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New Casino Partner: $10 Free at RealDealBet!

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Posted on 10 June 2015 by "M".


Welcome to RealDealBet, a site made by champions for champions! Step into the ring and witness the winning punches of Evander Holyfield that can guarantee you a lot of fun, fortune and gaming entertainment when you play at Real Deal Bet casino! If you are a fan of the famous boxer Champion Evander Holyfield, the only 5-time heavyweight champion of the world, a.k.a. “The Real Deal”, then you will definitely love playing at Real Deal Bet casino because Evander Holyfield has teamed up with them!  This new online sports and casino site pays tribute to the champ’s nickname, so all those who are avid fans of Holyfield will quickly associate the site’s name to their favorite pro boxer.

Playing at RealDealBet makes you feel like a winning champion already, and they truly give you this feeling throughout their website as they allow players to have easy access to games, your personal account and they provide reliable customer service support, so all that’s left for you to do is play, enjoy and win!

Click here for our full review on RealDealBet!

Click here and claim your $10 Exclusive No Deposit Bonus!

This offer is NOT available for players residing in the USA, Spain, France, Israel, Bulgaria, Turkey or Belgium.

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11 comments on "New Casino Partner: $10 Free at RealDealBet!"

 klash2310/06/2015 13:59:42 GMT
It wil be good to hear if anyone has any experience of this site.I had not heard of it before and after a quick look online I couldn't see any complaints.Wagering seems to be x45 which is quite high.
 Heskor10/06/2015 17:01:23 GMT
Cheers yeah new sites i tend to not join and wait for more reviews before joining and all but if you fancy the no deposit bonus you can join and try your luck who knows what will happen maybe you can cashout after you had a good streak and you can tell us what happened anyway good luck at the tables have fun and also good luck at the casinos with those games, cheers mate peace out from me.
 bowie198411/06/2015 10:46:28 GMT
I wrote my review under the reviews, there's that. The site is still slow both online and in response and I will not make a deposit there until this constant lagging is not solved - that's for sure. No depo 4 da casino finally arrived after I was nagging them three times. was not worth the hassle IMO.
 klash2311/06/2015 14:27:08 GMT
I read your review and I always believe that a casino slow to respond to general concerns and especially for promotions they are offering are never going to be the best casino.
It always surprises me that with the massive amount of competition for gambling that some sites seem to treat customers with very little regard.
 bowie198415/06/2015 12:40:21 GMT
The slow response time - I can live with that. Especially if they are otherwise balancing it with great promotions or whatnot. But I had some issues with the site's coding too plus the blatant lie that even live chat is available 4 all together was too much for me to swallow.
 EpsonJack22/06/2015 15:51:32 GMT
I have registered me some weeks ago to get the 10$ no deposit bonus. All in all RealDealBet offers a good variety of gambling options like betting, live betting, casino and live casino. Maybe somebody can tell something about cash out time and reliability.
 klash2323/06/2015 16:04:09 GMT
So far I haven't seen any bad reviews coming from the site and I am more inclined to trust the Netent sites more than others.UK players are restricted at the moment but whenever a new site opens there could be problems.The best thing is to just try small amounts and withdraw as soon as you get any winnings and then see how well they operate with withdrawals. Smile
 Heinar01/07/2015 19:38:05 GMT
They are frauds stole 1800 of my money. Already made a complaint to the licence holder. Anyway stay away from them mobsters.
 xxxpokerxxx101/07/2015 21:37:28 GMT
as I remember some time ago he had a poker site that went busto so be careful
 klash2302/07/2015 11:54:30 GMT
Sorry to hear of your trouble Heiner.If I was living outside of the UK I would be cautious of new sites that don't bother getting a UK licence.The UK is massive for online gambling so why wouldn't they?Not a fail safe obviously but just a little warning. Smile
 bowie198410/08/2015 11:20:27 GMT
Some sites just likes to concentrate on untapped markets I guess, and the UK is very far from that - so getting a licence there is not necessary guarantees you that much higher player count but the pepaer work definitely going to grow with it and a site with small staff does not want that I guess.

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