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Man wins 18,000 jackpot on UK slot machine

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Posted on 15 May 2017 by "T".

A man got lucky while playing on his favorite slot machine at a casino in England, winning a jackpot prize of over £18,000. Christopher Holder, age 48, resident of Cumbria, is elated and still astonished at his awesome luck when he played the Cleopatra slot machine at the Grosvenor Casino located in Blackpool, Lancashire, England.

General Manager of the casino Murray Pauline said, "We're thrilled to have a jackpot winner. It's great to see people enjoying our gaming area and having a big win like this creates a really exciting buzz around the new additions to the casino."

The most recent change made in UK casino legislation allows a progressive linked jackpot for slot machines inside the same casino area to a maximum prize of £20,000 - which is definitely good news for gamblers who love to play on slots.

When asked what he is going to do with the prize, Mr. Holder said that he's now planning to enjoy his £18,231 prize by going on a Las Vegas trip with his wife as a way to celebrate their upcoming anniversary.

He said, "It's unbelievable, I never thought that this would happen. My wife and I are planning a trip to Vegas in 2019, I turn 50, she turns 60, and we have a big anniversary coming up. This will definitely help pay for that. We should also be able to pay off some of the mortgage, and still have some left to enjoy."



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5 comments on "Man wins 18,000 jackpot on UK slot machine"

 doubletop77715/05/2017 07:40:15 GMT
What a great story and it's always nice to read about someone winning big. I can only imagine the feeling when he realised that he hit the Jackpot and won nearly twenty thousand pounds
 Calmplay15/05/2017 08:23:58 GMT
I'm surprised that the casino did not find an excuse for not to pay the lucky winner as that's I'm reading those days about those jackpots, casinos and winners...
 dule-vu15/05/2017 13:45:22 GMT
its always nice to read about player who have great win at casino,especially jackpot on slots!I am always glad when somebody take big amounts from casino and to that people just lose money!ofcourse lot of people lost money,so that this player win,but at least somebody collect huge amount!
 pochui15/05/2017 18:37:25 GMT
ok so this is a little bit more like a jackpot... 18.000 pounds, not a life changing amount still, but way better than the previously publicized (in some other thread) 1000 dollaros jackpot. big congratulations to the Man,
 Mober15/05/2017 18:45:13 GMT
I dont see why this even news. Winning such an amount in a jackpot?
There are players winning that much from slots with normal play, from time to time.

And what a silly law with that maximum at 20k The only thing that happens is it hits more often.
But many casinos have linked slots with different amount of max jackpots, so this was a big fail.

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