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Book of Fortune leads player to 19.2 BTC ($279,000) win at BitStarz!

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Posted on 12 January 2018 by "T".

BitStarz has a reputation for dishing out big jackpots. Plenty of top prizes fell during 2017, with many players waiting in the wings to catch the cash. Keeping the momentum rolling into 2018, another big win has been announced, as Book of Fortune - the popular Amatic slot - has recently paid out 19.2 BTC ($279,000 approx).

Amatic isn't afraid to present players with a healthy challenge that's for sure, with Book of Fortune being absolutely no exception. Set amidst a mystical realm of castles, wizards, and witches, this game rewards players with magic spells and wondrous bonus features. Through a variety of betting levels, this high volatility game kicks up the level of adventure, with it certainly not afraid to put a bumper prize on the line.

You only need to take a single look at the paytable to see the powerful prizes that Book of Fortune has in store. That being said, one player seems to have cast quite the spell over this Amatic game, having been able to scoop a jaw-dropping payout that will certainly have fellow players talking. Through a single spin, with a 1,000x multiplier in tow, the player from Russia walked away with 19.2 BTC, which equals around $279,000.

Speaking on the bumper win, Srdjan Kapor (BitStarz Marketing Manager) said,

"BitStarz has always been proud to host the best games that Amatic has to offer, with Book of Fortune certainly being one of the biggest. We were delighted to hear that a player from Russia was able to spin its reels and win a magical 19.2 BTC prize. Equaling around $300,000, this win really does represent the perfect way to ring in the New Year if you ask us."


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22 comments on "Book of Fortune leads player to 19.2 BTC ($279,000) win at BitStarz!"

 Fakiry12/01/2018 13:12:22 GMT
We know he won this huge prize with a single spin, but it doesn't says what was the cost of each spin the way he was playing. This said, the prizes and the bonuses must be really good and bigger than what we are used to find on online casinos. Can a free spin give a prize like this or the algorithms are different either if we play for free or with cash? Once i was able to transform some free spins into bonus money and acomplish the requirements to withdraw, at that time (five or six years ago) a bit more than 100 euros. Of course i had to make a deposit, which i used to play some rounds, in order to withdraw, but still it was worth it.
 CALICUL12/01/2018 19:13:08 GMT
I read about this casino and two interesting prizes in their slot games. These people want to enter the market and make good profit. For this they need this advertising. When they have more players to make a profit, i think they will not have such big prizes. It remains to be seen what earnings they will offer in 2018.
 doubletop77713/01/2018 07:59:02 GMT
I cant really imagine the feeling of winning such an amount but we all live in hope of doing so. I hope this guy enjoys his winnings and doesn't lose it all back by being greedy
 Mober13/01/2018 10:26:06 GMT
And i was saying in the thread with the new slots that came out, that bitstarz has free spins,
try to play there cause they have many big winners. And now this Smile
Of course we are talking a a high stakes gambler here.
Since the win was 1000x with winnings of 19.2 btc, each bet was 0.0192 btc.
With today's price it equals 271 USD per spin Smile
 pochui14/01/2018 09:59:56 GMT
well I see another big win at bitstarz casino, kinda too often I read news like this coming from this specific casino and this makes me feel that the poor casino is running not a very profitable business there... poor souls are giving money right from their own pockets to the players all around the world...
 Mober14/01/2018 10:34:36 GMT
We see that they are paying often there big amounts, but probably they are getting
more profits than the other casinos.
With the crypto coins frenzy lately, too many have acquired some.
And it is easier playing big bets with it, without noticing Smile

