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Skulls Up! (Quickspin)

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Posted on 04 February 2020 by "T".

Skulls Up! is the first video slot release in the year 2020 by Quickspin.

Are you dreaming of vacationing someplace warm and relaxing? Skulls Up! could be the best choice for you! Set sail with the pirates as you scour the seas along with your chatty parrot, in search for a tropical island that holds a chest full of untold riches.

  • Skulls Up! has a starting 5x3 reelset that can grow up to 6 symbols high, with 243 up to 1,944 ways to win.
  • You can win up to 365,000 coins or 3,650x your stake in this video slot game.
  • The game can be played across all devices and it has a RTP of 96.26%.

The game has many fun and rewarding features like: two different types of Wild symbols, a Chest (scatter) symbol that triggers the Flaming Free Spins feature the, Skulls up! Re-spins with growing reels, and flaming skulls smash up to 1,944 betways!

This fun and quirky pirate-themed slot game shall definitely keep you entertained for hours. Hunt for hidden treasures and feel the heat from the high volatility and flaming hot features like the Flaming Free Spins, Flaming Respins, and Flaming Skull Wilds!

Time to sail the vast seas and discover the treasures that await!


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12 comments on "Skulls Up! (Quickspin)"

 dule-vu04/02/2020 15:03:08 GMT
another interesting slot fomr quickspin company,this time with 5x3 reels in basic spin,but they exapnd up to 1944 ways!they now make slots every few weeks and they want to offer something new as other companies!too bad that they didnt make this video with few spins,to see how it works!
 CALICUL05/02/2020 15:45:57 GMT
To win at these slots you have to be very lucky, because this RTP ( Return To Player ) it's an unknown area for me and this number it is smaller when i play. This thing makes me to spend money elsewhere. I wanted to play more slots, but i don't want to lose and that's exactly what happens to me. I hope to be a good game for you.
 bowie198407/02/2020 00:37:14 GMT
Not bad RTP compared to the rest of the QuickSpin games and way more winlines than usual so there are a lot of possibilities to consider here. One thing I don't like is that the max payout only viable during the freespins feature. Should be achievable during the regular game too.
 dule-vu07/02/2020 19:15:20 GMT
maybe RTP is good for this slot,but on other hand this doesnt mean much for me!we all know how slots can be bad and to pay anything or not to give bonuses for hours of playing!so we must see some news,video or story from some member to see how is to play this slot!
 CALICUL07/02/2020 19:33:01 GMT
There are players who have profits in slot games, but me i did not win anything interesting to accommodate with them. Love by force it's not possible and i don't like to lose. I tried but i have to read better about the skills of these machines.
 maragatero07/02/2020 21:52:42 GMT
Well, finally I find that I´m not the only mobster who find this game no profitable. Really, I registered to a Bank Roll Mob´s tracked account in Big Dollar, because I wanted to try what´s up in that type of games. I got thousand of free spins, so I seat on and play it for hours, but I only saw my chips go down, and down, and down...not for me!
 antonis32107/02/2020 23:12:13 GMT
Posted by maragatero:
Well, finally I find that I'm not the only mobster who find this game no profitable. Really, I registered to a Bank Roll Mob's tracked account in Big Dollar, because I wanted to try what's up in that type of games. I got thousand of free spins, so I seat on and play it for hours, but I only saw my chips go down, and down, and down...not for me!

I also created an account at Bigh Dollar to play BRM slots or deposit , but now , after two-three times visiting the site , I have no access , receiving the message :

Access denied
This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

Please try again later

Attacks ??? Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile ......... Aww crap!
I have messages (when I click BRM casino links or had some other in the past not via BRM , also trying to have access or register to many poker sites) too many times , saying that Greece is banned/not allowed to play in our pokerroom/casino due to state regulations or without explaining the reason (also most of the times you get redirected by the internet provider to a greek government page , which says that games on this platform are not allowed , wtf is this.....) .
But never againin my life such a message ... Aww crap!

Very strange . Maybe I will find the casino support's email , and try to solve this out . Confused
 maragatero08/02/2020 18:08:38 GMT
Yes, if you like to play there, you have to mail to the support, Casino´s or Bank Roll Mob´s. You are, principally, a BRM´s client, and you made a tracked account in Big Dollar, so BRM might do some management of your situation. But you like the spin´s machines? Have you made some money there? For my experience, you have to have more luck than a lottery, and very much time to spend there!
 dule-vu09/02/2020 11:01:29 GMT
we did warn people about this casino site and what problems people can have it and that is better to go on bigger sites!you can find thread where some members told us about their problems!
about this problem antonis321,you can skip this rule and use VPN!I use when I want to log in on every site,that my goverment blocked!
 Mober09/02/2020 14:11:20 GMT
It looks like an interesting slot, but not the video i was expecting to see Smile
I was expecting to see the bonus features in action, instead of an
introduction to the game.
You can read about it wither way, watching it happen is another thing though
 antonis32110/02/2020 11:07:05 GMT
The problem is when I try to deposit while I use VPN , I have not been successfull until now . i have to figure out why , then by all means I will try again . I want to play in some sites , which here are being blocked for any reason using VPN . Even if I can play , I have to be able to deposit in order to ask someday for a withdrawal and get it granted .
If the same pokerroom site doesn't allow it (not the government or other reason) , then I cannot find a solution on this problem , not that I haven't tried some things LOL Blink Even if I could deposit , if my country is not permitted by the pokersite there will be some other problems , for ex if they ask for identity papoers Aww crap!
 dule-vu10/02/2020 11:23:58 GMT
then dont know what to say to you,I am already member of this sites,where I had deposits and cashouts and that was before my goverment made this restrictions!but with VPN I can still use this sites,can play and make deposits!on new sites I dont know how would this work!

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