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Betsoft launches brand new Total Overdrive Slot

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Posted on 21 February 2020 by "T".

Betsoft is one of the leading online game developers on the global market. Some of the most famous and popular online slots have been created by Betsoft. The company has been operating in the gambling market for ages... It has clear knowledge and understanding of the gambling market and its demands.

A new slot has recently arrived on the market. And guess what? The developers did not disappoint this time around either. Total Overdrive Slot is one of the brand new slots, which has outstanding graphics. Expect lasers and vibrant colors, as well as great sound effects. Does it sound appealing to you?

The new slot by Betsoft features the old but gold, retro-style game. The slot game is a brand new version of the classic slot machine release. This time, the developers have found a way to give the game a second breath of life. They packed it with different features, and of course, great winning potential!

plaTotal Overdrive Slot
The slot game comes with five reels and 10 paylines. The single most impressive fact about the game is its great speed and the ability to play the game on every device. Seeing that it is designed to run in HTML5, it appears to be extremely user-friendly.

While playing the game, you will be transported to the world of electric neons... You will find yourself in a completely different environment, which most probably looks like a dreamt up future. The old patterns still remain in the game. You will need to collect some of the familiar symbols such as cherries, bells, diamonds, bars, and 7s. And yes, this might bring nostalgia to you.

The new slot game is already available in most of the online casinos. Though, if you decide to play this slot with PlayAmo casino, you will have a chance to play in a Bitcoin casino. Yes, the developers have not only managed to make the game user-friendly... But "crypto-friendly" as well! While the game itself will bring you a lot of joy, you will feel even better, knowing that your transactions are safe and your privacy is fully secure with the Bitcoin casino.

The game itself is very eye-pleasing. We must credit the developers with coming up with top-quality visual and sound effects! There are some interesting features on the way, that can boost the atmosphere in the game. There are several features, present throughout the game. One of them is Overdrive Multiplier. The multiplier grows through the whole gameplay and becomes more and more intense with consecutive winning spins.

The feature can become sticky and can last for the entire gameplay! Even if there are no more wins. While being active, it can re-trigger spins as well.

Step into the Market
Different regulations apply to different gambling markets. Betsoft can be proud of its achievement of entering a new market and broadening its horizons. They will be leaving a lasting impression on some more certified states and territories, such as Columbia.

Betsoft has come through a tough journey. They have been checked by two audits, and have come a long way, which lead them through different checks. Now, that they have passed all of them. The company is eager to demonstrate its award-winning portfolio to other regulated markets.

The main targets for the new commercial footprint are Spain and Columbia. ISMS Audit is the main regulatory body here. The audit controls everything regarding safety, security, and the privacy of the customers.

The statement has been made by Betsoft's Marketing Director, Annamaria Anastasi. She said that the Latin American market is one of the most rapidly growing markets out there. In turn, Betsoft is very happy to enter the market and secure the certification, which will ensure its operations. They have already been approved in Columbia. She also outlined the fact that they have come through a tough road, paved with audit checks and different preparatory processes via iTech Labs. She stressed the importance of certifications, as this is the key to the door to the wider Columbian market. 

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4 comments on "Betsoft launches brand new Total Overdrive Slot"

 dule-vu21/02/2020 12:13:13 GMT
this video show big wins,but believe this kind of slot with three reels can take so much money and not to give much!when you lose lot of money,you cant back it in short time,so its better to stick on 5 reels slots!but for those who love this kind of slots,try it and write to us what did you make it!
 CALICUL21/02/2020 18:37:03 GMT
This new slot game looks pretty good and the sound is mostly acceptable but the most important thing is to be successful with him. Betsoft does a good job and i don't think those customers of their games are disappointed with that.
 maragatero22/02/2020 15:28:06 GMT
You still play in the slots CALICUL? Maybe I never understand it... I got a lot of shots when I registered in tracked account to BRM/Big Dollars, and I spended a lot of hours playing there all my thousands of shots. Good colors, funny movement, attractive sounds...but nothing of money! I saw the little increase of my bank with happyness, but then it down, and down, and down... Sad
 CALICUL22/02/2020 18:35:39 GMT
I am not a slot player because for me the RTP is with much below 96%. Big Smile Sometimes i play but very little. I can not win and for this reason i leave the casino very quickly. If i win something nice in poker, i will risk a part for slot games.

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