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Couple of Gamblers Suddenly Pass Out and Got Robbed at Upstate NY Casino

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Posted on 30 November 2017 by "T".

On November 24, Friday, a couple from Western New York were gambling at the Seneca Niagara Casino when they suddenly passed out while they were playing at the slot machines, and the next thing they knew was that the man was robbed of his cash and casino winnings while he was unconscious.

According to police, the Barker couple and another woman went to the casino to gamble on the morning of Friday. The 65-year-old man had $200 cash and he won a pair of $30 redemption tickets while in the casino, which he placed everything in his pocket.

When he and his wife were at a slot machine, they both fell unconscious. They were taken to the Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center via ambulance, where they regained consciousness later.

The man reported to the police that his cash and redemption tickets were gone when he woke up and checked his pockets. They have no idea how and why he and his wife lost consciousness, which happened between 9am and 10am that day.

Is it possible that someone may have sprayed some form of chemical in there that rendered them unconscious, so that they can be robbed?

What do you think may have happened to them?



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10 comments on "Couple of Gamblers Suddenly Pass Out and Got Robbed at Upstate NY Casino"

 doubletop77730/11/2017 10:26:14 GMT
This sounds like a very far fetched story and i am sceptical about this. For the two of them to pass out is very strange and ,unless they find something in their system, i don't think i believe them
 DaCapo7130/11/2017 10:54:26 GMT
At first i thought they drunk ko beer or so on. But it was possible, that they breath a spray. But normally the have cameras in the casino and so they see which persons do that. I think there is a good chance to catch the robber.
 pochui30/11/2017 13:58:26 GMT
well yeah the fact that both of them passed out really can only mean that they both got the same treatment- whether by intent, with someone spraying some sh1t and robbing them, or by consuming some food/drink/anything else and someone just took advantage of situation.
 Manzanillo30/11/2017 15:18:12 GMT
The casino has recordings, whats the big deal, check the tapes.
 Gerimantas30/11/2017 19:55:01 GMT
Yes veey strange situation this is, I too think that two people cannot just pas out at the same time because bad health or just because one see other pass out, it must be something that they were using or like news say some chemicals used by bad people, and yes there are cameras in any casino so i think ee see some answers in shirt time
 CALICUL30/11/2017 21:12:15 GMT
Quite mysterious this case. Do not say anything about cameras in this Seneca Niagara casino. It's incredible what's going on in these casinos. 2017 it was a year of infecting robberies or trying to cheating. About the unconscious of these people i think they drank something there and the robber to put something in the beverage.
 Mober30/11/2017 22:35:23 GMT
Nothing natural about this. They were drugged somehow. Either some kind of spray,
or someone put something in their drinks. Almost like the lyrics of the song Smile
If they have camera footage they might find out what has really happened to them.
Old folks getting targeted again....
 Tony_MON7ANA05/12/2017 16:36:33 GMT
This is a weird incident. Isn't this casino situated in a good neighborhood? Maybe the couple ate contaminated seafood or something earlier? Or maybe they were unknowingly drinking beverages spiked with drugs?
 Gerimantas05/12/2017 19:17:22 GMT
Yes like mober and tony mon7ana say I too think most chance is that they drink something bad to health and then pass out and bad people steal their tickets and something else. So i think that after cameras show who steal then pokice can find him and he will say what he put in drink, of course if police find him
 godoy19/02/2018 01:00:41 GMT
what strange thing as this can happen more know la the casino will investigate and arrive at a plausible solution for the couple that what bad to lose until fainted kkkkk this and the cumulo of chance

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