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Celebrate BitStarz' Birthday and Win a Tesla Model 3!

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Posted on 09 April 2020 by "T".

Everyone's favorite online casino is baking a cake, popping the champagne, and inviting you to the biggest and best birthday party of the year. BitStarz is getting ready to celebrate its 6th birthday and we're doing it in style with a promotion that will drive you insane.

If you love cars and casino games, you're in for one epic birthday treat courtesy of BitStarz. When you deposit at BitStarz during the birthday celebrations you will get a ticket (or tickets) that give you entry into the draw for a brand-new Tesla Model 3 - now that's one birthday bash you don't want to miss out on!

Speed Around the Reels and the Race Track

We've all dreamed of owning a Tesla at one point in our lives, and now BitStarz is making this dream a reality. Imagine hurtling from 0-100km/h in as little as 3.4 seconds in your brand-new Model 3, or zooming down the highway at 261km/h in ultimate luxury - we don't recommend doing this, by the way.

It's definitely the only way to travel in 2020, and what's more, you're doing the planet a favor by going electric. Make sure you're in the BitStarz birthday lottery to get your hands on this high-powered and high-tech car.

Entering the Lottery is As Easy as Pie

BitStarz truly cares about its players, making promotions as accessible for all as possible. All you have to do is kick back, relax and play like normal to get your hands on tickets for our huge birthday giveaway. For each €100 wagered, you will get one ticket into the draw, so the more you play, the more tickets you can get.

Don't worry, you don't have to do €100 all in one go. Each spin you make will count towards the €100 wager requirement for a ticket. Just spin the reels like normal and you'll be collecting tickets in no time, or splash the cash to make sure you have the best possible chance of winning this amazing prize.

Join BitStarz to Join in the Celebrations

BitStarz' birthday celebrations are bigger than ever, so it's well worth joining BitStarz in order to take part in the partying. Simply create an account at BitStarz and you'll get 30 free spins for doing so (BankrollMob exclusive). This process takes no more than 30 seconds to do, so don't pass up on this opportunity.

That's not all, as across your first four deposits you can get up to €500/5BTC and an additional 180 free spins. This is the ultimate welcome package if you ask us and is the perfect way to kick start the birthday celebrations.

Head on over to BitStarz and start playing your favorite games to collect lottery tickets - after all, there's a Tesla Model 3 worth €45,000 up for grabs!

In addtion, new players who join BitStarz via get 30 Free Spins (no deposit required) + 100% up to €/$500 or 5 BTC + 180 Free Spins welcome

The promotion will run from the 8th April 13:00 CEST until 30th April 23:59 CEST.
ONE winner of a Tesla Model 3 will be drawn by 2nd May (2020) by 18:00 CEST and the winner will be informed directly.
The winner may choose a cash alternative at 80% of the value of Tesla Model 3 (of €45,000).
To participate in the Tesla Model 3 draw, you must wager at least €100 on ANY game (or local currency equivalent). You'll receive ONE additional ticket for every €100 wagered thereafter.
There is no cap on how many tickets you can collect towards the raffle.
Only REAL MONEY wagering will count towards this promotion. Bonus money does not count towards the wagering requirement.
You can check the number of tickets collected anytime on the promotion page, as this will update according to your casino activity.
You are required to ensure that your contact details are up to date on your BitStarz account.
You must have made ONE or more deposits at any point after creating your account to qualify to take part in the promotion. This may be done anytime during the promotion period too.
Customers from the following countries are unable to participate in the promotion: Greece, Hungary, Mauritius, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Republic of, Montenegro, Serbia, Austria, Albania, Sweden, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sint Maarten (Dutch part), Curaçao, Finland, and Slovakia.
We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time.
General Terms & Conditions apply.


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23 comments on "Celebrate BitStarz'' Birthday and Win a Tesla Model 3!"

 dule-vu09/04/2020 22:04:44 GMT
this looks great,but then on other side we know what promotions bitstarz offer to players and they never show anything in news about winners,not at least name,nickname,country or something else from winner,so i dont believe much in their promotions!from this that they say,you only need one ticket and its not much to wager 100 e for it or to make deposit!but thing that is most strange for me,its this country restrictions,so many european countries,especially lot of EU countries cant be part of this!what a hell?you can take money from them,you allow them to play,but they cant be part of this promotion!?good think is that you can take money isntead of this car,80 % of value!
 maragatero10/04/2020 00:35:10 GMT
What a good prize! This is a superior one, and the requirements to get a ticket to this lottery are very friendly. You don´t have to do $100 in one day, you only have to play trough the time of promotion and make your wager there. You have 15 days to play there until the $100= 1 ticket, this is a goal that is possible to make me include...and Argentina is allow to participate!
 crankmuppet10/04/2020 08:20:16 GMT
That's a very nice giveaway. In Canada, the price breakdowns are as follows:

