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888casino Signs Content Deal with High 5 Games

Tags: 888casino, high 5 games.
Posted on 15 August 2019 by "T".

High 5 Games (H5G), a casino games provider headquartered in New York, has announced that it has signed a content supply deal with giant online gambling operator 888 Holdings.

The deal involves the operator’s 888casino brand and its multiple markets, including New Jersey and the European sites.

Stipulated in the deal is that High 5 Games will then be able to offer their online slots with the operator. H5G will distribute some of its most popular titles such as Double Da Vinci Diamonds, The Green Machine Deluxe, Secrets of the Forest, and Way Out Wilds to all 888casino’s players.

Initially, the partnership will see the provider roll out its collection of slot games across Denmark and the UK as well as other European markets. H5G will also be able to offer their online slot games to the New Jersey iGaming market thanks to the 888casino deal.

News regarding 888casino’s plan to include H5G game titles came after the online casino introduced its newly revamped New Jersey site which is powered by its brand-new Orbit platform, featuring a lightweight client that has enhanced audio visuals, a quick-click functionality, and runs directly from the browser, and many other features.

High 5 Games Founder and CEO Anthony Singer said regarding the team-up with 888casino, “888casino is a brand which needs no introduction and this partnership is a fantastic step for us as we expand our presence across the globe. As one of the leading operators in the industry, our agreement with 888 will help cement our presence in Europe and New Jersey, where we enjoy a strong foothold in the online market.”

Guy Cohen, SVP Head of B2C at 888 Holdings, said, “Offering a range of high-quality games ensures that 888casino provides the most entertaining experience to customers. With the addition of innovative content developed by High 5 Games, our platform has an even broader platform of exciting content. We look forward to working with High 5 Games.”

This deal is part of the game provider’s strategy to expand their reach across multiple markets. As of the moment, the company is making preparations to introduce their content to the Italian online gambling market in the upcoming months.

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8 comments for "888casino Signs Content Deal with High 5 Games"

 dule-vu15/08/2019 11:55:22 GMT
I dont see something big in this news,only that they will give some new slots and maybe they will expand on new markets!so what new for players,then few slots?888 casino site isnt such a big,as some other casino sites are and what they offer!they are much more on poker,then on casino side!
 CALICUL15/08/2019 15:13:23 GMT
This news informs that 888 casino will have some games from high 5 games. Some gamblers need this information to play these games. However, this must be known to the players, because BRM that's exactly what he does. It's a good thing to know.
 bowie198415/08/2019 18:42:10 GMT
Is this just a gaming startup with a gambling focus or a kegit game provider? If the former then I would understand making a PR article about it, if it's the latter then I am just baffled why we should know something uninportant about these two companies.
 gufra2016/08/2019 03:55:56 GMT
It is always good to know that companies want to innovate; but more good is that they do it. 888 Casino is a company that does not need a presentation as the CEO of Hi5 Game says, for this reason this news makes casino players happy because they can opt for more variety in games.
 CALICUL16/08/2019 16:27:24 GMT
Players need to know about these games. At this i referred and i think it's important for those who know to play this kind of games. If you don't know to play at the slots you have to learn. Same with the name of the games because a single inspiration brings you something extra.
 bowie198416/08/2019 21:17:35 GMT
Players learn about these games from their time in a casino or playing with them online not from fluff & puff pr news articles because I doubt the usual gamblers who are the target audience reading any of that anyway...
 gufra2017/08/2019 20:19:47 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
Players need to know about these games. At this i referred and i think it's important for those who know to play this kind of games. If you don't know to play at the slots you have to learn. Same with the name of the games because a single inspiration brings you something extra.

when you say they have to learn to play, you mean the operation, right? because I don't think there is a strategy to play in slot machines. although once I heard someone say that there was a strategy to win the jackpot and was to follow up until the machine is about to reward or something. that's what you mean?
 CALICUL18/08/2019 09:29:27 GMT
There is a strategy to play slots. I learn in the past but for me is less important because i play poker hold'em in small stakes and i bet at sports houses. I read that some moves are needed to be a better slot player. Maybe you can find something on google because if i find some information, i do not even want to post here. Is a BRM rule.

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