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Gambler bet $35K on Roulette, won $1.2 Million in Uruguay Casino

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Posted on 20 January 2017 by "T".

In this story, the rich get even richer. A billionaire businessman from Brazil named Pedro Grendene Bartelle wagered in roulette almost a whopping $35,000 on number 32 at the casino of the Hotel Conrad located in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

That lone bet he made on the roulette has made him even richer after the spin when the ball landed on his chosen number, and he won $1,225,000! The lucky player celebrated his victory with his friends amidst dozens of spectators.

It happened on the eve of January 3, a couple of days after New Year; however, the story was just reported in the UK and EU media this past weekend, along with some misinformation being reported by the journalists regarding the incorrect amount of money won (due to some confusion on the conversion of Uruguayan pesos to euros to pounds, creating an over-exaggerated amount).

Albert Einstein once quoted, "No one can possibly win at roulette unless he steals money from the table while the croupier isn't looking." Well, in this case, Einstein's quote did not apply to this one.

In roulette, there are 36 numbers, including the zero and double zero on the board, and to hit the grand prize, Pedro had 1-in-38 chance.

Spectators recorded the video of the colossal bet and posted the footage on YouTube. Calmly sipping on a glass of red wine prior to the spin, Pedro looks anything but nervous as his stacked tower of chips on the number 32 solely stands on the roulette table. After his incredible win, Pedro and friends celebrated - much like a team of athletes after winning the World Cup.

Roulette, the Wheel of Fortune in Casinos

Roulette is a casino game commonly found inside casino gaming halls, which is undeniably a game reserved for those who are willing to face substantial risk head on. Of course, the higher your bet, the higher your possible rewards too.

The risk associated with playing roulette made it a favorite game amongst high-stakes gamblers. Its unofficial name is the "Devil's Wheel."

In roulette history, the most remarkable roulette play was perhaps by famous actor Sean Connery (a.k.a. James Bond himself). In the year 1963, Sean went to Italy and played at the Casino de la Vallee in Saint Vincent. He wagered on and won three times in a row with the number 17, making $27K in mere minutes. In today's calculation (with inflation factored in), that would be about $213K. Because of Sean's success, the number 17 has remained one of the most popular roulette straight number bets.

Already a Rich Man, by the Billions

Pedro Grendene Bartelle is actually the nephew of Alexandre Grendene Bartelle, and according to Forbes, he's a tycoon worth $2.1 billion. On the list of the world's richest people, Alexandre is ranked #1,121. The family made their fortune by selling affordable footwear.

Currently, the company of Grendene is renowned as the world's biggest sandal manufacturer. Pedro is continuing the family's legacy, albeit running his own business. He is the chairman and president of Vulcabras Azaleia, a Brazil-based footwear company that sells over half a billion dollars worth of shoes annually and employs 35,000 workers.



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18 comments on "Gambler bet $35K on Roulette, won $1.2 Million in Uruguay Casino"

