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Rockstar's Mobile Stolen During Casino Gig

Tags: Bret Michaels, New Hampshire, rockstar.
Posted on 07 September 2016 by "T".

Ex-Poison frontman Bret Michaels announced on his Facebook page last weekend that two thieves broke into his dressing room while he was onstage during a performance in New Hampshire.

The 53-year-old rocker posted on his Facebook that his cellphone and other items were taken during a concert at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. The post included an image of two probable suspects and he said that if the items are returned within 24 hours, there will be "no questions asked".

After the 24-hour deadline passed, Bret wrote a second post and said the culprits would be charged with felony theft of property and criminal trespassing if they did not return the items to Hampton police.
He wrote, "Guys, we have been extremely lenient and we are giving you one more chance to return the items."


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5 comments on "Rockstar''s Mobile Stolen During Casino Gig"

 doubletop77708/09/2016 08:59:05 GMT
It must be sickening when you come off stage and you find that some lowlife has been through your stuff and stolen things. I hope they catch whoever did this and they punish them accordingly
 pochui08/09/2016 12:59:17 GMT
wow i must admit that even Ex-Poison frontmen like Bret Michaels have to deal with thess disheartening situations in life, this actually can make average joe and pochui feel a bit better, i mean if Ex-Poison frontman Bret Michaels has bs in life- it's no wonder average joe and average pochui has his bs too...
 pajalnick08/09/2016 13:58:05 GMT
a generous man))) gave as much as 2 chance of a return of things ... I think it can safely give another 10 chances but get nothing back .... lost means lost .... here is only the police could help him .. .. of course an unpleasant story anyway unpleasant when you steal things
 Mober08/09/2016 16:59:51 GMT
If he knew, who they were in the first place, he would have taken back everything already,
without the "24hrs" waiting period which he extended Smile

The year is 2016 and i still cant understand, how on earth there are surveillance cameras,
with such poor quality.
And there are everywhere. Its equal to absolutely nothing in most case.
 damosk08/09/2016 20:07:24 GMT
I'm not sure about the 'return the loot and there will be no questions asked" business. Of course there will be questions asked. It's a criminal matter whether Mr Bret wants it to be or not. The people who stole his property are thieves and should be subject to the full power of the law just like anyone else.

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