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BitStarz Player Smashes Record - Wins $2.4 Million on Azarbah Wishes!

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Posted on 24 May 2019 by "T".

BitStarz is the true home of big wins, but we're sure you know that already. Records are being smashed every month, with the latest big winner blowing away all previous record payouts that have ever come before at the world's leading Bitcoin casino. Scooping an epic $2,459,124 from a single spin on Azrabah Wishes, BitStarz is breaking new ground with the biggest wins around!

From Wishes to Riches

In the past week, Azrabah Wishes has been dishing out huge stacks of cash, with one winner making headlines for all the right reasons. Hot on the heels of collecting a mouthwatering €752,450 from a single spin, the same player then went many times better, this time making the most of the 15,000x max payout to land over $2.4 million. This jaw-dropping win shows that with Azrabah Wishes, your dreams really do come true!

Massive Wins from a Massive Game

Azrabah Wishes is an epic game, jam-packed full of excitement on every spin and thanks to the enormous 15,000x multiplier, the wins don't get much bigger. With heaps of free spins on offer to help you achieve these life-changing wins, it comes as no surprise that we've seen two big wins in the space of two weeks, although we don't often see it with the same player!

The BitStarz Millionaire Club

The BitStarz Millionaire club is one of the most exclusive clubs around, but the number of members is growing fast. The first BitStarz millionaire was crowned earlier this year, winning a cool $1.35 million (354.24 BTC) from a single spin on Slotomon Go. This colossal $2,459,124 payout blows that win out of the water, but we're sure that it won't be long before we see another BitStarz millionaire...and it could be you.

Award-winning Casino Action

When it comes to winning big, we know that every little helps, so we've gone BIG with our welcome bonus. New players get a super-cool 20 free spins just for signing up. Then over the next four deposits, players will receive up to $500/5BTC in bonuses and a further 180 free spins. There are no small measures with BitStarz, as we deliver one of the biggest welcome bonuses around.

No Withdrawal Limits

From hero to zero - zero withdrawal limits that is. That's right, no matter how big your win, BitStarz lets you cash it out immediately. Our cashouts take ten minutes on average to process, meaning that even record-breaking wins like this arrive in your bank account in a flash.
Record-Breaking, History-Making Wins!

This history-making $2.4 million payout has got the world talking, but records are there to be broken, so start spinning and you could be BitStarz next seven-figure winner!

Another Month, Another Huge Win

Speaking on the latest mega-win at BitStarz, Srdjan Kapor - BitStarz Marketing Manager - said:

"Another month and another huge win at BitStarz, we've only just seen our record win smashed and now a new player has come and smashed it again. The player we're talking about has won more than $2.4 million and we want to send him a massive congratulations!"

Big wins and BitStarz are a match made in heaven - with the next monster payday only being a spin away!

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8 comments on "BitStarz Player Smashes Record - Wins $2.4 Million on Azarbah Wishes!"

 dule-vu24/05/2019 17:18:53 GMT
hm,another big win at BitStarz,another millioner at their site and ofcourse we know that we have 1 news about them per month!ofcourse on end we again see some words from srdjan kapor and must say that something strange is that we have so many news from them about big winnings!
 CALICUL24/05/2019 17:44:10 GMT
Indeed it is an impressive gain but i do not like this. A new method has to be found by Srdjan Kapor and BitStarz to make more happy players. Personally i would prefer to give 8 prizes of $ 300k or 12 prizes of $ 200k. It's better in this way because people will play more at the casino when the prizes are more. What opinion do you have?
 Mober25/05/2019 09:52:39 GMT
With winnings like this from a single spin, you can guess that this player was betting
high. It wasnt a jackpot, to say he got extremely lucky with it.
Not that he wasnt lucky after all, since we can see that it wasnt the first time
winning a huge amount from a big spin. Money goes to money again Smile
 bowie198425/05/2019 14:46:30 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
hm,another big win at BitStarz,another millioner at their site and ofcourse we know that we have 1 news about them per month!

I guess all the other sites have big winners too but they don't advertise them this aggressively.
 CALICUL25/05/2019 17:48:34 GMT
Another vote with minus because i said a very good opinion. Perhaps my opinion is not good for others , but for the players is very good. When you see only big prizes, always won by one player, you begin to believe about this prize is a fake and the money remains in the casino cashier. When a casino offers more awards to the players is more realistic, but when you offer one prize, the confidence it's not that big anymore. There ( in this industry ) are many opinions about this big prize, but the minus vote is wrong again.
 dule-vu26/05/2019 10:33:20 GMT
Posted by bowie1984:
Posted by dule-vu:
hm,another big win at BitStarz,another millioner at their site and ofcourse we know that we have 1 news about them per month!

I guess all the other sites have big winners too but they don't advertise them this aggressively.

well its strange how they do!I understand that they have some deal with BRM with affilate program and this is how they return,with publising news,but still its strange they give every month some big jackpot!other sites only make news on their own pages!
 CALICUL29/05/2019 18:43:07 GMT
Their awards are excellent but honestly to be these great prizes make you to think at many questions. Now it depends how much they are entering in this industry and what amounts are played every day at BitStarz. Compare the winnings with the losses and you see the result.
 pajalnick29/05/2019 21:38:35 GMT
maybe so many people play in this casino that they can afford such a jackpot every month .... but in general it is rather strange to play such amounts every month .... maybe this is some kind of advertising campaign that has nothing to do with reality. .. Well then this is a scam .... quite strange at that

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