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Win €50,000 and a trip to Cairo in Egyptian Gold!

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Posted on 04 June 2019 by "T".

There's an adventurer in all of us - or so they say - now it's time to let it run wild in BitStarz most action-packed promotion EVER. Egyptian Gold is turning up the volume (and the thrills), as every player is going to have to risk it all to get their hands on some of the most mouth-watering prizes around.

We might be making headlines with our 24/7 customer service, huge game selection, and no withdrawal limits, but that's not all the world's leading Bitcoin casino is bringing to the table. Power-packed promotions are what we are all about and with €50,000 and a trip to Cairo up for grabs, you don't need to be Indiana Jones on the Last Crusade to be a winner here!

Sand, Slots, and Supercharged Prizes

BitStarz promotions have been shaking the casino world to its core lately, as we've gone all out to raise the bar. Luxury holidays, huge stacks of cash, tickets to the FIFA World Cup final, we've given it all away and more. Forget about cheap giveaways and novelty prizes, BitStarz goes BIG and we want the world to know that we mean business - enter Egyptian Gold.

It's time to throw on your fedora, grab a whip, and start sand-blasting through every challenge, trap, and pitfall that'll swing your way to win some amazing prizes. Amidst the Egyptian Gold sandstorm, you can get your hands on a €50,000 individual prize pool, with free spins, bonuses, and cash found around every turn. There's much more than €50,000 on offer here though...

Experience the Seven Wonders

Oh boy, have we gone big with the top prize in Egyptian Gold. Cairo is the land of adventure, so that's exactly where we're sending the first player to reach Level 40. Full of the world's greatest wonders, if you are the first player to cross the finish line, you'll be treading foot on the Sahara Desert and looking at the Great Sphinx live and in person.

Award-Winning Welcome Bonus!

Moving through the levels of Egyptian Gold couldn't be any easier. Simply play your favorite games as per normal, keep an eye on the progress bar, and you'll soon be racking up the cash and stamping your ticket to Cairo. Plus, if you're a BitStarz member you're automatically entered into Egyptian Gold. Login, start playing, and you'll start moving through the levels in no time - it's just that easy.

Not a BitStarz member?

Well, now is the perfect time to change that. You'll get 20 free spins for signing up - no fuss, no questions asked. From there, across the first four deposits you can get up to 5BTC/€500, this is on top of 180 free spins we're also giving you, so this deal really is on another level. Once you've finished the sign-up process, you'll be automatically be entered into Egyptian Gold.

More gold than Tutankhamun's tomb and more adventure than an Indiana Jones blockbuster, Egyptian Gold has the power to line your pockets and put you on the plane to Cairo!

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21 comments on "Win €50,000 and a trip to Cairo in Egyptian Gold!"

 dule-vu04/06/2019 17:48:46 GMT
its big prize pool for all players who will play this slot in this promotion and trip is something special!I think that I didnt tried this slot yet,so dont know much about it,maybe I will in future!
I was in egypt 10 years ago,when everything was normal in this country!sharm el sheikh is beautiful place for vacation,red sea is great and people are very nice!
 CALICUL05/06/2019 07:59:16 GMT
If you really want to get back to Egypt, you will have to win that prize but it will be very difficult. Where are several awards, you can have many chances in addition but the competition is too huge if there is not much prizes. One thing is certain: if you dream about those money and to go in Egypt, you must to register and to play here.
 pajalnick05/06/2019 10:52:09 GMT
it seems something new in the prizes from the casino .... a trip to Egypt is of course a wonderful prize, but now the situation in Egypt is not very calm ... therefore it is not possible to go to Egypt at the moment so as not to endanger yourself .... But in general this is an interesting offer .... thematic prizes can be given from various slots .... quite remarkable promotion
 dule-vu06/06/2019 07:46:44 GMT
lot of casino site offer leaderboards,where you can win trip to some country and money for other player!lot of this trips you can find on paddy power site,I was regular at that site before!
I dont need to play at this casino,just to try to win trip to egypt,when you can go on vacation in hurghada for just 500 e with all inclusive in hotel and air ticket!so if I would like to go this summer again in egypt,I will just pay for this trip,will not wait to win on some contest!
 CALICUL06/06/2019 08:30:14 GMT
This is the truth but you can not play in all online casinos with succes. You need money first and good luck to win in few places. If you do that, i'm sure you will try to play more live tournaments. Is beautiful but until you win a beautiful sum of money you can not accomplish many good things.
 pajalnick06/06/2019 11:13:40 GMT
The casino is attractive precisely because playing different slots you do not need to put some mental effort and develop some tactics ... Just push the button and get either win or lose .... and of course there is a chance to get a jackpot that will provide you for a long time .... That is why the casino is so attractive
 Sandmanilo06/06/2019 13:39:23 GMT
Another amazing promotion from BitStarz, this casino is well known in the online gambling world for its great promos and record jackpot victories. A travel to Egypt is a great prize, although if you plan a vacation there you better don't rely on winning it from casino.
 dule-vu07/06/2019 08:26:52 GMT
somebody who will invest lot of money in this,its better then he just buy trip to egypt from that money!who is regular at this site and play every day,then this is normal to use this offer and to play with own money!but if somebody would play more just because of this trip,then just go in egypt when is so cheap!
 CALICUL08/06/2019 10:57:59 GMT
You have no guarantee that you will earn a lot of money, if you invest a lot but sometimes this thing it happens. It is the risk of each player and that affect most people because they they are not lucky to win. This is sad but it is reality.