Standard Range Plus (rear wheel drive) - $55,990

Long Range (dual motor all-wheel drive) - $67,990

Performance (dual motor all-wheel drive) - $77,990

It doesn't say specifically which configuration they are giving away, but I would guess it might be the Long Range, as €45,000 is around $69,000 CAD as of today's exchange rates.

Good luck to you eligible BitStarz gamblers.

 CALICUL10/04/2020 10:12:42 GMT
Another good thing done by this BitStarz casino that attracts players by offering very large prizes in money or with other gifts. Here in mt city is a person from the neighborhood who won a BMW car of 20,000 euros in a casino. Was a Jeep. Play your chance.
 maragatero11/04/2020 01:15:09 GMT
In my country, this car brand don´t exist. Only some people, if makes a lot of issues, could import it. I never see one of them in the streets of the cities where I lives or visit. I might be a jewel that all the people want to see. A news in the local media!. And, about the price of this car, I´m sure that in my country it may cost the double!
 dule-vu11/04/2020 09:21:41 GMT
as I said in first post,I dont believe in their promotions,because they never post anything about winner,so somehow I think that this will be decision that winner will "take" money and that promotions will end like that!if they publish some name,nickname or interview,maybe I will believe that they really give prizes!
 CALICUL11/04/2020 10:46:17 GMT
There are several brands in each country (because no one has a monopoly) and many of them with good prizes. The idea is that you can win beautiful prizes that can help you a lot in life. I'd like to have such a luck but is very hard for me. Anyway, good luck.
 antonis32111/04/2020 20:42:07 GMT
It's a nice bithday lottery by bitstarz , this gift is really awesome . Everyone would lovd to have such a car , luxurious and modern Smile The wagering to get a ticket for the draw is not much , in slots it can be done in no time , then you can play more to wager more money and win more tickets , giving you more chances to win this awesome prize . Good luck evryone who will play for this Tesla model Smile
 maragatero12/04/2020 01:24:16 GMT
What are you saying CALICUL? The car may change depends the country? I don´t think it. I talk about the difficult of know this brand in Argentina, and I said that I never see one of them in this street. But I think that, if any Argentinian could win the lottery, they have to make the effort and bring this car to my country. Don't spoil my dream!
 dule-vu12/04/2020 09:46:28 GMT
like peronibar said few months ago,they work from curacao,so this is so sure thing,as somebody work from licence from malta or some other country!they have very big promotion and advertisement,like on this site,so you could that everything work fine,but we dont know a single winner from this big wins at this site!but at least we didnt had any news from them here for two months!
about this car,if you are winner,you can always take money and to much better thing with 45000 e,then to take this car!
 CALICUL12/04/2020 11:15:35 GMT
I say that in each country the prizes are different depending on casinos. The most beautiful is the gain in money but it is not always the same. I saw that they have different and it is very good. Vacations, cars, cash or others is good or very nice.
 Mober12/04/2020 11:31:12 GMT
A nice promotion for the grinders in bitstarz.
The gambling requirement to get a ticket is 100 usd.
But if we take in mind their range of players gambling with bitcoins, it seems only logical Smile
But even for lower stakes player wont be that hard to get a ticket
Good luck to all, chasing your new car Smile
 antonis32112/04/2020 13:20:39 GMT
Even casino players who play very small stakes , who bet very little money in slots , have the chance to play the games they like the most , wager it trying to win on every slot they choose , and if not win many $$$$ at least wager the money in the slots and for every $100 wagered they will receive this valuable ticket for the draw , a real chance for an awesome prize they couldn't afford to buy and have otherwise !!!! Also, if I am not mistaken , they can also take the 80% of the value of the car in money !!! real money , if they don't desire this car , this is awesome !!!! Play the games you usually play , for profits and for fun , and at the same time play for a very big prize
 maragatero13/04/2020 03:50:45 GMT
No CALICUL, don´t say that to me. Again, you are spoiling my dream of be a notorious member of my community "The man who have the Tesla"...hahaha Anyway, I really think that this is his offer and they would do everything that be necessary to pay this price exactly that they promise. I don´t think that the car may change depending wich is the country´s winner
 dule-vu13/04/2020 11:04:17 GMT
we will see what will be on end from this promotion and who really will get car!somehow I am sure that we will have news that "winner" want cash money and that he change it for 45000 e!just dont believe that much,same as in last year!but in this situation is much better to take money and then to buy whatever you want!for sure you will need to pay some taxes and other things in your country!
 CALICUL13/04/2020 13:05:46 GMT
In order to have a Tesla machine, you must to play a lot of casino slot and to be the lucky player who won. The other option is to work somewhere with a high salary or to win it at another contest. Have friends with money can earn it there by a gift of burthday. Smile Play for luck, my friend.
 antonis32113/04/2020 19:00:33 GMT
If I was the winner , I would take the money , LOL , even if it's 80% or less than the initial price of this luxurious Tesla car , LOL Smile But everyone has his own preferences Smile

