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20 Free Spins (no deposit required) on Warlords!

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Posted on 25 November 2016 by "T".

Bitstarz, a premium Bitcoin and Real Money Casino, just released the most anticipated slot of the year - Warlords!

From the popular game developer NetEnt, this fantasy themed slot features 3 ancient warriors; A barbarian, a priestess and a samurai, and the positive thing here is that they're all on your side in this quest for big wins. Phew.

So if your life consists of playing games like Skyrim while watching movies like Lord of the Rings, we'll, you just hit the jackpot (pun totally intended). With more free spins and bonus features than we're able to count in this review, and graphics that would make any designer drool all over their Apple Thunderbolt Display, this game is a must try! 

Ready to play Warlords with 20 Free Spins?




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14 comments on "20 Free Spins (no deposit required) on Warlords!"

 Birmin25/11/2016 13:42:30 GMT
Ok and how to recive Free Spins?
 sirthomas25/11/2016 15:58:05 GMT
Go to the "My account" , "Bonuses" at Bitstarz. There you should be able to activate your free spins
 pajalnick25/11/2016 17:24:59 GMT
I understand that the free spins get everyone who asks for it? or needs to execute the conditions for obtaining these free spins? it seems I have an account in this casino ... It is necessary to check it out and maybe I'll get free spins
 pochui25/11/2016 18:21:13 GMT
oh boy oh boy/gal what a fantastic job brm are doing providing all of us with such amazing offer on a regular basis. 20 free spins with no deposit required is just the kind of offer that a broke dude like me can easily take and hopefully make these free spins into something tangible. thanks brm.
 Birmin25/11/2016 20:41:52 GMT
Hey! Anybody get this Free Spins? This Casino is amazing but this promo like a shit! How to get this spins?
 DaCapo7125/11/2016 21:56:44 GMT
Thats a nice offer, 20 free spins without a risk! Perhaps i take a look at this new slot game. There a lot of news slots in the last time and it was not easy to have a overview all the time Blink And we can find a lot of interesting new slots, thats nice Thumbs Up
 bowie198426/11/2016 00:58:01 GMT
Warlords - have nothing to do with Skyrim nor the Lord of the Rings trilogy but hey, if you happen to love either one then heres this unbelievable offer for you to ensure you will pour all your money in the long run down the drain while they not playing/watching neither Skyrim nor LotR...
 mirexxx26/11/2016 06:38:24 GMT
what aa sheet of sluut
 dule-vu26/11/2016 12:37:24 GMT
I already used my free spins on bitstarz in past,trough BRM link,so I cant use this one!maybe it was bad that I have registered in lot of free spins promotion from BRM sites,so cant do anything now!good luck to all who will take this promotion!
 vaci3826/11/2016 14:08:46 GMT
what I have to do to get a free spin, only to open an account at the casino and get a free spin or should I ask from brm, mirexxx not satisfied what that means, that slot is not good or mirexxx for the first time in his career did not take money from the free spin Big Smile Smile
 Mober26/11/2016 17:04:41 GMT
Always nice to get free spins. And this time is a new slots. I have never heard of it.
Will look for a video of it later.
This is also a bitcoin casino, which makes it even more interesting.
Unless of course you dont trust or use this method.
 pajalnick26/11/2016 18:58:45 GMT
I registered at this casino but I did not find how to use these free spins ... can someone tell me where I can find the offer to take advantage of them? or if I had used a bonus but now I can not use this offer?
 pochui26/11/2016 22:04:44 GMT
pajalnick dude- usually the free spins can be found under the tab saying free spins, however in some case as it seems we have here, they might be hidden a lot deeper, therefore you must put in the effort and leave no stone unturned. i sincerely hope that you will be able to uncover the gem we are offered here- the 20 free spins.
 bowie198427/11/2016 01:05:03 GMT
Posted by pochui:
i sincerely hope that you will be able to uncover the gem we are offered here- the 20 free spins.

I am not sure this promo should be called a gem. After all - there can be oh so many special occasions in a grown mans life to get excited upon receiving free stuff.

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