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Newest floating casino in Goa runs aground Miramar beach

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Posted on 19 July 2017 by "T".

Already considered a very controversial item when it comes to Indian politics, the floating casino MV Lucky 7 has unfortunately run aground on the Mandovi river located in the Indian state of Goa.

On Sunday eve, the MV Lucky 7 casino cruise ship got stuck on a sandbar near Miramar beach while it was being towed from Mormugao harbor to its assigned anchoring spot on the Mandovi river.

The MV Lucky 7 has just been launched on the weekend right after the ship's owner Golden Globe Hotels Pvt Ltd received the go signal from the High Court of Bombay to set sail last week.

The Indian Coast Guard was called to airlift four of the ship's 19 crew members, one was reportedly injured while three were described to be suffering from extreme seasickness. The ship isn't taking any passengers onboard yet until it reached its final mooring spot.

Given the impending local monsoon season in the area, many believe that the time of the launching of the MV Lucky 7 was ill-advised. After the ship has run aground, a local said that the ship's crew had made unnecessary high risks because during monsoon season, the Aguada sandbar area is routinely closed off for navigation.

A spokesperson for the opposition AAP Goa party said the government was to blame for the ship running aground, having "overruled" the Captain of Ports' advice about the bad weather. The spokesperson even alleged that this decision of the government was a blatant result of "huge kickbacks" from the gaming stakeholders, and claimed the government "must shoulder the entire blame" for any potential damages to the environment resulting from the incident.

The MV Lucky 7's launch officially makes it the 6th ship among Goa's floating casinos, even though its license approval was resolutely opposed by local anti-gambling groups and opposition parties.

The government is trying to find the casinos a permanent home other than the Mandovi river, but no such luck yet. Recently, the government has extended the deadline for relocating the ships to September 30. Last week, the state of Goa's Town and Country Planning Minister suggested making the ‘offshore' casinos onshore, where an estimated 10 gaming spots are already plying their trade.



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9 comments on "Newest floating casino in Goa runs aground Miramar beach"

 doubletop77719/07/2017 10:53:29 GMT
I would love to spend some time on one of these boats and i think they are a great idea. It brings back memories of old films you used to watch, with old river boats floating down the Mississippi
 damosk19/07/2017 15:33:35 GMT
That puts a different slant to 'on the rocks'. Sounds cool though...a casino ship floating (generally) off the shores of Goa. Lovely temperatures and no doubt lovely guys and gals doing the business at the dealers decks and making this experience a truly wonderful one.... apart from when the ship runs aground of course!
 Mober19/07/2017 22:26:33 GMT
The good thing is that no one was badly injured from that incident.
Now who is to blame and why...
Obviously some did a bad job there, with wrong decisions.
Being in a river though makes it easier, coming against bad weather often.
 Tony_MON7ANA20/07/2017 14:41:26 GMT
This would be an absolutely fantastic trip!
The problem is that a natural redhead like myself tends to be highly susceptible to sunburn. I am no exception. I have to stay out of the midday sun as much as I can. Well, I still can watch the breathtaking night sky!
 pochui20/07/2017 17:43:22 GMT
funny thing those floating casinos are... once it becomes illegal it just sails away... to another place where it is legal and same dudes are just informed about relocation and can safely continue to lose their cash at rigged games.
 DaCapo7121/07/2017 09:31:11 GMT
That sounds interesting and to play on a casino boat was a nice idea. But it must be legal to have with them, because i will not win the prison jackpot in india Big Smile But perhaps they have a good poker scene in his prisons their... Blink
 CALICUL24/07/2017 21:13:14 GMT
This floating casino is a bad ideea.
Ugly on their part

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