 Mober08/06/2019 11:20:16 GMT
It will be a chase in time here, with so many big players playing in this casino.
It is no secret that huge money goes around there with all that bitcoin
playing. And the 50 k euro might not be something of value for the player winning it there Smile but it will be a nice addition of course. Plus the trip Smile
 bowie198408/06/2019 13:26:20 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
If you really want to get back to Egypt, you will have to win that prize but it will be very difficult.

I would not want to go there until they stabilize their political situation once again. It's just too risky for tourists right now, I would not feel safe there...
 dule-vu09/06/2019 10:48:02 GMT
you can be killed in paris or anywhere in france also,but you wouldnt think about it and not to go there,right?in egypt sometimes happend in cairo and near pyramids,but on sea where hurghada is,everything is good!so many tourist go there again!
 pajalnick09/06/2019 13:36:14 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
you can be killed in paris or anywhere in france also,but you wouldnt think about it and not to go there,right?in egypt sometimes happend in cairo and near pyramids,but on sea where hurghada is,everything is good!so many tourist go there again!

Of course, fate is unpredictable and you can die at any time .... a brick will accidentally fall from some house when you pass by ... therefore, of course, fate is not determined .... but in such countries that have different popular uprisings the likelihood that something unpleasant will happen to you much more than for example in peaceful countries
 Mober10/06/2019 10:56:27 GMT
Well if you get lucky to win the trip, and then go there to be killed,
then you can tell about bad karma Smile
But i dont think there is that big of a risk visiting now egypt.
It is a toursit attraction that will always draw people all over the planet.
Tourism is important for them...
 dule-vu10/06/2019 13:20:10 GMT
ofcourse in todays world there are lot of nice places where you can go,but also to get robbed or something worse!its hard to decide where to go and where not!I read two days ago,how footballer morata had problems with robbers,when he was with national team and they came in his home when his wife was with children!
 CALICUL11/06/2019 13:02:49 GMT
There are many people who risk and goes all over the world for tourism or anything else. I know many things are dangerous in this world but things get complicated in Europe as well. Others are drug trafficking where the penalty is the capital punishment. People are crazy and in Egypt the situation is not that bad. If you have the opportunity, you have to visit this place.

 Sandmanilo12/06/2019 08:31:28 GMT
Don't know much about political situation in Egypt, but I've heard recently that tourist places are not affected by that protests and unrests. I think, all sides are happy that tourists are visiting their country. Also, I think BitStarz would not offer to players a trip to some sort of a dangerous place.
 CALICUL12/06/2019 12:54:02 GMT
It is important not to visit countries that are in armed conflict or where Christians are expelled or killed by muslim extremists. There are good people and bad people but the risk in Egypt is not as big as in other countries. It's a country which deserve to be visited and maybe you'll be lucky at the casino. Smile
 bowie198418/06/2019 23:35:39 GMT
Dude there was at least half-dozen terror acts in Egypt just in the last two years alone - some of them even happened in frequent tourist destinations.
I would not go there right now, just like I would not go to the Dominican Republic and half other caribbean country because how frequently they kill simple tourists there.
 dule-vu19/06/2019 11:12:46 GMT
what are you talking bowie?what dominican republic,caribbean?I was in punta cana (dominican republic) few years ago,normally with all other tourists,was in resort,enjoying every day,payed parasailing with boat and you can normally walk on beach and small town!didnt go in capital city,because it was too long,3 and half hours with bus,but everything was great!
I think that you will be killed easier in france in this days,then in dominican republic!
 CALICUL19/06/2019 12:06:42 GMT
Egypt it's not that dangerous because the attacks are happening where there are more people. In the casinos there are few people and terrorists have no interest in hitting them there. Do not be scared too easy. Egyptians took more safety measures.

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