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First Skill-Based Slot Machine Introduced in Atlantic City

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Posted on 10 November 2016 by "T".

The gambling regulators of New Jersey have approved the use of the first skill-based slot machines in the United States. The slot device which resembled a video game has been given the go signal to be unveiled in three Atlantic City casinos owned by Caesars Entertainment.

The slot game is titled Danger Arena wherein the payout is based on the player's ability. The game has video gaming roots, but with casino economics.

Game Co, Inc., a New York City-based game design company will have the game undergo several weeks of testing. They are confident that the game will usher in a new era of gaming that attracts young people who grew up playing video games.

"Caesars is excited to celebrate the launch of the world's first skill-based video game gaming machines," the casino operator said in a statement.
"I spent my summers growing up playing video games at the arcade on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City. It's a unique honor to be bringing the first-ever skill-based video game gambling products to launch in Atlantic City with Caesars Entertainment," said GameCo CEO Blaine Graboyes.

Atlantic City's finances are currently in dire situation, having lost five of its casinos within the last three years. The introduction of new gaming machines may help in attracting a new breed of gamblers to the city.
Similar gaming machines have been approved for Nevada casinos, but have not been unveiled yet.




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11 comments on "First Skill-Based Slot Machine Introduced in Atlantic City"

 pochui10/11/2016 08:59:40 GMT
well this is a nice twist, skill based slots... why not, at least this move offers the chance to bring back someone else besides the usual faces of drunk degenerates in the casinos. anything that is skill based is always more welcome than luck based imho. signing off, skilfully drunk pochui.
 doubletop77710/11/2016 09:14:13 GMT
This sounds like a very good innovation and i am fascinated to see how this game works. Slots games have never been my forte but this type of game, with a little skill involved, seems right up my street
 Birmin10/11/2016 10:40:27 GMT
It will be very interesting to see how this slot works...
Did anybody have a video of playing(testing) this skill-based slot?
 T3ddyKGB10/11/2016 11:41:32 GMT
honestly, that doesnt sound like a casino strategy to let people win by skill, more like a "marketing-strategy" to fool some people, in faith, they could win something by having skills. makes me laugh....without to even know anything about this "new" slot machine. i normaly keep my mouth shut before i get to know something, but come on, we all know casinos lmfao...

 pajalnick10/11/2016 13:38:33 GMT
It would be interesting to play those slots ... but how can there be a strategy game? I personally never liked slots and if they played only drunk))) if there iozhno win observing what the rules, then it unprofitable venture .. I do not think that the casino will do it at a loss for them
 Mober10/11/2016 22:25:33 GMT
Never expected to see slots like this.
It sounds interesting for sure. So if you are not good at this game you better stay away,
sine the payouts are according to the performance in your specific slot.
Its gonna be tested from many video gamers...
 DaCapo7111/11/2016 17:15:49 GMT
I don´t know what this means exactly, but in my opinion it was a interesting new kind of Slot. And the test in the Atlantic City Casinos will give us more informations about these Slots. But what kinf of informations did the skill Slot machines have?
 TheMachineQC11/11/2016 19:16:21 GMT
Lol, that is nice mister skillfull drunken Pochui Blink

I think it's a good idea... but how much luck and how much skill is involved? I doubt the skill part is going to be more than 10% in my opinion. because if it was 100% skills and 0% luck then they would lose sooo much money. The retards would get frustrated and stop playing and the good players would keep playing untill they break the bank... ^^

GL degenerate gamblers
 bowie198414/11/2016 01:06:43 GMT
The only skill required to actually play video slots well is the ultimate skill to realize when to walk away from them. Either when you won big or just decent, or you just lost a little or break even - you gotta know how and when to stop before the algorythm - which controlls these programs - taking all your money away...
 Tony_MON7ANA14/11/2016 08:40:27 GMT
I think Caesars Entertainment is planning to introduce these skill-based slot machines in Las Vegas casinos as well if the experiment in Atlantic City casinos goes well and these machines prove to be a decent profit generator for the company.
 bowie198415/11/2016 01:02:10 GMT
Posted by Tony_MON7ANA:
I think Caesars Entertainment is planning to introduce these skill-based slot machines in Las Vegas casinos as well if the experiment in Atlantic City casinos goes well and these machines prove to be a decent profit generator for the company.

Couple years from now and LV gonna be in just as much trouble trafficwise than ATlantic City. People gonna find less monetary hurtful entertainment 4 themsleves in the future.

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