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Red Tiger Easter Campaign at LeoVegas

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Posted on 09 April 2020 by "T".

Hoppin' down the bunny trail, Hippity Hoppity Easter's on its way!

Easter's with us once again, and so we've got a special campaign lined up!

The promotion will run between the 10th and 12th (CET) April and our players will be able to opt-in to receive different offers depending on the segment they fall under.

Our Lucky Easter winners will be in the chance to win a share of the €2,500 grand total prize and even double up to €5,000! Check out the details below.

10th-12th April: Lucky Easter

Double up on the Jackpot

Double up on the Lucky Easter game jackpot, which pays out on the 12th of April.

  • The winner will be in the chance to double up on the jackpot up to €5,000!
  • Payout will be given within 36 hours after the campaign ends.
  • The winnings will be available for 7 days after crediting.

€2,500 Leaderboard Red Tiger Tournament

The tournament begins on the 10th April 2020, 12:00 until 12th April 2020, 23:59 CET and will be available for the following markets AT, BR, CA, DE, FI, IE, IND, NL, NO, NZ, R.O.W.

Customers will be able to place a minimum stake of €0.60 and a maximum stake of €200 and will be allowed a maximum of 250 rounds.

Anyone participating must collect points by getting consecutive wins, losses & multipliers for the in-game leaderboard. Only the first 250 spins on the promotional game count as points towards the leaderboard. The person placing first will receive €1,000!

  • 1 Consecutive wins = 100 points
  • 3 Consecutive losses = 200 points
  • 15x multiplier = 750 points
Number of winners Prize
1 €1,000
5 €100
10 €50
20 €25
Total €2,500

Join LeoVegas via and get an amazing welcome bonus!

18+ New Customers only. Wagering requirements apply to all bonuses. Play Responsibly - 

Full T&Cs apply.

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17 comments on "Red Tiger Easter Campaign at LeoVegas"

