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Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot (NetEnt)

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Posted on 20 May 2020 by "T".

NetEnt has further expanded its branded roster of slot games with its newest addition of a classic arcade game from 1991. One of the best-selling and extremely popular arcade games of all time has now come to your slot machine screens as NetEnt launches Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot.

If you've been one of the lucky ones to have played this game before in your younger years, you will definitely love to play this again for nostalgic enjoyment as the slot version by NetEnt stays true to the original arcade classic with, of course, wonderful slot features including the main highlight: the Boss Fight bonus round.

  • Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot has a 5x5 reelset where 25 symbols tumble down in place per spin and comes with a Cluster Pays system (no bet lines).
  • The max payout in this video slot game is undisclosed.
  • The game can be played across all devices and it has a varying RTP of 96.02% to 96.08%.
  • The game is action-packed with features like: Avalanche feature (cascading reels), Cluster Pays system, stacked Wilds, 2x2 big symbols, unique Wild modifier per character, a Wild Gauge Meter, Car Smash bonus game, Beat the Boss Free Spins feature with unlimited free spins and an increasing win multiplier, and a Gamble Feature.

The surrounding of the reels show the original background of whomever you are fighting against and there's a 5x5 reelset with the Avalanche feature (cascading win mechanics). Just like in the classic arcade game, select your warrior and jet off to a random destination. Each battle has multiple spins, and you just need to deplete your opponent's health to win. Win the base game battle to get to the first of the four bosses in this slot game, and what you will definitely love is that boss fights award you unlimited free spins with increasing multipliers for every boss you defeat.

Every one of the 8 original characters in the selection has their own personal Wild modifier, and you get to enjoy seeing your character perform their special moves when their meter has been charged to its max. Know that when you select a warrior, just like in the classic arcade game you will be stuck with that one until you either win or are defeated (both RTP and volatility slightly varies depending on which warrior you choose).

Ryu (96.02% RTP) - 3 wild symbols on the same row
Guile (96.04%) - 2 wild symbols on 2 vertical stacks
Dhalsim (96.04%)- 3 or 4 wild symbols which are randomly placed
E. Honda (96.05% - 3 wild symbols on the same reel
Ken (96.06%) - 1 or 5 wild symbols on the same row
Blanka (96.08%) - 1 or 5 wild symbols on the same reel
Zangief (96.08%) - 2 wild symbols on 2 horizontal stacks
Chun-Li (96.08%) - 2 or 7 wild symbols which are randomly placed

When you spin the reels, your fighter will deal damage to their opponent when you land premium symbol wins. For each fighter there is a Wild meter which gets filled by 1 point for every premium symbol win. Once the meter is filled with 7 points, the corresponding Wild modifiers will be triggered as shown on the above list.

If you lose the battle, the Car Smash Bonus Game will be triggered. Just like in the classic arcade game, you will have to smash a car with your fighter, which can land you wins between 5x to 15x your stake. Choose the "Quick Finish" option to quickly get the result, and you are taken back to the starting screen to choose a new fighter.

If you win the base game battle, you activate the Beat the Boss Free Spins feature. It plays a lot like the base game, but there is a win multiplier involved this time. The free spins will continue until your character or the opponent boss wins, and if you do beat him you then move to the next one.

Very similar to the original game, there are four bosses to beat in this feature, and they all come with an increasing Win multiplier listed below:

Balrog - 2x multiplier
Vega - 3x multiplier
Sagat - 5x multiplier
M. Bison - 10x multiplier

If you manage to defeat them all you will be awarded an extra 100x bonus win since you punched your way through the entire tournament unbeaten. If you lose against a boss you will be taken back to the base game, or you can restart against the same boss using the Insert Coin gamble feature. You only get one chance to do this per free spins bonus round and you also have to give up a specific amount of your wins. The RTP in this case is quite high, between 98.7% up to 100%.

Get to savor the nostalgic memories of this classic arcade game when you play NetEnt's take on Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior slot!


