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BitStarz player grabs a 19.995 BTC win on Greedy Goblin!

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Posted on 12 April 2018 by "T".

It's common knowledge that BitStarz plays host to some of the biggest slot games around, but that's certainly not all that's helping this casino make huge waves. The big wins just keep falling, as the action is roaring at the world's leading cryptocurrency casino.

Taking the "Dream Big, Win Bigger" motto of BitStarz to heart, one player has managed to scoop a jaw-dropping 19.995 BTC on bumper-Betsoft game Greedy Goblins!

Betsoft has become a mainstay at BitStarz, as this is a game provider that certainly knows how to create exciting real money slots. Throughout 2017, Betsoft games packed plenty of prize punch, with this only continuing in 2018 if this latest win is anything to go by. Transporting players into a world of magic, trolls, and all things green, Greedy Goblins has certainly caught the attention of players since it went live. Showing that this "greedy" game does have a generous side; one lucky player has been able to sweep a massive prize by spinning its gloriously green reels. The BitStarz member in question pocketed a cool 19.995 BTC - which equals more than $140,000!

The magic certainly comes alive in Greedy Goblins, but if these mysterious looking trolls aren't for you, don't worry, as BitStarz has plenty more to offer. Recently named Best Casino of 2017 at the prestigious AskGamblers Awards, BitStarz has edged ahead of the competition thanks to its personal live chat support, booming bonuses, and stellar game selection. Giving all members plenty to play for, it isn't a surprise to see BitStarz being lauded by critics around the world.

Speaking on the latest big BTC win at BitStarz, Srdjan Kapor (BitStarz Marketing Manager) said,

"The party just keeps going at BitStarz. Last week we found ourselves celebrating another big win for one of our players, now before we can even catch our breath we have another one to celebrate. The lucky player was able to win 19.995 BTC, which is worth around $140,000, playing the popular game Greedy Goblins. On behalf of the entire BitStarz team, I would like to say congratulations to the winning player"

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20 comments on "BitStarz player grabs a 19.995 BTC win on Greedy Goblin!"

 CALICUL12/04/2018 16:10:29 GMT
It seems at a few months a player manages to win an important prize at BitStarz. I do not know what is the rule in these casinos with great prizes but if i were a casino owner give 14 prizes to 14 players with 10.000 dollars. In this way players would play more often and it's okay for all customers. To win more players is acceptable.
 Mober12/04/2018 16:38:56 GMT
I had to read the article real fast to see what really is going on.
First i thought it was 19k BTC which is a jaw dropping amount tow win,
even with today's price.
Nothing close to 19 BTC and about 140k USD Smile but still a big win, for the lucky player.
 pajalnick12/04/2018 19:02:57 GMT
19 ... some 20 beatcoins are certainly big money and of course the person who won this prize was incredibly happy as it seems to me .... but he certainly was very risky losing big money ... so he deserved this prize ... haha .. I also thought at first that the gambit was 19995 bitcoins and I was in shock
 pochui12/04/2018 19:26:12 GMT
yeah like dude above me said accidentally or not- bitcoin does indeed looks like a beat-coin nowadays. nice win of about 140k of real money for the lucky dude, would be jumping up and down for a couple of hours if I win something like that
 bowie198412/04/2018 20:37:33 GMT
I bet he would be much-much happier if this would have happened a month ago instead now when his bitcoins are worth half than that or even less. But I cannot fault this guy, when it's not volatile enough to mine them he is trying to get some in other ways possible.
 Sandmanilo12/04/2018 23:26:47 GMT
Yeah I've also read this number as 19000 firstly, which would stand for 140 millions Smile But still a very nice sum, congratulations to this player. I'm glad that this jackpot has been won in one of the games of my favourite slot provider, Betsoft.
 godoy13/04/2018 04:27:28 GMT
yes this brand of casino and electronic games give what to talk always are giving a lot of absurd prizes and is almost inreal more exi yes these prizes emormes I always thought it was a lie but not that ro to gain tbm kkkkk
 doubletop77713/04/2018 07:47:43 GMT
It's always nice to see people actually win on these sites and it gives hope to all of us. I can only imagine the feeling this guy had when he realised the amount he had won
 dule-vu13/04/2018 08:21:34 GMT
I dont believe anymore at this bitstarz news,because every month or two we have some news from them that somebody won huge jackpot or something like that at their site!so ofcourse its strange!so this must be some advertisment!
 3pokeronly13/04/2018 09:31:59 GMT
Re pochui comment above, for 140k you can hire some young ladies to jump up and down for you.

3p out
 Gerimantas13/04/2018 10:35:14 GMT
Yes this is a very big win to make fron online slot game. 140000 of dollars is money thst you can use to buy some real estate liie house in country with many land... some travel and maybe a new car and all this because you are lucky at one moment. Congratulations to the winner
 Oamh9413/04/2018 12:01:42 GMT
damn nice win but you could win even more! gamble it all on roulette Blink lol jk nice hit! someday il hit somthing bigger Blink
buy a house in mexico with that win! thats what i would do lol and a bunch of hookers and blow lololol jkjkjk thats not a good investment
 godoy14/04/2018 15:58:33 GMT
this Bitstarz and much more very good even with great games counts on an immense range of games super fun and legal and with much more chances of fores pessados and always of the much free money for that reason that I am fa of her
 Tony_MON7ANA18/04/2018 13:46:19 GMT
Huge congratulations to the player who won 19.995 BTC at BitStarz casino. What does it feel like to win such an enormous amount of money playing online slot machine? It's just beyond my imagination. What's the value of bitcoin today, by the way?
 dule-vu19/04/2018 12:53:00 GMT
I dont believe at all at this winning,especially when they started to promote this bitcoin winnings with huge amounts and everything from bitstarz!every time same person from bitstarz,srdjan kapor,give intreview about big winnings from their site!
 CALICUL19/04/2018 16:17:01 GMT
srdjan kapor is a chief executive or manager for bitstarz. It is for the third or fourth time when this man with an Indian name announce these big gains on this casino. I do not know if there is anything wrong but he did not lose the opportunity to do a marketing thing. He wants to attract players.
 Sorin88823/04/2018 10:31:45 GMT
Srdjan is a indian name like yours Calicul.The winnings of jaw-dropping 19.995 BTC on bumper-Betsoft game Greedy Goblins!,look like 20k and no like the real almost 20 Bitcoins.Bitstarz Casino is powered by the unique SoftSwiss platform,licensed by the government of Curacao.Players are able to play slots, table games, and more with a simple both crypto and real money banking system
 CALICUL24/04/2018 16:22:04 GMT
What do you want to say? you're totally out in connection with this name. Calicul is not a indian name in our country. Maybe in India it means something but you know very good what it means. It's just a nickname. Is not a gypsy name. About BitStarz i do not know what commissions they have for converting the crypto coins but i think there is a charge. If they ( BitStarz ) do not charge perhaps the bank will do it because they are sharks.
 bowie198424/04/2018 23:43:08 GMT
Posted by 3pokeronly:
Re pochui comment above, for 140k you can hire some young ladies to jump up and down for you.

140k would be enough to rent the local strip club with all the girls in for a whole week worth of entertainment and champagne Big Smile
Easy come and easy go, but thats what life is about.
 Mysik8625/04/2018 05:12:56 GMT
19 BTC, nice sum. Congratulations to those players. If I will win 19 BTC, my life will be changed a bit Blink
But winning in Bitcoins is pretty risky, because some govs start to regulate BTC market. I worry, that the prize may perish in some topsy turvy law.

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