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Amazing Winning Streak For EnergyCasino Player!

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Posted on 23 August 2016 by "T".

EnergyCasino creates new winners every day, and though winning isn't everything, it's still great to hear about them. Sometimes something really special happens, and a player emerges as a true inspiration for us all.

A case in point is a certain Jaroslav, from the Czech Republic. An EnergyCasino regular, Jaroslav's life has been changed by what can only be described as a phenomenal winning streak. This isn't hyperbole, as you'll see if you keep reading, and keep in mind that what follows only covers the biggest wins due to space constraints, there were smaller ones too!

Jarsolav won big three times playing the vintage slot Roaring Forties, from Novomatic, and we mean ‘big!' Firstly, on the 29th July when he scooped a cool €23,687, and then again on the 1st August when he raked in a whopping €22,197. On the 6th August he won yet another €14,803 on Roaring Forties before deciding to move on to other games.

But this plucky Czech player was only just getting started! On the morning of 7th August Jaroslav decided to give some of EnergyCasino's newest slots a try, including Stunning Hot and Stunning Hot 20 Deluxe, with some more positive results (to put it mildly), in the form of winnings of €92,518, €14,802, €10,547, €12,878, and €11,842,! Now that is one hell of a morning!

Later, on the 9th of August he went on to play Elements: the Awakening, from NetEnt. What happened next was truly remarkable! In the space of just thirty-five minutes, yes, you read that right, just 35 minutes, he racked up another €22,974!

Jaroslav wasn't done with making EnergyCasino history though, because he's also became the first player to exchange some of his EnergyPoints for a summer cruise in Malta. If his luck so far is anything to go by, we can be expecting to hear a lot more about Jaroslav over the coming months! Scientifically speaking we all know that luck is a random thing, but we are curious to know if Jaroslav subscribes to any of those positive thinking theories, because if he does then we'd totally give them a try!

Whilst we should remember that winning streaks like Jaroslav's aren't exactly common, and that having fun is just as important as winning, it's also entirely true that if you don't play then you'll never win. This case does prove that luck can shine at any moment, and that just a few days can be life changing.

If you want to join Jaroslav and play at the web's most exciting casino, you can get a world class welcome bonus of 100% up to €200 on your first deposit, plus 50% up to €200 on your second. You'll have access to one of the biggest ranges of slot games from top providers like NetEnt, Novomatic, GreenTube and Wazdan, as well as poker and live dealer games like roulette, baccarat and blackjack. Plus, just like Jaroslav, you'll earn EnergyPoints whenever you play slots for money.

All that remains to be said is a huge "congratulations" to Jarolsav.

Join EnergyCasino and get up to 115 Free Spins! 

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18 comments on "Amazing Winning Streak For EnergyCasino Player! "

 pochui23/08/2016 20:30:01 GMT
if you want to be like jaroslav and win €23,687, €22,197, €14,803, €92,518, €14,802, €10,547, €12,878, €11,842 and €22,974 all you have to do is to join energycasino get your 115 freespins and start thinking where are you going to spend all those winnings. happy days. me ponders there will be many jaroslav's in the coming days...
 bowie198423/08/2016 23:40:18 GMT
How about telling me for a start how big was Jaroslav's stake on every spin? Because probably it was not twenty cents if I had to guess...
Good thing he was on a 'winning streak', I rather not think about all the other fellas who were certain they will win something that day, but all these slots just ate up their whole roll only to give it all to Jaroslav...
 Mober24/08/2016 19:28:33 GMT
he must be a big player. That being said it may be a return of what he has lost so far Smile
You don get such winnings by playing 20 cents per spin.
if he an actual winner, meaning he won more that he has invested so far,
how much of that money will go into his pockets after all, and not back in the slots Smile
 bowie198424/08/2016 23:44:29 GMT
Posted by Mober:
how much of that money will go into his pockets after all, and not back in the slots Smile

Dunno, something tells me that the casino and Jaroslav were both quite happy with these results that day - 'cuz again I honestly think that no one had a winning session on that week after this guy 4 sure.
 doubletop77725/08/2016 07:52:03 GMT
This is an amazing run of luck this guy is having and we would all like to just have a little slice of this. All this money plus a summer cruise is truly phenomenal. Congratz to him
 Ingrind3325/08/2016 17:48:44 GMT
Jaroslav, slavic master of fruitmachines! A true inspiration to our humble poker players. The determination and courage are reserved for a few and our casino brother Jaroslav is one of them. Jaro, you are the man, slot master, digital kingpin, one armed bandit, Gino Casino, this people is one of the best slotplayers ever.... Jaroslav the slot
 Mober25/08/2016 19:37:14 GMT
That day he was a winner of course. How much can you spent in a day,
playing online slots.
But in general who knows.
There are the ones that have a go, trying for the big one and when they hit they are done.
And then there are the others, giving it back with interest.