 pochui20/01/2017 10:19:41 GMT
lucky pedro, now reading the last sentence that he is continuing his family’s legacy kinda makes the picture clearer- to rephrase this he was born in a shirt and is just spending millions that his family made, no problems here, he can do whatever he wants with his money, though this story is pr of massive scale, probably he made 100's of similar filmed bets before he finally landed one... just that were cut out of the picture to make pedro look cool.
 dule-vu20/01/2017 11:43:05 GMT
what a huge win,but with this kind of bet,its not much!who know how many same big bets he had in past,so maybe this isnt big win for him!but its very nice to win over million on one bet!I never like roulette much!
 Birmin20/01/2017 11:54:57 GMT
Now I will always betting on number 32!!!
(when I will lost all my money and my house i will post here)
 Calmplay20/01/2017 12:07:27 GMT
Since he's a billionaire then that $35,000 bet is like a $3.50 bet for us so I'm not really surprised by the man's amount he bet with surprised that he hit his number which is a big surprise I mean especially when you bet on only one number Shock
 Serpang20/01/2017 13:09:48 GMT
We just know he won million, but we never know if someone or he lost how much, lol.How many people rich from gambling ? I know so many people bankcrupt cause gambling. Anyway he in lucky moment just bet one number and hit it
 Birmin20/01/2017 13:37:11 GMT
I hope He will bet million on tudays match Bastia - Nice ON DRAW!
 pajalnick20/01/2017 13:52:03 GMT
there is a Russian proverb: "money to money" in translationit slightly so it sounds like the original but the meaning is the same ... that's another confirmation of this saying ... this is certainly possible to win this Pedro lost a lot more, but his have billions for it is no problem
 Gerimantas20/01/2017 17:21:30 GMT
Wow amazing amount of money to win on a roulette table and especially in one bet, in my country no one would allow bets of 35 thousand, we can bet 1 thousand at most, so no chance of me repeating this mans success. Really big money, over 1 million in one spin wow amazing.
 Mober20/01/2017 21:23:52 GMT
Gambler indeed, from the ones that dont care at all for that amount of money.
It wouldnt be s surprise if that bet wasnt his first one, or that he wont give it all back to the casino at some point Smile
Ant we are getting mad for a few euro bets Smile
 bowie198421/01/2017 01:40:07 GMT
Yeah, nobody mentions how much money he potentially lost previously by doing the same thing at random in different venues. By the way why would you gamble at all if you are already a billionaire? Makes no sense, boredom could be cured in so many better ways.
 doubletop77721/01/2017 09:17:12 GMT
The old saying, money makes money, definitely applies here. This has got to be one of the stupidest, and luckiest, bets i have seen. I think the Casino would take this bet every time because it would very rarely pay
 Birmin21/01/2017 10:55:09 GMT
I hope he reed my post and bet on draw)))
 dule-vu21/01/2017 12:00:35 GMT
this is only record for that casino and not for that player!if he can bet 35000 $ per spin,that says all!so this million isnt something special for him!its good to win,but when you lost few bets like this,you can just back money with 1,2 $!
 pochui21/01/2017 12:40:07 GMT
well the answer to the question "why would a billionaire do such a thing?" is a good one and the only few answers that spring into my mind are: hew was high, he was drunk, combination of high and drunk, he lacked interest from the public towards his humble persona, or as i mentioned considering that he basically inherited his business, he's just used to this lifestyle, just wasn't posting previously
 Tony_MON7ANA21/01/2017 21:11:26 GMT
Well, congratulations, but for a super-rich businessman like Pedro, $1.2 million will be a trivial amount of money. I am sure he got hell of a lot of attention from other gamblers and employees in the casino.
 bowie198422/01/2017 02:21:30 GMT
Posted by pochui:
... as i mentioned considering that he basically inherited his business, he's just used to this lifestyle, just wasn't posting previously

Then just keep sleeping with 10/10 instagram bitches on your yacht in the french riviera - that probably gives the same amount of satisfaction and adrenalin yet does not cost nearly as much as going from casino to casino out of boredom.
 TheMachineQC23/01/2017 18:41:30 GMT
hahahaha, I'm sure the owners of the casino must have been checking the security cameras at that moment and be like what?! This guy is richer than us and he comes to luckbox away our money? Big Smile

Of course 1.2 millions is nothing to the guy and we don't know how much he lost before he won that amount but still, to bet 35k$ on one number at roulette you have to be a little bit crazy, billionaire or not they know it's the price of a brand new car they could give to someone they love...

Funny story tho Smile
 IndianAce115/02/2017 11:07:56 GMT
For every one guy like this there will be 2.9 million who walk out a loser. The casino always wins. It's a hugely profitable business not a game or charity. People lose everything including family and house over their addiction to gambling.This guy, Pedro Grendene Bartelle has more money than sense! Don't care that he was a winner, just a stupid move on his part.

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