 dule-vu09/04/2020 22:10:26 GMT
as I know leo vegas is great casino,with great option for playing games and lot of players like them,especially this players that have you tube channel and that post winning on it!this promotion is nice for every regular player,but as I see list of countries that can be part of this leaderboard is very small,so its question why isnt open for more players and not only for this 11!
 maragatero10/04/2020 00:26:51 GMT
Hmmm AT don´t seems to me like Argentina. It´s a shame because this games in an app maybe fun to try. But also maybe adictive! all the games that you have too nearly, are a permanent atraction and sometime along the day you could find the moment to play it, in any place! Perhaps I would be safe, because my phone is not the best and here we have only 4G
 CALICUL10/04/2020 10:43:21 GMT
Here you need to play because is with a leaderboard and if you are a lucky player u can win something good. The prizes with this holiday are good and the interest may be nice. The jackpot can be doubled and that's an additional reason to do something.
 maragatero11/04/2020 01:08:13 GMT
Yes it maybe fine, but I can´t play it. And you also can´t, right? I don´t see Romania in the list of allow countries (but I´m bad reader of capital letters in english). If I remember, you don´t like to play in smart phones, isn´t it? Anyway, it might be extended in some time and arrive to Argentina that haven´t restrictions to play this games.
 dule-vu11/04/2020 09:17:29 GMT
hm,as I know both of you dont like casino games,dont play slots and dont know to play them!so how would you like to be part of this promotion?even if your countries are allowed,you wouldnt play at this site,you wouldnt make deposit of this casino site,you dont play slots and other casino games,so dont see point in your posts?
 CALICUL11/04/2020 10:52:57 GMT
Romania does not have RED, because they did not buy a license and here are players who want to play in this promotion ( many are maniacs after casinos ). I would like to start a small investment (deposit) and after that to play because sometimes you can win good money like others.
 antonis32111/04/2020 20:53:14 GMT
Good luck everyone playonf for this leaderboard and the prizes at Leo Vegas . The list of countries allowed to participate in this promoton is small , but restrictions do happen many times in most promotions , from casinos or pokerooms , so....... If I am not mistaken it's kinda of tournament with slots , played in the past but could not get how to play optimally , couldn't understand the format . Maybe in the future I will try again .
 maragatero12/04/2020 01:19:00 GMT
You make me curious. How you can "start a small investment" if Red Tiger don´t allow you country to play there? Are you in other country for now? Or you are thinking in play in other platform, but since your smart phone? Many questions CALICUL, I will be fine if you answer the first of them. In the middle, I wait to the extended offer.
 dule-vu12/04/2020 09:41:01 GMT
you can take money from almost every country of world,but when is some big promotion,they you dont allow players to be part of this and its only for 11 countries!its not normal,but also this is something that other sites do when they give big promotion!
maragatero you can see from that post,how can somebody give two different answers in just one post and who could believe him and now what is truth!you cant be part of it,but you will make some deposit in future to try this?wtf?and every member here know that he dont play slots at all!
 CALICUL12/04/2020 11:25:21 GMT
I meant to play in Red Tiger if they will pay a license, but i have not pronounced for you to understand. I did not express myself properly. However Red is a good casino, that has been around for many years and is popular. It's worth it to risk a little and to see how it works.
 maragatero13/04/2020 03:45:28 GMT
Oh, so you are waiting like me CALICUL. Despite the banned matter, I don´t like casinos. I prefer the poker´s room that are especialized in the poker game. When I think in casinos, I think in roulettes and slots, maybe one or two tables of Black Jack or Bacarat, but I don´t think in poker´s table. I readed that some Las Vegas casinos, have rooms in other space only for poker.
 dule-vu13/04/2020 11:06:40 GMT
so dont understand why both of you leave 10 comments in every thread about some casino company,casino site or slot and you talk about them like you know everything,how you would try and we all know that you never play slots and that you never will!why to spam in every thread about something that you dont like at all?
 CALICUL13/04/2020 12:53:29 GMT
I accept any game if i like, my mobster friend, but my pocket doesn't allow me to play all kind of games. I can't win big sums to run more money everywhere. I'm not a player who risks everything when i won but i'd like to make a better wager.
 maragatero14/04/2020 23:22:38 GMT
Oh, the bitter are returning! You know CALICUL how you can make a thread with kindness to your mobster partners. That´s why I feel a friend of yours! You haven´t (I never read something like that write by you) write about the theme or the form that any mobster write, You don´t need to spam with it. You can sustain a chat without annoying comments. Good for you CALICUL!
 dule-vu15/04/2020 11:21:13 GMT
because most of your posts that you write in this thread,has nothing with news,nothing with slot that we comment,especially last one!most of comments in this thread are from two members,who dont like at all slots and dont play them?!its same like I comment every day about cricket and I dont know rules and dont watch this sport,but I will do it just for 10 points!pf...
 antonis32115/04/2020 13:45:53 GMT
i really don't like when some poker rooms or online casinos , they do accept your registration , they do accept your deposit , but when it cames to promotions for some series or a special raffle or gift , or some specific special promotions , they exclude you . I really make my best to understand why this happens . I have seen it in pokerooms as well , for example pokerstars . Greek players can register , can deposit , but cannot take part in challenges . Absolutely rational .

Why does this happen ?? Maybe they don't expect the players from these countries to deposit a lot of money or lose a lot of money ?? Maybe the players from these countries know how to extract most value from promotions/challenges with the less/least risk of their money or bankroll ?? If that's the case , really shamefull . Really strange ..
 CALICUL15/04/2020 13:50:35 GMT
Maragatero, my friend, my interest is to talk about certain things, according to the topic of the threads, but i can't read all the answers that i receive in my comments. Sorry for that. I want to play Poker, sports betting but also Casino but my job is a small one and is now closed ( COVID 19 ). In the future i will work for a better job and play more often at slots.

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