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Pinball to Replace Slots in Italy in 2019?

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Posted on 15 August 2018 by "T".

Italy's newly seated Deputy Prime Minister has set his sights to have all gambling machines replaced by pinball tables all over the country starting January 1, 2019.

Last week, Italy's Customs and Monopoly Agency (AAMS) got a new boss, right after the new coalition government appointed former tax official Benedetto Mineo to manage the agency. Luigi Di Maio, Deputy Prime Minister, publicly expressed the change as clearing out the government of its connections to the Democratic Party, in which the coalition triumphed over at the polls last June.

 Luigi Di Maio

The change was angrily called out by the outgoing AAMS boss Giovanni Kessler, a Democratic Party member, who consequently posted in his personal Facebook account marking Mineo's appointment as "a political cleansing ... that undermines impartiality and good performance of the technical organs of the public administration."


Now, Luigi Di Maio's anti-gambling movement has now set its sights to the retail scene using a would-be meme that calls for pinball machines to replace the hundreds of thousands of various gambling machines (AWPs, VLTs, sports betting terminals, etc.) present in Italy's clubs and bars. Di Maio put a slogan on his new campaign and insisted that "pinball has never ruined anyone."




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18 comments on "Pinball to Replace Slots in Italy in 2019?"

 Mober15/08/2018 14:24:18 GMT
Now what is this? A new law somehow ?
Replacing the slots with pin ball machines?
Really? Smile
How many of the slot players will push their money on pinballs.
It just wont happen.
Politicians once more at their best...
 Serpang15/08/2018 15:22:27 GMT
Maybe because pinballs machine more 'fair' than slot, lol. I am not sure slot player will play pinball, different taste. Most possible they go to foreign . Same as gambler at my country, go to Singapore, Malaysia, Macao. So money goes to foreign. Good politics ? Big Smile Big Smile
 shokaku15/08/2018 17:59:39 GMT
He is a pinnball wizzard....
I wonder if there are still enough pinnball machines in existence to fit out all location that politician is targetting for the change. Maybe he has connections to compamies making those things.
 vic7515/08/2018 18:29:04 GMT
So the people in Italy didn't have a vote in on whether to keep the slot machines or replace them with pinball machines?? asshole politicians. There are plenty of online casinos with evil slot machines.
 Haymore27715/08/2018 18:34:22 GMT
Even tho he has connections to companies making pin ball machines,does that mean he should take a decision replacing the slot machine? what he did ain't fair.
 doubletop77716/08/2018 07:41:43 GMT
I cannot see this ;law coming into effect and it seems like a very strange decision to me. I like a game of pinball but it is nowhere near as popular as slots and there is going to be a lot of opposition to this
 Gerimantas16/08/2018 10:50:07 GMT
It is of course not good i think when politics say this.and that and you have no opinion but have to take what they decide. Why not let people them decide, if they want to play slot, let play slots. If want pinball play pinball
 bowie198416/08/2018 14:52:41 GMT
Maybe if they put the same amount of energy and focus on whats going on in the country when bridges are collapsing out of the blue and corruption is rampant on almost every level in their political ground they would be better off altogether...
 CALICUL16/08/2018 15:31:14 GMT
I think it's a war against casino owners, and the new leadership in Italy wants to shrinking drastically, the influence of casino machines in bars or something else. It is possible that people have made several complaints about this and new politicians have adopted these laws. this is a heavy blow to those who earn money from the slots machines.
 Mober16/08/2018 15:31:19 GMT
Slots os pure gamble were pin ball on the other hands, is pure amusement, one that cant cost
you a fortune Smile
But who knows if the low passes, what changes they might do to the game,
adding gambling options to them.
 pajalnick16/08/2018 17:38:58 GMT
pinball instead of slots ???? ... really ??? ..... it seems to me it's just ridiculous .... I doubt that people who played on slots will switch to a pinball game .... of course from hopelessness can be done different things but ..... in general good luck to the government of Italy
 CALICUL18/08/2018 15:50:20 GMT
Is a decision that affects all slot lovers in Italy. There have certainly been complaints made by some people who were ruined, and the decision is very drastic for gamblers. They will be able to spend their money online, if the Italian legislation permits internet casino access with real money or to enjoy other pleasures of life with that money. Blink
 Gerimantas18/08/2018 21:58:26 GMT
Of course it is not good when politics decide what to do, but like some people say in this thread it is sometimes problem people lose many money in slots and sometimes get big problems family not have money to buy food or pay for house, so this is what politics try to have no more
 Mober19/08/2018 13:55:21 GMT
They are doing everything in their power to run the "game"
and they are ruining everything in their path.
Who knows what is the real reason behind it, for that change.
I guess the italians will find out after some time, if it ever happens.

Here they kicked most online sites out of the country in order to protect "us" the citizens, from the gambling.
Now the slot machines are crawling in physical betting shops, all over the place...
Nice way to protect us from the gambling.... Smile
 dule-vu19/08/2018 14:30:05 GMT
I dont know what to say on this stupid regulation,that this italian prime minister want to make!to be sto stupid and to remove everything just because he think that is right!its up to every man will he gamble or not,especially when he spend his own money!
 CALICUL19/08/2018 15:51:18 GMT
If slot owners did not offer good prizes, to the players, i consider that government of Italy he did the right thing. The Italians have a long history in Sua, Italy, Cuba or other countries with casinos and the mafia will be upset, but this is the situation. They have to offer prizes, not only to ruin people.
 misteriopj24/08/2018 16:30:42 GMT
As a state policy is bad, as they say several who commented on the money goes to other countries, instead of generating those taxes to the Italian treasury, for improvements in the country, are decisions without consulting what benefit could bring them to the country.

Many of the slots players will not spend money on Pinball machines
 Mober24/08/2018 17:37:53 GMT
Yea, like governments all over the planet, aremt getting enough in taxes,
and they need to tax every single thing out there.
Tax this, tax that... In order to fulfill their dreams in politics, they are ruining everything.

Is there anyone at some point that will say no, to more taxes?....
We are charging you enough already, in order to run your lives ?...

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