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144,000 Free Spins up for grabs monthly in BitStarz’s new Slot Battles!

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Posted on 07 August 2017 by "T".

BitStarz - the home of thrilling casino tournaments just launched Slot Battles with 48 battle rounds being played every day!

If you're familiar with BitStarz, we're sure you've noticed they love tournaments. I mean, they already have immensely popular ones such as Extra Wars, Slot Wars and Table Wars. Don't let the names fool you though, you don't really have to fight that hard for rewards as BitStarz are extremely keen on rewarding their players with various bonuses!

If a "War" is too long for you, perhaps a battle suits your needs better as a new round starts every 30 minutes. 100 free spins are up for grabs each time, which means 4800 free spins are up for grabs - every day!

Instead of having to have the highest turnover as in the other tournaments at BitStarz, here you'll get points for getting a multiplier, and the player with the highest number of points at the end of the game round, wins. This means you don't need a massive bankroll in order to grab a nice win!

This means that everyone has a fighting chance in each battle and players won't be in a David vs. Goliath situation. Size doesn't matter in this tournament, it's all about guts and glory (and free spins of course).

Bitstarz offers games of several different providers in a hybrid multi-currency environment and is one of the leading bitcoin casinos on the market, always on the front line of releasing new and exciting games. They're also top-ranked among over a thousand casinos on the world renowned casino review site AskGamblers.

The Marketing Manager of BitStarz, Srdjan Kapor commented, "Players love the variety of tournaments we have, and I'm so glad to be able to launch a concept where every player has a fighting chance, big or small. I sincerely hope and believe that Slot Battles will be a winning concept!"

Join BitStarz and get 20 Free Spins! No deposit required!



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11 comments on "144,000 Free Spins up for grabs monthly in BitStarz’s new Slot Battles!"

 pochui07/08/2017 17:02:53 GMT
well have to admit that this is quite an interesting promotion and of course the total amount of free spins that are allocated for the promotion period is mind boggling... not every day you can witness 144,000 free spins are being handed away
 CALICUL07/08/2017 18:20:50 GMT
These free spins are for all players in every months up to BitStarz decides to stop this promotion. If everything is okay and players will earn some money then it's even better. I say this because there will not be many who will enjoy the money you earn easily. The most important thing is to win the house and then players in the second plan.
 av196607/08/2017 18:44:24 GMT
Hello my friends and fellow mobsters

Well that`s a sweet promo for the mobsters that rule at the casino games but not for me SLOTS ARE NOT MY CUP OF TEA WHEN IT SOMES TO CASINO GAMES
But still looks like a sweet promo Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up there is a question about this site they run on bitsoind don`t they?

Stay cool and enjoy yourself
 Mober07/08/2017 19:44:14 GMT
A big amount of free spins in this promotion.
But still is one that you need to wager. Better conditions from other competitions but still Smile

Quite popular this casino, and we have heard of a couple of big wins there lately.
 Gerimantas07/08/2017 20:03:27 GMT
Wow 144000 free spins! Now this is some crazy amount of free spins, and I think for everyone who likes to play slots will be very happy to use this promotion. Me personally is not the biggest slots fan so I think this promotion is not very interesting to me, but good luck to all who will try their luck
 doubletop77708/08/2017 08:27:00 GMT
the slots revolution doesn't look like it is going to slow down anytime soon and he just seems to be going from strength to strength. Good luck to all my fellow mobsters' playing
 pajalnick08/08/2017 14:26:27 GMT
This is certainly a very large number of free spins !!!! ..... probably those who play in this casino will be very pleased with this wonderful action !!! ..... I registered in this casino but the bonus rounds I did not get Went .... and those who play there of course of course very cool
 DaCapo7109/08/2017 10:19:29 GMT
This slots battles sounds nice and they offer a lot of free sprins. Perhaps i try some games there. I´m not real a slot fan, but this promo sounds interesting and perhaps it was a good chance to win some extra cash at the slots.
 bowie198404/09/2017 00:06:07 GMT
Posted by pochui:
well have to admit that this is quite an interesting promotion ...

They had my attention for sure until I noticed that the title have the word 'slots' with an 'O' instead of 'U'... My interest dropped within seconds if I can recall.
 DaCapo7104/09/2017 10:19:09 GMT
Nice promo wor gambling fans, thw Slot Battles are ofering a lot of free spins. For me it was not so interesting, because i´m not really a slot game fan. But gl for all mobsters to participate in this promo Thumbs Up

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