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These NetEnt Slots shall be Put Down for Good on September 5

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Posted on 17 August 2018 by "T".

Each time a famous software provider like NetEnt releases a brand new online game, many online gamers, especially those who love to play slots, get super excited and can't wait to play the new game.

But just like any other huge software developer, NetEnt does have to say goodbye to some of the games they have in their roster at some point.

This really isn't the first time that NetEnt has removed some of online slots in their list. Most likely the main reason that these games get chopped off from the block was because of expired license issues and so NetEnt had to let go of some branded games like Frankenstein, Evolution, Aliens, South Park and South Park: Reel Chaos.

Let's take a look at which NetEnt slots will be gone come September 5th 2018.

Big Bang

Big Bang is a 25-payline video slot game set in outer space. Its graphics is somewhat similar to that of the popular and well-loved Starburst. Big Bang is a beautifully-designed game with the win animations and vibrant colors that are truly eye-catching.

This slot game has a progressive Multiplier Meter that increases payline wins by x2, x4, x6, x8, x16 up to a max of x32. After each spin that results in 1 or more win combinations, the Multiplier Meter increases to reach the next multiplier value, thereby continuously raising your chances of winning.

Big Bang is the first online slot ever to feature a growing multiplier of up to x32, so why don't you give it a whirl before this NetEnt game goes far beyond outer space and out of your reach.

Fantasini: Master of Mystery

Fantasini is a magic-themed video slot that features 243 ways to win and uses a Linked Reels feature. Game symbols include a variety of magic show items with the wild symbol as the Master of Mystery himself, Fantasini.

The Linked Reels feature: Each spin starts with two or more reels with identical symbols linked together. During the spin, the linked reels can expand to become triplet, quadruplet or even quintuplet reels. This will definitely build up your excitement as the Linked Reels feature continue on and on to give you nice wins - get ready for some reel magic!

Players can get the chance of winning up to 270,000 coins. Give this game a try and enter a world of wonder before it makes its final disappearing act.


Glow is a 5-reel, 15-payline slot based on the Nordic nature that takes you to the place of mystical Northern Lights and glowing animal spirits.

The Wild substitutions give an extra x2 multiplier. The Free Spins feature is triggered when 2 or more symbols appear on the reels. You get a certain free spin amount depending on the animal symbols you form in a win line. While in the Free Spins game, you will be able to trigger more free spins and the Wild symbol can multiply your wins as well for more chances of increasing your wins.

Immerse yourself in this innovative and mystical themed slot and follow the animal spirits as they guide you to majestic wins against a sky backdrop of the Aurora Borealis one last time.

NRVNA: The NXT Experience

NRVNA: The NXT Experience slot is described as a game which "transcends time and space, giving players an out-of-this-world experience. It has a futuristic, relaxing ‘new-age' design with Wild symbols, Multipliers, Scatter symbols and the NRVNA Wheel in the Free Spins round as special game features.

Accompanied by a soothing synth-pop music and neon-lit symbols against a starry background, NRVNA is definitely a nice slot game to try out before it is permanently laid to rest.




Tornado: Farm Escape

Tornado: Farm Escape is a peculiar slot game about a tale of animals wanting to escape their overworked life in the farm. Cartoony animals (cow, pig, horse, sheep, chicken) and farm items (stool, radio, boot, armchair, suitcase) make up most of the symbols with an upbeat country music soundtrack accompanying each spin.

This game introduced the brand new Tornado and Storm features. The Storm feature heaps lots of Wilds on the reels as the farm animals are swept away from their rural life. The Tornado feature scoops up symbols and any Wilds on the reels, awarding coins for each. Give this game a whirlwind of a spin before these animals get blown away by the tornado and out of the NetEnt slots list for good.


Enjoy playing these slot games before NetEnt finally brings down the curtain on September 5.


