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Posted on 19 January 2017 by "T".

Play table games at BitStarz Jan 20th - Jan 23rd and get 10% cashback without wagering on all losses on ANY table game in the casino!

All you need do is to opt in before 23:59 CET on Thursday January 19th, play any table games you like during the above period, and you'll get a cashback on Monday if you don't win. Enjoy!


1. Opt in via [email protected] or Live Chat
2. Deposit at least €50 or 50 mBTC
3. Play any table games during the promo period
4. Get 10% back on Monday if you didn't win

Good luck!


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 Gerimantas19/01/2017 16:25:58 GMT
It is a good promotion if they allow table games like roulette or blackjack since casino is only in front in these games by very luttle and with the 10% cashback you can hope to win some money. I have never played on Bitstarz so I have nothing to say about this software or promotions.
 Ingrind3319/01/2017 18:11:50 GMT
There are a lot of promotion offers at BitStarz, which is of course really good. But (and there is always a but), like any other casino and poker client, they offer the same deals now and then. So I would suggest bitstarz to improve their promotions, this would give them and edge.
Of course they have to make profit though, but it is always nice to lure in new people with ridiculous good offers. Good luck to anyone who is going to try!
 Mober19/01/2017 21:02:44 GMT
Nice promotion Smile Who is gonna take this one? It sounds like, lose your money
and we will give you back 10 %
Never liked this kind of promotions. Bonuses and free spins yes, but not this one.
How many 50's are they gonna get Smile
 pochui20/01/2017 10:15:00 GMT
lol good point MOber is making here- lose you last shirt and we will give back one button back to you... quite a safe promotion if it can be called promotion at all fro the company, they are giving something back to the public only and only if they get some money from them in the first place.
 dule-vu20/01/2017 11:45:28 GMT
this is nothing special!you lose 100 e to get 10 e,ha,ha!same as some other casino,who give 15 % back!its nice when casino like paddy power,give 15 % boost on winnings,so if you win 1000 e,they give 150 e more!so thats promotion,not money back on lose!
 Gerimantas20/01/2017 17:12:33 GMT
I read what other people wrote on this topic and I understand that many of you have a different opinion about this promotion but no one is playing to lose, you always play to win and if you are unlucky you can still get 10% if your money back, it's better than getting nothing i think.
 Robbo199021/01/2017 01:01:57 GMT
if you already play there regularly then like the mediocre stars promos it is great for you, but if they want to attract more volume/players then its nothing to get excited about.
 bowie198421/01/2017 01:45:58 GMT
I get it, I get it, but why are you yelling???
Anyway 10% cashback in any online casino is not something which would make my nerves move, make it fifty percent buddy and we'll talk.
 dule-vu21/01/2017 12:08:25 GMT
love this donks,who love to give tumb down,just because somebody is right!when promotion is stupid,its just stupid!and if you must count that if you lose 1000 e,to get 100 e,that you are in problem!its not like you will get 40 or 50 % and that will be good promotion!its better when you get boost on profit!
 pochui21/01/2017 12:49:23 GMT
well i must say that a lot wise words have been spread around in this thread and therefore i have to add that dude Gerimantas and bowie1984 have so much in depth knowledge about these promotions that they were able to add something into my tiny brain- yes indeed:
# 10% cashback is better than no cashback
# 50% cashback is better than 10% cashback, and no cashback.
 bowie198424/01/2017 14:33:14 GMT
Posted by pochui:
# 10% cashback is better than no cashback
# 50% cashback is better than 10% cashback, and no cashback.

Heres the truth. On paper this promo supposed to work for anybody, because most table games/slots etc. have RTP rates somewhere between 93-96% so if the house pays back 10% than in optimal conditions you should make some profit on this. But...
But they don't give back ten percent after all the money you wagered, they give back 10% after your net losses. Every cashback promo works like this, sounds and looks good until you have read the small print.
 Gerimantas24/01/2017 14:49:31 GMT
I agree to that 50% cashback is better than 10% cashback and no cashback at all Big Smile so has anyone take part in this promotion, I am at the moment having very little money to spend on poker or slots, but when I have more then i will try my luck.

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