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Win a trip to Maldives + €5.000

Posted on 14 March 2016 by "H".

Unibet is offering a FANTASTIC price for one lucky contestant at Unibet. The winner will get a free trip to Maldives on a 5* All-Inclusive hotel + a €500 spending money. With all that, and still the chance to win €5.000.

If you ever wanted to win a prize where you could go on vacation, this is probably the promotion you want to win. Unibet is offering a fantastic 7 day stay a at 5* All-Inclusive hotel in Maldives + spending money.


Click here to win the package --->

Here is what you get:

* Return flights for two from Europe to Maldives
* Airport Transfer
* 7 nights at a 5* All-inclusive Hotel
* €500 Spending Money

How do you get the package?

1. Log-in to Unibet and Opt-in this promotion.

2. Play the Cloud Quest video slot. Get one entry to the Maldives draw for every €10 you wager.

3. The promotion ends in two weeks.

What else?

While you play the Could Quest, you also have a chance to win a share of the €5.000. Top 30 players will win a share of the €5.000.

1st - €1.000

2nd - €800

3rd - €500

4th - 30th - €100.

Click here to win

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4 comments on "Win a trip to Maldives + €5.000"

 bowie198415/03/2016 01:02:12 GMT
But hey you could also play lotto for many times with a ten euro starting point and your chances to hit an amount with it which gonna get you to the Maldives is almost the same as u winning with this one... The Maldives will wait 4u either way.
 Buva1315/03/2016 01:57:34 GMT
Yea i almost fell for it Big Smile
 pochui15/03/2016 12:12:16 GMT
wow maldives and not just maldives from the tramp hut, but maldives from 5 star all inclusive (guess melons are inclusive too?) hotel. definitely will need to wager at least 4 millions to get 400k ticket for a big chance to win... wait i can just buy a trip for that money don't i? in your face unibet 8==========D
 bowie198416/03/2016 01:21:04 GMT
Posted by pochui:
wait i can just buy a trip for that money don't i? in your face unibet 8==========D

I am not sure the Maldives are famous because of their women (melons) but sure as hell that for a tiny bit of money will get you the best ladyboy in Thailand 4U who could definitely play ballshave withU...

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