 dule-vu14/01/2018 14:02:12 GMT
yeah,again bitstarz and again big win for "some" player!its even not fun anymore to read this kind of things and its stupid how just there people get big amounts or jackpots!on last news I think we had player who made first deposit at casino site and it was big score right away!yeah right!
 kaisaoussen14/01/2018 14:23:55 GMT
What's a lucky guy he hit all that money we all wish a day like this in which we receive a lot of money only with a click. What would he do with all that money spending it on casino again or making some business maybe buy-in a house?
 bons14/01/2018 15:00:06 GMT
razvod 100%
 CALICUL14/01/2018 19:48:03 GMT
Some people want to earn a few hundred dollars or thousands of dollars and another lucky person win 279.000 dollars. If i would win this amount of money until i spend all the money for my normal life
i do not play at the live or online casino. So the winner must do the same to spend the money for his normal life.
 Samarietis15/01/2018 08:25:54 GMT
When we talk about slots all i want to say is - "Easy comes easy goes !" As most of the big wins still goes back to the casinos , as people never haves enough !
 dule-vu15/01/2018 14:20:24 GMT
I am sure that in month or two,we will again have news from this casino and that somebody won again jackpot or something like that!but they must sing up new young players,who will spend money on their site and this is best promotion for 18 years old players!
 CALICUL15/01/2018 19:25:02 GMT
If it is so good this casino, should buy the license in my country maybe i will have luck to win at the casino. They offer beautiful prizes and it is very good. I do not know what market segment they have but i think a very good one. Good luck for all casino players for win a lot of money. Thumbs Up
 LIKEIT2716/01/2018 10:35:20 GMT
They always talk,...what did i won..but in reallity they spend most off the time more cash then they win,..but i bellieve he madesome profit with this win Big Smile ..
Imagine to win a online huge jackpot,..
Like the mooley ore some major one..
 dule-vu16/01/2018 15:29:59 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
If it is so good this casino, should buy the license in my country maybe i will have luck to win at the casino. They offer beautiful prizes and it is very good. I do not know what market segment they have but i think a very good one. Good luck for all casino players for win a lot of money. Thumbs Up

you want from them to buy licence for you country,but you already sayed that you dont like to play casino games at all and that you dont know how to play it!so just wondering what a hell would you have from that and why you just write anything in post to collect points?
 Mober17/01/2018 07:30:50 GMT
There is no doubt that online casinos like bitstarz who operates with cryptocoins,
must be winning huge. And they have to return money to the players.
The more players you have the more they play, it is easier to win big time.
But you never know if their win is a profit or not. That another story.
Advertisement gimmick? Maybe who knows....
 godoy11/02/2018 16:00:12 GMT
particularly I love these casino games because I make a lot of money with them always game and most of the time I go out with good money of them I hope this is also so play
Book of Fortune and power to win btc will be a maxino
 pajalnick12/02/2018 08:55:29 GMT
I hope that the player who won this huge amount in time managed to convert the bitcoins into real currency .... if he decided to pause the game, then his winnings have greatly decreased and it's certainly sad ..... with bitcoins you need to be very careful ... unreliable storage
 Mober12/02/2018 11:26:38 GMT
You are right pajalnick. If we take in mind that the win happened on
12th of january then the bitcoin had more than 13500 USD.
It was rolling down at the moment.
Good thing is that for the last few days it keep the price above 8000.
It may even hit 9000 again today Smile
 CALICUL12/02/2018 13:17:31 GMT
dule-vu why you write comments after comments in threads? you yourself write a comment and after that you answer yourself? for points? from what i noticed you are one who searches for points in every day. You really do not feel? you accuse me of something when you are actually one that does these things. keep your opinions for you .because you do this just like many here.
 bowie198413/02/2018 02:25:03 GMT
Posted by Samarietis:
When we talk about slots all i want to say is - "Easy comes easy goes !" As most of the big wins still goes back to the casinos , as people never haves enough !

I hope not. One would think if somebody could hit a six or even seven figure jackpot they would give up the slots altogether because how could they even top that later? At least I think i would give up gambling after a payout like above...
 Mober13/02/2018 12:06:00 GMT
If you are a low level player and you hit a win like that, it is not easy to "return" the money
again. I agree. But it is not easy for some to give up playing.

It is more than enough to keep their habits going on.
They will have some bad days, but some good too, so it can last forever.
If though you are a big spender, one such win may not cover your previous losses

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