 20 seconds so not sure how much he was planning on spending to "get himself to sleep".
 Cruimh18/11/2015 12:35:37 GMT
This isn't responsible reporting
 Serpang18/11/2015 13:58:32 GMT
Should be he is rich people ,lol. Spent big money for slot !!! we know how many percent possibility to win just few spin. I couldn't imagine how brave he is. Or he is a addict slot gamer, lol. Anyway maybe his destiny bring him to right way
 bowie198419/11/2015 02:24:52 GMT
Håkan is an idiot. Maybe now a relatively wealthy idiot, but still...
Who the fcuk plays Starburst for fun???
 pochui19/11/2015 09:24:44 GMT
Hakan is my new hero- he is only 18 year old, but already gambling big time, already putting all of his allowance onto the virtual reels of preprogrammed slots discarding the fcukin nonsense like house edge of 5%-15% (or even to 100% if we count in shady online operators). he is just 18, but already a fully degenerated gambler- a real hero for all the young people out there.
 TheTheMASTER20/11/2015 18:12:17 GMT
well very difficult but who knows maybe that was his day!
 bowie198421/11/2015 01:58:45 GMT
Posted by pochui:
he is just 18, but already a fully degenerated gambler- a real hero for all the young people out there.

Yeah that thing alone is making this into a ridiculous story. I mean he is barely an adult yet when he is bored he does not drink/jerk off/watch tv/call up his girlfriend to do the previously mentioned three things together - no. He is playing Starburst.
He is the posterchild of 'forever alone'...
 zzizek06/12/2015 14:22:05 GMT
LOL. Bankrollmob was appreciated by me. Till now
 doubletop77709/12/2015 12:28:23 GMT
This guy sounds like that this win wont last him very long. He was gambling over sixty euros per spin which is an incredible amount. I think that he will be losing all his winnings very soon but i hope i am wrong.
 Theapple20/04/2016 18:38:27 GMT
3 months later - Hakan sold his car to cure boredom by playing $60 per spin on Dead or Alive.

you heard it here first people


but seriously, starburst? ive had some no deposit bonuses, or just random bonuses from poker sites i play, and almost all of them usually give free spins on Starbust. Its one evil, evil mofo. Heck ive had like 20 dead free spins on that one.

not to mention its like super super boring too (:
 klash2322/04/2016 14:42:17 GMT
I agree apple...starburst has to be one of the worst Netent games out there,I have only ever had one good win on that slot....which is probably why they are so keen to give out the free spins on it.......I think a poor marketing method as I wouldn't sign up at new casinos offering starburst free spins.
 bowie198424/04/2016 10:28:37 GMT
Posted by klash23:
I think a poor marketing method as I wouldn't sign up at new casinos offering starburst free spins.

Yeah, but doing this is probably harmless for them - because what you mentioned above - so they will just keep doing it.

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