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Woman Got Her Purse Stolen at Casino, Steals Anotherís Purse

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Posted on 24 October 2016 by "T".

A woman who reported to police that her purse was stolen at the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is charged after purportedly stealing a purse from another casino patron. The supposed-to-be victim who has now become the suspect is Brenda Joyce Underwood, age 53, a resident of Cleveland, Ohio.

Police went to the casino at 77 Sands Boulevard in response to a distress call at 12:04pm last Sunday, October 16. Brenda Underwood said her purse had been stolen earlier that day at the casino, but police stated she never reported that the purse was missing.

According to the police, upon seeing another purse at the north entrance of the casino, Brenda grabbed it, took out its contents in a restroom and when she found nothing in there was valuable, she threw the purse in the trash bin. "Since someone stole my purse, I'm taking this one," Brenda said to police.

The owner of the purse that Brenda stole later reported to Sands Casino security that her purse was stolen. Whilst reviewing the casino's surveillance videos, police saw the victim dropping the purse at the north entrance, and a brief moment later, Brenda picked it up and went to the restroom.

According to court records, the victim took a bus to the casino and had been carrying several bags with her, and did not immediately notice that her purse fell on the floor of the casino's north entrance.

Brenda is charged with one count of theft and receiving stolen property. On October 16, Sunday, she was arraigned before District Judge Robert Hawke, who set her bail at $20,000. In lieu of bail, Brenda was taken to the Northampton County Prison.

What would you do if somebody stole your purse (or wallet)? Would you do the same?
Come to think of it, did Brenda really had her purse stolen in the first place? We'll never know.



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13 comments on "Woman Got Her Purse Stolen at Casino, Steals Anotherís Purse"

 doubletop77724/10/2016 09:27:03 GMT
I have heard of an eye for an eye but never heard of a purse for a purse!!! Seriously though, i do not like theft of any kind and i am glad that this woman was caught and the purse was returned
 pajalnick24/10/2016 10:03:45 GMT
it is possible to understand the logic, but this logic does not help to avoid punishment for a crime .. once again convinced that the casino or casino next to the disclosure of crimes obretseny .. because there are cameras absolutely everywhere
 pochui24/10/2016 16:05:54 GMT
would i steal someone else's purse if i got my purse stolen? i don't know, if i knew that there is a million stuffed in that purse, then yeah i would. but one thing is certain, if someone stole my shit that i left around the corner because there was no toilet around, i would definitely not steal someone else’s shit.
 Mober24/10/2016 22:18:56 GMT
What more crazy stories are we gonna hear from the casinos.
The reports for some kind of crime are coming in daily basis.
Some of them are opportunistic some others pre scheduled.
Casino security must be very busy in usa.
 numberking2625/10/2016 04:22:02 GMT
I think more and more people will do this, since peolple are getting tired of being ripped...
 damosk25/10/2016 21:20:59 GMT
As the good lord once said, do unto others as they will do unto you! The only downside to this is that this is bad advice. His son changed this and gave good advice to turn the other cheek and in your heart provide forgiveness. So retribution is really not the answer and the good Lord will see that those who sin will be punished.
 bowie198426/10/2016 01:27:41 GMT
Posted by numberking26:
I think more and more people will do this, since peolple are getting tired of being ripped...

Ripped by what? The casinos? Come on now.
They are far from being saints here, but it's not like somebody held a gun to her head to try convince her entering the establishment for play...
 Calmplay26/10/2016 05:33:26 GMT
getting your purse stolen is not a reason to steal someone else purse, this story sounds fishy to me and she deserve to be punished by the law for sure...
 pochui26/10/2016 06:47:01 GMT
yes indeed, just as one of our mobbits pointed out, people are getting tired of being ripped and raped by casinos, employers, politicians, brain degeneration because of excessive doing of nothing, and they turn to the act of stealing someone else's purse as a way out of this horrendous situation. can't blame them really....
 Tony_MON7ANA26/10/2016 23:46:21 GMT
$20,000 bail set for one count of theft and receiving stolen property? It should cost only $2,000 or so if she uses a bail bondsman. She couldn't even afford that? Wow. It looks like this woman's life got messed up big time at the age of 53. She really needs a good criminal defense lawyer now.
 pochui27/10/2016 08:21:09 GMT
what i actually forgot to add to this emphatic story was the the true, unconstrained and overwhelming support i send to the policeman and policewomen for their amazing work in catching the horrendous person that was brave enough to steal someone's purse. we can sleep calm now knowing the police is there, ready to fight the injustice.
 DaCapo7127/10/2016 16:57:41 GMT
Verry bad that her purse was stolen in a Casino. But better than her virgin Big Smile I like this funny News at this site every time again and it seems, that in the us Casinos was happened a lot ... One time a robbery now a stolen purse, what happened next?
 bowie198427/10/2016 23:26:26 GMT
Posted by pochui: i send to the policeman and policewomen for their amazing work in catching the horrendous person that was brave enough to steal someone's purse. we can sleep calm now knowing the police is there, Arady to fight the injustice.

At least they did not shoot her - after all this was in America. Hey, thats a first but it still counts. Blink

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