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Holland Casino Completely Wiped Out By Huge Fire

Tags: fire, Groningen, Holland Casino.
Posted on 01 September 2017 by "T".

Holland Casino in Groningen has been completely destroyed due to a huge fire that swallowed up building around 7am on August 27 Sunday. The massive fire raged on for most of the day and firefighters were able to get it under control around 3:30pm. Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured, but millions worth of Euros of damage was done.

Local residents living in the streets surrounding the casino were evacuated as about 150 firemen tried to control the raging inferno and were successful come that afternoon on Sunday.

On August 29 Tuesday, as officials were examining the place that was not too far from the city central, they found asbestos amongst the rubble. This discovery resulted to several residents (who had been temporarily moved to a hotel in the city) not being allowed to return to their homes.

According to Mayor Peter de Oudsten, about 30 individuals were informed of the asbestos hazard, but he himself did not believe it poses a serious health risk. The mayor's spokesperson said, "The residents were allowed home, but it was up to them to judge if they wanted to. There were people who preferred to stay in the hotel. Some [homes] may also have smoke damage."

The company assigned to remove the asbestos said they "could not rule out" the possibility that particles of asbestos, a carcinogenic substance, has been spread by the smoke during the fire.

Chairman of the Holland Casino board Erwin van Laambart was unable to tell the local reporters exactly how much cash and chips held in the casino's safes that also perished in the flames. He only said that since Saturday evenings are the peak periods of the casino, then it is most likely a substantial amount.

The cause of the fire is still unknown
Van Laambart is "terribly shocked" and is saddened at the fate of around 200 employees of the Holland Casino in Groningen. He said, "This is a black page in Holland Casino's history." He is unable to say when the Groningen branch shall re-open. He said the board is trying to quickly find another, either temporary or permanent, venue in the city.

On August 29, written on the casino's online website, "Unfortunately, we have lost our building. Our initial concerns are for the well-being and safety of our staff, guests and the local residents."

Quoting van Lambaart on the website, "We feel at home in this city. Our short-term plan is to find alternative (temporary) premises in Groningen for our casino, our people and our guests. We will of course keep you informed about the developments."

Supposedly there should be a poker tournament that was scheduled on August 29 Tuesday at the casino venue; however, it has now been moved to Holland Casino Leeuwarden, about 40 miles away.

Holland Casino manages all of the country's 13 casinos as a state monopoly; however, gambling reforms approved in the Dutch lower chamber last February would privatize the chain, selling off at least ten of the casinos to private investors.

It remains unknown whether Holland Casino Groningen had been marked for privatization.

Source: http://intergameonline.com/casino/news/19055/blaze-destroys-dutch-casino-


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13 comments for "Holland Casino Completely Wiped Out By Huge Fire"

 doubletop77701/09/2017 08:32:27 GMT
It is not far off a miracle that nobody was seriously hurt and we can be truly thankful for that. This looked like a nice casino and it really is a shame that thus building has been destroyed
 CALICUL01/09/2017 10:22:24 GMT
Perhaps this casino has hidden the sins and the gods have punished him. Cool It is a bad thing for a building to fire and asbestos is very dangerous but I do not understand one thing. This casino has 200 employees. Even failed to stop at least that fire. What kind of substances exist in that casino by failing to quickly quench the fire. More certainly it was a criminal hand and they were taken by surprise.
 dule-vu01/09/2017 13:24:08 GMT
its stange that they still didnt find cause of this fire and what happend with casino!is it human mistake or some installations!so now 200 people will not have job,till they find new place for casino!most important that nobody is hurth!
 Mober01/09/2017 18:39:24 GMT
Black page indeed. Couldnt be more black.
The good is that no one died.
If they were properly insured they will manage somehow, but the question also is,
how much cash they had in.
Lets hope that asbestos particles, werent spread with the smoke.
 av196601/09/2017 19:03:19 GMT
Hello my friends
Wow mobsters in this bad event there is one positive side no one died ans that a plus on such big fire Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
Those kind of events always live behind same sad stories and consequencies like for the workers that saw their jobs gone
In this case once wasn`t the client that got burned Big Smile Big Smile
 bowie198402/09/2017 00:08:24 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
Perhaps this casino has hidden the sins and the gods have punished him. Cool

Perhaps they just had one 'really not happy' customer with some gasoline and matchstick. Pretty sure the computers with the security footages were burned/melted as well.
 pajalnick02/09/2017 08:04:43 GMT
of course, any tragedy is sad ... but in this case all people were alive and only material damage was caused .... but I think it will not be a critical blow to this casino ..... it will take a little time and they will build a new casino and spinning top again .... such cases
 Tony_MON7ANA02/09/2017 14:58:39 GMT
Everyone in the casino must have been terrified. It is a relief to know that no one was seriously injured in the fire that completely destroyed the casino. Upon further investigation the authorities will find out the fire's origin and cause soon.
 Gerimantas02/09/2017 18:11:42 GMT
Wow big fire, this is not a situation you can see every day, to destroy all casino in a fire is not easy, most times there is some damage, something is burning and of course some loss of money because of fire, but not all casino like in this situation
 Mober02/09/2017 18:56:02 GMT
There are many photos allready of the incident, including videos.
It wasnt looking it will be that bad, from a couple of videos, but the article says it got
completely destroyed.
So they must have lost control some how.
In one fo the videos its just a part of a wall thats on fire..
 pajalnick03/09/2017 08:34:53 GMT
Posted by Mober:
There are many photos allready of the incident, including videos.
It wasnt looking it will be that bad, from a couple of videos, but the article says it got
completely destroyed.
So they must have lost control some how.
In one fo the videos its just a part of a wall thats on fire..

maybe in this case to someone it was beneficial that the casino was destroyed? .... or fraud with insurance, or this fire was made in order to hide some traces of crime or deception .... Perhaps we will never know this because everyone has arranged a version about accidental fire
 pochui03/09/2017 13:15:44 GMT
wow now that's what I call a fire- to destroy a building completely it really takes some flames and probably it was the case of some materials used in the building process or decoration that were over flammable which cause the fire to spread wildly, just my guess though
 dule-vu03/09/2017 15:06:55 GMT
it would be nice to hear some fresh news about this incident and how this fire started!reason can be anything,so police should already have some conclusions!any like somebody said,you cant exclude even insurance fraud!

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