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Galveston Casino Cruise Ship Crashes Two Weeks after Grand Opening

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Posted on 19 April 2017 by "T".

A casino cruise ship suffered damages after a minor crash in Galveston at about 11:30pm last Saturday, April 15, causing it to cancel its Sunday cruise.

Less than two weeks after its grand opening, the newly opened Jacks or Better Casino cruise ship located in Galveston Bay unfortunately hit a hidden buoy at the jetty close to North Holiday Drive.

Approximately 100 customers were on the ship, but nobody was injured.

The casino wrote on its Facebook page, "We are working hand and hand with the coast guard to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible. The safety of our customers and staff is our number one priority. The incident is under investigation, so to state that is was due to the captain on duty falling asleep at the wheel is speculation."

Even if the crash garnered a lot of attention, Jacks or Better (JOB) Casino wrote that the damage is quite minimal, which included a 5-foot starboard gash that was merely cosmetic and thus will not require any dry-docking to repair.

Even though Las Vegas gambling is prohibited in Texas, each and every Jacks or Better cruise trip heads out 9 miles to federal waters where floating casinos are deemed legal.

The company, in a later statement, said that this isn't the first time that a ship has crashed into that specific buoy, which was concealed by lights illuminating a blind spot, a disabled ship and another buoy marker.

Customers were quick to defend the ship's reputation on social media. "I wish people wouldn't bash something new, "said one lady, adding that she "had a blast" when she went. She hoped that the casino cruise would be back in action very soon. Another wrote on their Facebook page, "Hopefully it will be back in action sooner than later. It's a super fun boat."

Accident damages Galveston casino cruise ship


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9 comments on "Galveston Casino Cruise Ship Crashes Two Weeks after Grand Opening"

 doubletop77719/04/2017 09:08:15 GMT
I am very glad to read that there was no-one hurt in this crash and all people on board are safe. It must have been a terrifying experience for those people and i hope that they are not too traumatised by the whole thing
 dule-vu19/04/2017 12:04:44 GMT
this happen on my birthday,15.4. Big Smile !Its important that nobody have any injury,but now all of this people can sue them for anything and they should take money for at least "fear"!I love nam of company,jacks or better,because I love to play this video poker on casino sites!
 pothead201219/04/2017 12:04:55 GMT
Nothing happened a Boat hit a rock and now it needs some minor repairs don't know what's the News here i bet something similar happens every day somewhere in the world where the damages are much higher
 pochui19/04/2017 15:00:00 GMT
lol hats and a shaved a55 off to those inventive businessman who fcuked politicians inside out by bypassing gambling restrictions in texas by simply building a cruise ship (or put it simply a floating casino) and sailed away to neutral waters to go beyond the reach of any greedy politician... fantastic.
 pajalnick19/04/2017 18:46:07 GMT
An interesting story ... a grand opening and in just two weeks such an unpleasant story ... it seems to me that some people who were going to go on a cruise on this ship will change their plans .... although the accident was clearly accidental and for panic, there are no reasons but superstition Players have developed and everything can be
 Mober19/04/2017 19:49:44 GMT
And here is a fine example on how you bypass the laws, when you have the means
and of course the money.
You open the casino when the ship is in international waters... Smile
And then its all legal again.
 bowie198420/04/2017 01:16:15 GMT
Posted by pochui:
... by simply building a cruise ship (or put it simply a floating casino) and sailed away to neutral waters to go beyond the reach of any greedy politician... fantastic.

Yeah, but out of federal jurisdiction means you literally have no option for an office or any law-enforcer agency to come and help you out if these floating casino people fcuked you in some way or another. Nobody will help you out there, and you could complain about your situation to no one.
 xpok3rkingx15/05/2017 06:19:07 GMT
a casino on a boat ???that's souns sick....but what about pirates ?that boat is prob heavily armed I'm surprised they wouldn't get robbed lol
 Mober15/05/2017 18:58:08 GMT
Pirates at their cruising waters? Smile Nah they are safe there.
And i bet they are cruising just on top of the border line, so if anything goes wrong,
to be able and call for help from usa.
But it wouldnt be a surprise if they have some weapons on board as you are saying Smile

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