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Immortal Romance Remastered (Microgaming)

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Posted on 22 May 2020 by "T".

Microgaming is pleased to present to slots lovers the newly remastered version of one of their most popular slot games of all time, Immortal Romance.

First released in December 2011, the eternal power of Immortal Romance continues to enchant players from all over the world. Still very much available for play with over 200 operators in various countries across the globe including Sweden and the United Kingdom, this game remains as one of the industry's most popular and iconic online video slots.

The original Immortal Romance online slot, which is still a solid player favorite since it was launched nearly nine years ago, has now been remastered to a new HTML5 format to be able to support a host of performance and new feature upgrades, including autoplay, free games, enhanced animations, quick spin and improved audio to perfectly match the original soundtrack.

  • Immortal Romance Remastered has a 5x3 reelset featuring 243 ways to win.
  • You can win up to 12,000x your stake in this video slot game.
  • The game can be played across all devices and it has a RTP of 96.86%.

Players can now return to this long-time favorite vampire-themed slot for a fresh bite on all of its classic blood-pumping features including: Wilds that pay double in the base game, Scatter pays, the randomly occurring Wild Desire feature that will turn up to 5 reels Wild, and the Chamber of Spins which allows players the freedom to choose between four free spins options based on the game's characters (Amber, Michael, Troy and Sarah) involving big win multipliers, random wilds, Rolling ReelsTM and multiplier wilds.

Chief Operating Officer of Microgaming Andrew Clucas said about the remastered slot:
"In today's gaming landscape, it is imperative that we continue to strive to ensure that our entire casino offering remains at the top of its game - so while we will continue to provide quality game releases every month, we are also enhancing and optimizing our current offering, such as our popular classics and feature-rich games, so as to bring players even more enjoyable and entertaining gaming experiences. Immortal Romance remains one of our most popular online slot games of all time. The remastered upgrades enhance and pay homage to our Immortal Romance brand, which continues to be enjoyed by players around the world."

Rediscover a dark yet romantic tale full of supernatural mystery and intrigue in the newly revamped version of Immortal Romance by Microgaming!

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11 comments on "Immortal Romance Remastered (Microgaming)"

 maragatero22/05/2020 13:15:00 GMT
T really sorry of not play in slots. They are so atracktive, with their interest and surprising themes, with all their colours and their beautifull sounds, all these sad that I never could won any cents in some of them. I tried, a lot of time in diferent softwares and game´s room, but I only get a good time of songs and cartoon´s movies...what a shame!
 dule-vu22/05/2020 16:50:44 GMT
too bad that we dont have some video from new version of this slot!so this isnt second part,this is just remastered slot!we will see what will bring to us,but I am now that this slot is very popular even now,no matter that is so old!hope that they did something good from it and that we will enjoy in him as we did in first one!
 Mober22/05/2020 18:29:06 GMT
I cant say that i have seen this slot before, although the name sounds familiar.
An old slot, so nothing new here, besides the fact it is remastered as they say.
The number of operators having the specific slot, you can say is remarkable.
So it must be one of the success stories in the slots world.
 CALICUL22/05/2020 21:47:08 GMT
I think this slot game has the best RTP which i have seen and the prize up to 12k your stake is very attractive. It is a joy to play this chamber of spins of the Immortal Romance Remastered. Any experienced gambler will try to win here.
 dule-vu23/05/2020 17:14:03 GMT
this is so popular slot,you can find so many videos on you tube from players that played on him and with big winnings,so its strange that some of you didnt heard about this slot from 2011!just hope that this will good transforamtion and that from this company know what are they doing!
 antonis32123/05/2020 18:35:14 GMT
I searched about this slot a litle , besides reading the BRM news . It looks like a good and attractive slot to play with , simple rules and gameplay , nice free spins faure with 4 different ways to play the free spins and win accordingly . It's for sure a very nice game , which also has good payouts , with a very good RTP Smile Good luck everyone playing this slot game Smile
 CALICUL23/05/2020 21:44:07 GMT
When a slot game is good then you have to play it if you are a fan of these machines with multiple chances of winning. I've seen some people who play something like that (slots) very often and they are quite optimistic... that maybe will win something.
 maragatero23/05/2020 22:56:59 GMT
Hey dule-vu, you gave me another clue to understand this type of songs and colours´s machine. I didn´t know that are videos in youtube with people playing this slot (and obviously may be playing others kinds of slots) really ther can be a video of anything that you can imagine. I will go to look forit, so might be that a day arrive that I understand this game!
 thomas30dk04/06/2020 14:10:19 GMT
I have played thousands of euro through this slot and I really cant tell the difference between this and the old one. I did notice that they changed the software but this was about 2 years ago and it made it unplayable. The reels didnt line up like you would expect and I just stopped playing this all togheter after that.
 dule-vu05/06/2020 10:50:25 GMT
Posted by maragatero:
Hey dule-vu, you gave me another clue to understand this type of songs and colours's machine. I didn't know that are videos in youtube with people playing this slot (and obviously may be playing others kinds of slots) really ther can be a video of anything that you can imagine. I will go to look forit, so might be that a day arrive that I understand this game!

you have for so many years you tube channels,where they post big wins and slots sessions and you can see how they play and what kind of slots they play!ofcourse lot of them play with big bets,so its not for regular players,but you can see what some slot can offer when you start to play!
 CALICUL07/06/2020 08:48:30 GMT
When i win some money with poker i invest a little in slots games without luck of course. I like more of them but the strategy can be modified to make other players happy. In the future i want to be more focused on this type of game. Some players even make money.

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