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$81,000 Black Friday win on FaFa Twins!

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Posted on 28 November 2017 by "T".

Black Friday has always been a fantastic day for finding discounted stuff, and everyone loves a great deal. At BitStarz, they can't really put the slots on sale mode, but nevertheless, it turns out the popular slot FaFa Twins embraced this shopping day to the fullest!

One lucky player decided to throw in a few dollars on the slot (perhaps she had saved some money fighting for that new Xbox at the local store) to try her luck. After all, FaFa Twins has paid out big in the past too.

After just a few spins, she managed to land a multiplier of over 2,000 x the original bet, enough to make any deal made on Black Friday quite obsolete in comparison. But that wasn't all. The player also managed to multiple big wins of 14,000, 12,000 and 10,000 on Wolf Gold. What a day!

This was just one month after a lucky player managed to land $93,000 in Wolf Gold, meaning that the big wins are more frequent than ever, right now at BitStarz! offers games of several different providers in a hybrid multi-currency environment and is one of the leading bitcoin casinos on the market, always on the front line of releasing new and exciting games. They're also top-ranked among over a thousand casinos on the world renowned casino review site AskGamblers.

The Marketing Manager of BitStarz, Srdjan Kapor commented, "It really feels like our slots have been extra generous as of late, and it was great to see the slots being extra generous on Black Friday. All I can say is, great timing, and I hope our big winner buys something nice for the money! ".


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13 comments on "$81,000 Black Friday win on FaFa Twins!"

 doubletop77728/11/2017 09:23:34 GMT
It's always nice to read about these people winning big for just a small outlay and it gives us all hope that one day, i might have a little bit of this luck and win something life changing
 DaCapo7128/11/2017 10:41:03 GMT
Yes there are a lot of interesting söot promos and everybody hopes for the jackpot Blink But perhaps we can read the news in the near future, that one of the mobsters have cracked the jackpot for a big big winning. Gl to all!
 waoz28/11/2017 11:10:47 GMT
hahahaha an excellent time ??? will we believe the manager ??? must go looking for the failure ... hahahaha congratulations to the winner who was at the precise moment of the system failure ..
 pajalnick28/11/2017 19:47:28 GMT
$ 81,000 as a win it's certainly great ... but maybe this is another advertising trick of this casino? ..... If it really happened and the win was received by a random player, then of course this is a great event for this player ... in Anyway, this announcement of a big win will attract players
 CALICUL28/11/2017 20:53:04 GMT
Slots offered by online casinos have a payout that sometimes reaches 97%. Another advantage in favor of online casinos is that the biggest jackpots can sometimes reach millions of euros, plus you can win a few hundred euros at any time. It is obvious that offline we will not benefit too often from such earnings.
 Gerimantas28/11/2017 21:34:27 GMT
Yes i too think it is nice to hear about people winning a lot of money and also do this by using small bankroll. So this is stpries that can start us to think that we can also do something like this and maybe become rich. 81,000 dollars is big money, of course not millions but still big amount
 Mober28/11/2017 21:56:21 GMT
You can tell that bitztarz has some high rollers, playing there, from their betting amounts.
If they are paying that much money so often, imagine how much they are making.
I believe, that casinos with cryptocoins, have the most income in the market
 Tony_MON7ANA30/11/2017 14:55:20 GMT
Huge congratulations to the lucky winner! A US$81,000 prize is pretty amazing. What an incredible return of her investment! What a pleasant surprise! It must have been exhilarating for her and her friends!
 Mober30/11/2017 22:50:14 GMT
Now that the bitcoin keeps rising, these casinos and all the rest of the platforms
running with bitcoins will become more popular.
10000 satoshi now is 1 USD .
If they have slots with jackpots, they must be the ones with the highest prize, out there now.
 godoy02/03/2018 03:58:56 GMT
This is a big premium pay house, and it's true, that's because I have to leave so many jakpotes so it's not mormal I'm not going to play after the money bitstarz
 LIKEIT2702/03/2018 10:01:01 GMT
Yea slots can pay for sure,....i am still waiting for 5 explorers in book off dead,..
4 is my best and 40 free spins in a row, my best,..
Remember slots can be cruel too.
I dont know iff u guys know Danger high voltage,..
i had 75 free spins u get 15 free spins it retriggers 4 times,..
And it only payed me 135 x Aww crap!
Maybe next week i will be trying out the jackpot slots,..
what a thrill that is when the jackpot is over a million,..
That would be soo insane,..ore a medium Jp for 20 k would be nice to Big Smile
Remember guys iff you play fun mode, always gives more then when u play for real money,..
Real money same slot is more variance,..just a reminder to all Blink
 godoy14/04/2018 16:01:37 GMT
yes pay and pay much more very well it does not have as bao to play because it is very fun and very lucrative if you are lucky and of course you already know and if luck is rich kkkk more if chance is poor little jkkkkkkkk
 Mober14/04/2018 16:10:48 GMT
" (perhaps she had saved some money fighting for that new Xbox at the local store)"
The last three wins are totaling 36000 USD.
Which means she won 45000 USD in the FAFA twins slot.
So, calculating the 2000X multiplier, it gives a 22.5 USD bet.

Saving money to buy an xbox huh?

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