I watched once a documentary about slots, and players addicted to it.
Almost the majority of them, that had won a big money and jackpots,
they were in the minus. Sad...
 damosk25/08/2016 22:10:04 GMT
So! There I was looking at this headline and for some bizarre reason was expecting to read about some I known poker player who struck lucky and wion five big games in a row. But no... It's some guy who has won big playing slots. I agree with the above in that I would love to know how much Jaroslav has paid into the machines to get this type of winning... Alternatively, why is the company so keen to promote his winnings (their losing streak) if there isn't something HUGE in it for them. If there's nowt in it for them, why aren't they investigating how he won so much in such a short period of time? Me smells a rat!
 Mober26/08/2016 20:24:13 GMT
If i manage to hit free spins, not to win in free spins, just to get the feature,
i feel extra lucky Smile Most of the times i know the result of the freebies.
Not enough to cover the losses.
Besides money and no deposit bonuses, i dont gamble online in slots.
In a casino... thats another story Smile
 DaCapo7127/08/2016 14:55:25 GMT
Thats really amazing and this guy have a nice run. Sometimes it is possible to win a lot in this Casino games and perhaps it is possible to win with some of this free spins. Gl for all Gamblers and perhaps we can read here about the next lucky winner in the near future
 qwertolog27/08/2016 16:37:29 GMT
Amazing! Big Smile He is so lucky guy.
Why never that prize won't come to me haha?
My biggest won at online casino games is 150e with bonus on bet365 and nothing more but and that is great Smile.

Amazing! Big Smile He is so lucky guy.
Why never that prize won't come to me haha?
My biggest won at online casino games is 150e with bonus on bet365 and nothing more but and that is great Smile.
 Tony_MON7ANA27/08/2016 17:42:05 GMT
The value of building the jackpot is usually outweighed by each gambler’s desire to win the jackpot. Probably more than one-fourth of jackpot hitters will come back to get more intense high. It is not surprising at all that the casinos ultimately make money.
 bowie198428/08/2016 00:40:15 GMT
He wasn't hitting jackpots though, he just went away with winning great amounts on the features which means he played these on unusual high stakes.
For example Elements (which I probably know the most out of all the mentioned slots) on average could give you between 10-30 times stake on its features, but if you are lucky and get the fire or water feature really rollin' 4u (happens once in every fifty times tbh based on my experience) it could go up as high as 100-150x stake, sometimes even 200x - so theres that.
Getting 22k out of that famously high variance and potentially BR destroying slot is not really a miracle, rather a question of stakes...
 Mober28/08/2016 16:44:43 GMT
That is my point also. It wasnt jackpots and from the screenshots it doesnt look as free spins
either or bonus round.
In other words the bets must have been pretty high.
Which also means very easy to give it back again. It can happen in less than a day Smile
 mirexxx09/09/2016 06:26:35 GMT
Yep played on 30 eur 800 czk, and on other win played on 45 eur 1200 czk at spin, i believe him back all to machine sad, seek players here only cassinos winers
 pajalnick09/09/2016 14:00:03 GMT
unfortunately I have something went wrong with the installation of the casino .... like I checked into it but I can not get ... and it seems to me that I did another check and this is forbidden so .... I unfortunately did not succeed in this action to participate
 Mober11/09/2016 16:47:36 GMT
If you cant play there, there is no point to try and install the site.
This is the first thing you look at nowadays.
Its not like it used to be, with every site free for everyone.
For us here it is easy to figure out.
Juts by typing the address to go to the site, we can see if it is blocked or not Smile
 TheMachineQC12/09/2016 01:59:08 GMT
Good for him! If I ever make a good run on a casino game I will never play casino games again with my money this way I will be one of the rare positive people against rigged games Blink I think that's the best thing you can do: aim for a big prize and when you get it stop playing. If you don't get it, stop playing too Blink lol

Good luck gamblers anonymous!

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