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11 comments on "Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot (NetEnt)"

 dule-vu20/05/2020 13:09:26 GMT
I saw this slot on some sites and some you tube channels and when you watch or play this slot,it looks like you watch some 30 years old,like at this game was made!ofcourse this was intention of netent,but for me its very strange!its like you play flame busters slot,but that slot look better for me!we will see how this will pay!
 roeish320/05/2020 14:23:02 GMT
Was one of my favorite games at the time. At least until Teken came along.
Spent hours and days playing it. If I was playing slots I definitely would have played this one. Such great memories from the time I was young and beautiful (sorry of).
Haven't played any fighting game for a while now. Done have the time for it.
 antonis32120/05/2020 19:07:58 GMT
This slot brings back some good memories , of me playing this kind of games with my friends , street fighter is so cool game . This nostalgic atmosphere , the graphics reminding of the game back then . You playtio win in this slot , while you have fun playing with some features or charachters from the original game . The bosses and the increasing multipliers , the smash the car feature , the different increasing RTP depending on your progress and how many bosses you defeat . The action on every spin really reminds me the original game , and games like this , really cool to play Smile
 dule-vu21/05/2020 15:25:25 GMT
yes,this slot will back some old memories and who know how many people will try this slot just because of that!but must admit,as I said in last post,that looks just somehow poor and bad for me!I know that graphics was like that,but it could be more interesting in this years!
 antonis32121/05/2020 22:41:49 GMT
It targets , imo ,specific group of slot players , specific gamblers , who want to have some fun with a slot , whose theme is entrertaining , and related to a game , which was very liked and played those days . Many slos have themes related to super heroes , or fairy tales , or stories , or movies , or comic/movies heroes . Now this is a slot related to a game , that's cool Smile You , dulevu , might find it a little poor , due to the graphics , but many will love it for the very same reason Smile

I mean , if there was a online slot game with meatl slug theme , I would instantly go to play it on the first site I would find it , with the same level and quality of graphics Big Smile It was my favorite game , lost innumerable ''coins'' back then in the electronic games machines in two shops , especially during the boss fights , lol , I would play it for fun again , lose some more ''coins'' , lol , this time on a slot Smile

Ofcourse ,I am talking for online slot for this game , cause , having searched it on youtube , I saw there is such a slot machine metal slug game on a land based casiino somewhere , I don't play on casinos live , but if I was , this slot would be my first choice Smile
 roeish322/05/2020 08:55:40 GMT
After reading the posts I started thiking what theme I coudn't resist playing slot, if it had been in front of me.
Monkey Island would surely do it for me Smile. Seeing Guybrush Threepwood and captain Lechuck would make me throw coins at theem so fast I would get broke (or rich) very fast .
 peronibar22/05/2020 12:38:09 GMT
Before couple days Roshtein won about 59.000euro with 50 bet on this slot. I think he played in Slotwolf casino
 dule-vu22/05/2020 16:58:52 GMT
antonis I know that some older players will play remember of this game from past and that because of that they will try this slot!today I did open this slot,to see what to do,but didnt made spin,just closed slot and moved to another!its just poor for me,even I know that this is how need to be!but from video I see that this slot also have some strange way of playing!
 Mober22/05/2020 19:51:04 GMT
Netent is my favorite provider in slot games.
I believe they have the best slots out there with the best payouts.
Personal opinion Smile
But from watching the video, i can say that i didnt like this slot at all.
It may have a good payout, whi knows but as a theme, graphics etc, i didnt like
it at all.
 roeish323/05/2020 07:00:30 GMT
Mober, this slot is based 100% on nostalgy. If you don't feel it than this slot is not for you.
In the end they try to segment the market and give a solution for every segment they have. They don't care if which of their slots you play, as long as you do it on their site.
If they made this slot, then I guess the resereaches shows it has a market.
 antonis32123/05/2020 18:40:10 GMT
Yes , this retro kind 0f games and graphics , for a slot game targets specific group of people , giving them the chance to win by playing a slot , but at the same time have fun playing a game that brings nostalgic memories from the past Smile Monkey island I would also like a game with this theme , it would be fun roeish3 Smile NetEnt is from the best slot game providers , they know what they are doing by bringing this retro slot to the players Smile

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