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Tags: Casino Cruise.
Posted on 31 March 2017 by "T".

Experience an innovative luxurious cruise to the West Mediterranean, designed to spark your imagination and inspire you! Win an all-inclusive 7 night trip for two aboard Royal Caribbean International: Freedom of the Seas, departing from Barcelona.

Newly upgraded, this cruise ship is packed with amazing innovations! Featuring Shrek as part of The DreamWorks® Experience, a first-run movie in the 3D theater or poolside on the outdoor movie screen, artworks of the BRITTO Gallery and a renovated, now-more-intimate Vintages wine bar.

Plus, discover all the features Freedom of the Seas is already famous for - FlowRider® surf simulator, rock climbing wall, ice-skating rink, Royal Promenade, cantilevered whirlpools, mini golf course, H2O Zone water park, and so much more.

Your exclusive oasis includes a private balcony with views of the ocean, stylish accommodation and a sitting area to relax and put your feet up.

Original, inspiring and magical, this cruise trip can be yours now.

How to Enter the Dream Cruise Draw?
OPT-IN on CasinoCruise's website and you'll get a prize draw ticket for every €/$50 you deposit. 

Promotion Period: 01st January - 31st March 2017.


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 bowie198410/01/2017 15:28:43 GMT
Very nice and all of that but why do they call it 'Royal Caribbean International: Freedom of the Seas' when your only chance to see the Caribbean on it if you put in the movie about Jack Sparrow?
Also mini-golf and ice-skating ring have to be the two most stupid things you could put on a cruise ship.
 Birmin10/01/2017 20:35:38 GMT
ice-skating ring on a cruise ship ))) LoL
 pochui10/01/2017 21:28:33 GMT
yes indeed, welcome to the european caribbean fellas, definitely wouldn't mid getting onbard this cruise ship with tons of 80 yo "babes" with deflated low hanging melons awaiting for me. since it's a free trip- there's nothing to complain about- thanks casino cruise for this awesome 1 in a million chance.
 damosk10/01/2017 23:04:50 GMT
What a fantastic promotion. It's a raffle based on how much you deposit. That's the first hurdle...oh no that's the second hurdle! The first hurdle is I don't have an account there in which to deposit my second hurdle! Never mind, I feel good by simply allowing someone else to win this most momentous prize by simply not taking part.
 3pokeronly11/01/2017 07:18:20 GMT
Generous to a fault damosk.
 bowie198414/01/2017 01:16:40 GMT
Dunno, if they would lower the threshold for the deposits I might consider this to a nice opportunity to waste some time and money but the fact that these places have constant deposit bonuses attached to your ingoing dough makes me think twice before do anything.
They will probably hold your deposit hostage whatever you do with it...
 IndianAce114/01/2017 19:00:34 GMT
Wow this vaction has cool features like Rock climbing wall, ice-skating rink, Royal Promenade, cantilevered whirlpools, mini golf course, H2O Zone water park etc...What mostly matters is the trip to the major places like Barcelona and Naples..Barcelona can be the highlight of your trip.What i like about this promotion is the "Promotion Period: 01st January - 31st March 2017." ,which is almost 3 months,hella lot of time for participants to take part in this fantastic promotion.Good luck guys!!!
 bowie198417/01/2017 20:14:25 GMT
Yeah, but visiting Barcelona is now practicaly dirt cheap when you fly in with some low-cost airline and stay in a hostel. Yeah, these does not have ice-skating and rock climbing $hits but you could go and find them later in the city with all the other million tourists behind you Big Smile
 TheMachineQC18/01/2017 06:59:10 GMT
hahaha like pools, water parks, rock climbing, mini golf courses and everything wasn't enough, they had to add ice skating lol... What's next, interior skiing on a cruise ship, tennis and basketball courts? lol All this money could be invested in research and not polluting the seas instead Blink

Anyways it seems like a nice vacation but It's a bit too far away from Canada for me Big Smile Spain seems like a nice place though.
 Gerimantas18/01/2017 08:47:53 GMT
This is a perfect gift for my old bones, us could use this cruise to relax and enjoy life. Thank you Casino Cruise for giving it's players a chance to win such a great gift. Of course chance is not a very nih, but any chance us better than no chance.
 bowie198421/01/2017 01:28:42 GMT
Here's the problem, you could mainly find almost every interesting thing from this cruise at a decent resort/spa/hotel of your choise. Only difference will be that you will stay at one place during the week of visit. So why overpaying for a boat ride when you could get the same if not better treatment for less than half the price?
 pajalnick21/01/2017 13:43:23 GMT
it is certainly very cool to go on a cruise .. but these people I think will be very very very much and, therefore, the chances of getting a prize to almost zero .. I do not play these games because I do not believe that I have the incredible luck of course anything can happen ... but...
 Marble4201/02/2017 06:58:22 GMT
I can already see someone depositing more money than the cost of the actual cruise to get there Big Smile Also not sure I would call this route "Dreamlike", but yeah, wouldn't mind if I went on it ^_^
 Badger8101/02/2017 18:07:04 GMT
very nice, I'll try it...
 bowie198402/02/2017 19:52:04 GMT
Yeah, I agree on the route selection. Definitely could happen that your ship will run into some sailboats full of refugees from North-Africa if so this alone could turn your whole holiday into an unforgettable experience for sure...
 Theapple13/03/2017 19:14:39 GMT
So you could deposit like $2000 to have a shot at cruise vacation. Sounds awesome ! or you could just pay for your own vacation instead of buying lottery tickets... yeah that sounds even more awesome :o
 Heskor18/03/2017 19:51:46 GMT
Hello yeah that would really be nice to have a holiday on a cruise, i live on an island and never got on a cruise but hopefully one day i will, whether by winning a package like this one to get it or some pokerstars package poker wise or just using my monies lol, anyway good luck guys have fun at the tables and betting too, hope you all are having a great day and all peace out! Cheers!
 dule-vu18/03/2017 20:07:38 GMT
its better for all that save money and buy cruise vacation for own money,then to try to play,maybe lost lot of money and not to win this prize Big Smile !its so expensive to go on such a trip!but good luck to all who play this promotion!
 Theapple19/03/2017 17:50:05 GMT
cant wait to see how does this story unfold.

But i can already see the headlines : "Our lucky winner is a miner from some random russian town. He used his last 36 cents to place 12-fold sports bet and win $54, which he decided to deposit on CasinoCruise's casino".

 DaCapo7123/03/2017 10:49:34 GMT
That´s really a dream cruise departed from Barcelona to French and Italian for 7 nights on board with a privat balcony. And this only for a 5o Dollars deposit for a ticket with the chance of a winning. But some rich gambler deposits a lot of money, like these casino owner Big Smile
 vaskarch2301/04/2017 10:48:43 GMT
wow... this is G-R-E-A-T.. good luck to all of those who have taken a shot
 Tony_MON7ANA03/04/2017 03:54:34 GMT
Another absolutely fantastic offer from Casino Cruise!
According to their website, the draw takes place within 5 working days from the end of the promotional period. So, they will announce the winner soon!
 Gerimantas04/04/2017 21:24:06 GMT
So is there a winner from one of forum players? Or does casino as always decided to not pay out the prizes because someone was illegal to gamble or won too much so now he is banned from casino and winning not paid out Smile scary, I do hopenthat some player coming from this forum win the trip

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