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How Online Gaming Platforms Have Drawn from the Storied Success of Online Casinos

Posted on 02 December 2019 by "T".

Online casinos have been around since 1994, now offering quick and easy access to hundreds, sometimes even thousands of games. The success of the industry despite the presence of brick-and-mortar venues, is incredible, with the global online gambling market set to hit $102.97 billion over the next five years.

As you would expect, the popularity and progress of these platforms hasn't gone unnoticed by similar operators in other gaming sectors. They may deal in different forms of games, but the blueprints behind some of the biggest new gaming platforms are very clearly following in the footsteps of the tried-and-tested online casinos.

Plarium utilizing free downloads and exciting aesthetics

One of the first things that anyone notices once they go to an online casino website, app, or through dedicated software, is the plethora of slot games available to users. But it's not just that there are many of this type of game, it's that there are so many different individual themes in play, showcased by superb artwork.

Plarium has embraced these aspects for its own gaming platform, Plarium Play. The game launcher has also opted to embrace its strengths with a collection of specialized massively multiplayer online and role-playing game titles, with Raid: Shadow Legends being their newest popular title, while also exploring many different themes. As seen above, the themes range from the times of the Spartans to pirates and modern warfare.

Another key element that Plarium Play has drawn from online casinos, and taken a step further, some might say, is its accessibility to games. PC or Mac, you can download Plarium Play for free on your desktop. From there, all of their MMO games are completely free to play, meaning that anyone with an interest in one of the many beautifully created themes can dive in to give them a go. Casinos invariably allow players to see their library of games and often try them out in demo modes, but with Plarium Play, the gaming element is also free.

source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

Stadia attempting cross-platform, seamless streaming

Online casino platforms have fully embraced every device or bit of tech that connects to the internet, and as much of the gaming is done via a browser, any device can connect and effectively stream games with ease. Google has attempted to ramp up this approach with video games on its Google Stadia platform, but it hasn't gone well so far.

Coming out of the gate, Stadia suffered from lagging and syncing issues, low video quality, frame rate drops, and was missing many of the most revolutionary features concerning connectivity and social gaming. The idea was that anyone could stream any of their games to any device, but at launch, it has only been compatible with the Google Chromecast Ultra and Google Stadia controller.

One of the most appealing factors of the service, initially, was that you'd be able to stream major video game titles to any phone or tablet, as advertised, but only Pixel phones and tablets running the Chrome OS are viable mobile platforms for Stadia. Online casinos embraced mobile technology very early and have grown alongside it, but Stadia's possible rushed launch has seen them neglect a large portion of the mobile community - which is huge.

Online casinos have been able to establish themselves as gaming titans via the internet, and while Stadia is struggling to upscale such platforms into video gaming, Plarium Play is taking all of the best elements to offer a top-draw launcher.

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3 comments on "How Online Gaming Platforms Have Drawn from the Storied Success of Online Casinos"

 dule-vu03/12/2019 09:39:50 GMT
in today world this is normal thing,especially new generations who like this kind of thins and everything that they do are online and this industry will just grow!
 Nightkid03/12/2019 10:16:06 GMT
The truth is that if many can or do it easier to do it online (play online) than to go to a casino and / or place where they are played, since in case it is more comfortable to play at home or sometimes if in your country there are no poker tournaments for example the only way to do is online Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 CALICUL03/12/2019 10:25:41 GMT
All things that matters to the developers of these games but also to the casinos, is to be successful with them. It's an industry where they've infiltrated a lot of slots or other genres and people play. They hope for a win and others do it for fun.

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