I don't believe it's hard to wager $100, especially for the people who have experience in playing slots , better for the ones who play successfully the slots for many years . But even for fish or not good players , wagering a hundred of bucks , I don't believe it's difficult . You can do this in many games .

Also , it is no obligatory to do this in one day in one slot , you can play many slots , in different days , the amount of wagering is accumulated , is calculated on the whole . That's very important , caue most other promotions do force you to generate rake or do the wagering in one day or one week at the best occassions . Here you can play wheever you want during these 23 days , 3 weeks , in order to succeed in wagering $100 or multiple $100 to get one or multiple tickets for the raffle , really very nice Smile
 dule-vu14/04/2020 11:20:18 GMT
in so many days you can collect lot of tickets,but all players who will make deposit just to wager 100 e to get 1 tickets,best for them is not to start then and not to make deposit!because probably they will lose this money and with only 1 ticket they will not have chance to win something like this!so this is only for people who can wager lot of money and to get lot of tickets!
 CALICUL14/04/2020 13:33:01 GMT
From my point of view you cannot refuse the prizes when you win. You won a car you can sell it after that. This is not important but a good win is excellent. I would like to gain a few hectares on another planet if it's possible to sell after.
 antonis32114/04/2020 20:38:14 GMT
It's for the players who wamt to play casino games , or slots specifically . These players want to play , know how to play , they can play whenever they want and the wagering is being added/accumulated everyday .So they play the games they like , no need to bet more to get the ticket , there is plaenty of time to succeed in this . These tickets for the raffle , is an extra gift for their games played on the casino everyday , so pl;ayers should focus on their games and think nothing else , tickets will come during their usual everyday casino games at BitStarz . Good luck everyone playing there Smile
 dule-vu15/04/2020 11:24:26 GMT
yes antonis321 you are right,thats why I said that people shouldnt make deposits just to try slots and to earn 1 tickets for this promotion and to lose everything and they will not have anything from it!its same when you have 1 ticket at mob draw and to wait will you get main prize!so this is for regular players and players who already play at that site,not for new players!
 CALICUL15/04/2020 13:42:58 GMT
In Romania you can find special daily offers at the licensed casinos and there the prizes are in money but also in other options. There are Tomboles, Contests, +100 Prizes. A wide range of special offers and you can be closer to winnings. I am voted wrong with minus but no one refuses the prize if he is different and not cash.
 antonis32115/04/2020 13:57:54 GMT
I don't know dule-vu if this is only for regular players , also the players who know how to play casino games or slots or play for a lot of money or also for the new players with small bankroll to begin with . You play your favorite games , you play to win money from these games , you focus on that , at the same time you win points and one day one ticket , then one more , etc . You should regard this raffle and the prize as sth extra , not sth to go on for exclusively Smile

Ofcourse with more tickets come better chances to win , but even far too many tickets won't guarantee you the win , a player with fewer or very few tickets it's possible to win . Speaking of the mobdraw , I also tried with 1 only ticket too many times thinking that I also have possibility to win , despite the 100 tickets that most other have . No result . I tried with more , I also tried with 100 and I do this nowadays buing 100 tickets every week , some times ago I bought 500 tickets , no result . If it's not to win you won't win , no matter how many tickets you accumulate , but if you re lucky, fewer or very few tickets will do the job ,you never know Blink But yes , just oneticket is very hard , lol ...

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