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Play Slots For Free on BankrollMob!

Tags: bankrollmob, video slots.
Posted on 07 December 2016 by "T".

Now it's possible to play a selection of new and classic slots for play money here on BankrollMob.com! We are sure that you will enjoy all these games as much as we do, and we hope to add many more in the coming weeks.


Net Entertainment Microgaming Microgaming

Net Entertainment Net Entertainment Microgaming

Novomatic Novomatic Novomatic

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20 comments for "Play Slots For Free on BankrollMob! "

 Birmin07/12/2016 14:24:03 GMT
Make it's possible to play a selection of new and classic slots for MobPoints here on BankrollMob.com! I am sure that all Mobsters will enjoy all these games as much as I do, and I hope You will add many more in the coming weeks.

 arsenej107/12/2016 14:49:07 GMT
playing for mob points would be awesome
 Samarietis07/12/2016 15:06:36 GMT
There is some kind of problem , the game closes , for no reasons , it's like i play for fue spins and then it closes ...
 StheP07/12/2016 15:18:50 GMT
Posted by arsenej1:
playing for mob points would be awesome

hey man where have you been? O.o
 pochui07/12/2016 15:36:14 GMT
well this is nice, i'm sure this is just the beginning of the masterplan brm has to eventually take over the virtual gambling world. now free slots, later free table games, later slots/table games from mobpoints, and eventually full time gambling with zillions at stake and best promos around.
 dule-vu07/12/2016 16:08:26 GMT
yeah,it would be interesting that we can use our points to play it!so we can win more points for almost nothing!but yeah,this is just promotion for casino,we can see button below to play for real!so maybe this can be in some other part of BRM page,not on out account!
 damosk07/12/2016 20:30:39 GMT
So. I saw this today and tried playing but each time I open a game it either says my country is not allowed on some and on others the game doesn't load. I'm not sure I want to play just for fun, and think the idea of playing with mobpoints is pretty cool, but not sure how and whether BRM will be able to make that happen.
 Ingrind3307/12/2016 21:26:12 GMT
hehe wow, my first thought was like: wuuut, can you play with your mobpoints? well good thing this is not the case, because I would give it a try, esspecially with some crazy kind of jackpot feature where you can win 5,000,0000,0000,0000,000 mobpoints or nahh, let's not...

Anyway it's nice that people can have the feeling without spending money first, well done brm. Cool
 thefly13107/12/2016 21:33:40 GMT
Well let s just say that it would be a nice recovery of mobpoints for this site....

As we all know there is only 1 winner in the slots game and thats the organisator

and as there are a lot of gamblers here it would mean that they all gamble away there mobpoints and so BRM does not have to cash them out at 5000 points.

But a nice option would be we get free spins every day where we can win some points
 Mober07/12/2016 21:49:51 GMT
It must be some kind of test Smile
But it can be just for fun. The slot addicts like to play for fun too Smile And its from Netent.
A bit of playing aside while doing other things.
May be possible in the future to run with mob points.
 arsenej107/12/2016 23:11:48 GMT
Posted by StheP:
Posted by arsenej1:
playing for mob points would be awesome

hey man where have you been? O.o

still here everyday man just dont post often. havent played much poker in months got bored of it maybe someday it will get its spark back for me. how you been?
 ivanjkp08/12/2016 09:17:46 GMT
Very nice now we can play some slots for free...Maybe this is just commercials for some casino sites or maybe this will begin of some new era here on bankroll mob and playing for some mob points will be great...
Dollar Dollar Dollar
 TheMachineQC08/12/2016 10:38:18 GMT
hey guys! What is this exactly? I tried to load one and it seems like we can play with play money and there's a button to play with real money. But I don't see the option to play with mobpoints, I agree with the other mobsters here that would be a nice option to have.

Good luck on the new slot machines guys!!
 doubletop77708/12/2016 11:14:24 GMT
What a nice idea for all the regular users and it will be fun to play. I have never ever played slots and this would be a good learning experience, instead of losing money and learning the hard way
 Birmin08/12/2016 14:00:04 GMT
TheMachineQC, there is no option to play with mobpoints, this is just my idea to make it availible in future)))
 pochui08/12/2016 20:29:32 GMT
lol @damosk... "players from your country are not allowed to play virtual casino games with imaginary money" fcuk yeah, and i thought we are running tight here with the gambling restrictions and such... glad to hear there is always a sh1ttier place to spend your days as a gambler.
 Mober08/12/2016 22:37:34 GMT
Is there a way to play the slots in a bigger window. Not that fun in this size.

I was playing the secrets of santa for fun a, couple of days ago in another site, cant seem
to hit the spins with wilds. At the end i lost everything of course Smile
 fortinero_lb09/12/2016 04:01:19 GMT
 Tony_MON7ANA11/12/2016 17:28:13 GMT
Wow. Now we can try a large selection of popular online slot games without spending our own money. This is awesome. Best of luck to all the mobsters who are playing one or more of these spectacular-looking slots.
 dule-vu11/12/2016 17:34:47 GMT
wow,to try slots for free,that you can do it on every site and dont have to be member there!just play for fun and you can play 700 slots where every you want!so if this bring playing for mob points,this will be great thing for site and all members!

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