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17 comments on "These NetEnt Slots shall be Put Down for Good on September 5"

 Serpang17/08/2018 09:36:45 GMT
Hmmm...slot is more and more interesting. should need more time to make design like that. Is market growing well or competition getting tight so casino willing spend more cost ?. If they reduce cost per spin ,maybe market growing better, and we enjoy the game longer Smile
 CALICUL17/08/2018 15:49:52 GMT
They must replace the outdated games, it's normal and the reasons are said here. As a poker room renews the software or change it, so it happens with slot games. Time passes and they become more and more unusable. For them it is important to have a ,,stock of games'' to the most visible graphics.
 bowie198417/08/2018 19:02:25 GMT
I really miss both South Park games to be honest but seeing that they totally went after the mobile/console gaming market as a whole with South Park - I get it that they did not want to dilute the brand more with marginal slot game licenses as well. I only played Tornado Farm Escape from the titles above. Won't miss it though.
 Gerimantas17/08/2018 21:29:50 GMT
I not play any of slots in this list write above so i not miss if they no more existing. Of course some players not happy because maybe it is slot machine he play most and maybe wins most, but now he has to find new good slot to play
 erru910717/08/2018 23:04:39 GMT
It's always sad to see some good slots go but as have been pointed out earlier by calicul, they must replace the outdated games, and instead put in some new and more interesting ones. Better graphics, more bonus games, higher chances for winning, huge jackpots and a lot of other things is exactly what people are looking for so that's probably the direction most slot develoers will have to go.
 pajalnick18/08/2018 04:53:39 GMT
slots from Netent I really like .... as entertainment .... I sometimes when I have free time and the corresponding mood I play these slots ... in the demo version .... I tried to play slots for money but apparently it's not my option .... winnings are very rare .... so my choice is poker
 dule-vu18/08/2018 12:27:28 GMT
wow,its bad that they need to remove this slots from online playing!dont know why is problem to have this slot,even somebody else have licence!it should be some regulation,when they buy licence,that they can have this slot for good!some of this slot were great for playing!
 Mober18/08/2018 12:43:34 GMT
They have the best software in my opinion when it comes to online slots.
ANd they have a big network.
Renewing and removing old slots, that are not popular and not paying much is a must,
for them.
It keeps their customers happy and not bored, by playing the same games, over and over again.
 watoba18/08/2018 15:07:17 GMT
No Problem i dont play anyone of this slots.My favourite is Starburst.
And netent have the most time a really good Software,only a few games dont run by me on my Android device.
 Mober19/08/2018 13:34:15 GMT
Your favorite is starburst? Smile This is one of the worst slots for me so far.
I have never managed to win anything with it.
A couple of bonuses i have got so far with this slot, ended up in a big fail.
I dont like it at all Smile
 dule-vu19/08/2018 14:38:58 GMT
Posted by watoba:
No Problem i dont play anyone of this slots.My favourite is Starburst.
And netent have the most time a really good Software,only a few games dont run by me on my Android device.

yeah,they are best on market and almost every slot if great!cant say that I played every of this slot,but some of them were great!too bad that some slot must be removed just because of licence!
starburst is also one of my favourite slots Thumbs Up
 doubletop77720/08/2018 07:32:04 GMT
I would love to know just how many types of slots games there are on offer nowadays. They do seem to be taking over the gambling world and the monies being gambled must be astronomical
 shokaku20/08/2018 08:16:17 GMT
Did not find an exact number, but one site is advertising with more than 7000 slot games playable on their site. But a lot of games are quite similar, with just another skin, but the same game engine.
 dule-vu20/08/2018 19:29:38 GMT
I think that videoslots have largest number of slots at internet,because they have slots from every company!on some other site I had that information,I think that is correct!but I think that shokaku is right,that this is right number!
 bowie198420/08/2018 23:42:08 GMT
Posted by doubletop777:
I would love to know just how many types of slots games there are on offer nowadays. They do seem to be taking over the gambling world and the monies being gambled must be astronomical

Dunno, but they are definitely not getting better. All the games I like is from two-three-four etc. years ago, the new ones does not make me want to try them out with real money.
 pochui22/08/2018 18:17:18 GMT
oh no, not these five slots, I was so eager to save a spare million of dollaros and invest it into these five specific slot, but now I have found out that I will have to find another way to spend this million I was planning to save, I guess pot and women stand high in the priorities line
 misteriopj23/08/2018 17:18:59 GMT
The slot games I find very interesting of those who refer and played only 2 of those as Tornado: Farm Escape and Fantasini: Master of Mystery with this and managed to win a good amount of money with the luck that the chains come out and They have formed lines that pay good, it's a matter of luck and keep trying.

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