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Thief Steals $500K From Armoured Van Outside Detroit Casino

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Posted on 09 December 2015 by "T".

A thief cleverly disguised himself as a guard and has apparently managed to steal around $500,000 worth of cash from an armoured van which is parked just outside Greektown Casino in Detroit. The thief is still currently in hiding as the police evaluate the odd crime.

According to a report, the employee (of the armoured security company Loomis) who is the driver of the van, allowed the thief to enter the armoured van and walk away without the suspect ever having to brandish a weapon or hop inside a getaway vehicle.

The driver of the van was simply duped as he believed that since the thief was wearing a guard's uniform similar to what he's wearing, he mistook him for a coworker. There were no threats made, no weapons drawn out, and no shots were fired.

What makes the situation even stranger is that the armoured van that was carrying the bags of stolen cash was not even there to pick up or drop off at the Greektown Casino nearby. The robbery simply just happened outside the casino, and the casino said they will help the police to investigate the incident.
It is not yet clear how the thief knew that there was cash inside the van.

At this time, the case has been handed over to the FBI, and the Greektown Casino employees are assisting them by reviewing the recorded footages of the heist captured by the venue's several CCTV cameras.


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8 comments on "Thief Steals $500K From Armoured Van Outside Detroit Casino"

 bowie198410/12/2015 01:07:04 GMT
LOL. First is kinda phenomenal that a town so disfunctional, bankrupt and chaotic like Detroit is nowadays still has working casino(s), second a robbery which has the traits of an inside job written all over it is making headlines despite less than a seven figure sum gone missing is funny too.
 MistiPok5810/12/2015 08:59:25 GMT
must be a bad pokerplayer, else he would play and earn that amount legal (^_^)
 Skpmorita10/12/2015 11:51:29 GMT
One guy can take away half a million dollars
only by buying a Halloween security guard costume
this is insane
hope they get him soon
i feel bad for the driver , they probably put all the blame on him
and i didn't know that Detroit had casinos
 klash2310/12/2015 13:31:49 GMT
I wouldn't be thinking much of my career prospects at this security firm if I was the driver.Sounds very strange that there was no other security protocols in place apart from a quick visual check of who gets in the van.
 xgcsnippy10/12/2015 13:59:24 GMT
detroit had had casinos for years since my city across the water in canada was stealing all the spotlight with our casinos
 Theapple10/12/2015 21:47:56 GMT
poor driver (:
 bowie198411/12/2015 01:49:11 GMT
Posted by xgcsnippy:
detroit had had casinos for years since my city across the water in canada was stealing all the spotlight with our casinos

Probably tribal casinos, but still...
 Jibberish13/12/2015 08:15:14 GMT
detroits casino is fairly nice, i also live just across the water from there and its hard to compete with caesers windsor but everything is also 2x more expensive here.

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