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Win BTC Prizes in the New Monthly Tournament "Freebooter Treasure" at 1xBit

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Posted on 06 May 2020 by "T".

1xBit offers fun and a prize pool of 1500 mBTC every month with the "Freebooter Treasure" tournament!

The first anonymous cryptocurrency casino and sportsbook, 1xBit, is preparing to launch a new tournament called Freebooter Treasure, which is bound to thrill all its gamblers. The event is a bit more unusual, as it comes in the form of a quiz comprising of exciting adventures, fireguns and gold, with tasks being assigned every day.

The tournament has easy rules that can be followed by anyone. All you have to do is gather as many points as you can to get a maximum score so that you can receive a prize. You collect points by completing the daily task. One day equals one task, but even if you miss one day, you will still be able to take part in the game.

How to participate in the tournament?

  1. First, create or sign in to your 1xBit account.
  2. Click anywhere on the playing area to start the game. Explore the map and complete as many suggested daily tasks as you can to collect points (even if you miss one day, you will still be in the game).
  3. Gather as many points as you can to be among the top 15 players.

As you gain more points by completing challenges each day, you will be able to work your way from Novice Sailor to the highest rank of Master Captain. Get the points, and you can receive 1500 mBTC and freespins into your treasure chest!

Follow the leaderboard to track the progress of your competitors to pick up your game and surpass them. Keep in mind that fortune favors the bold! 

If this tournament has piqued your interest, then hop aboard 1xBit's ship to not miss the opportunity to win great prizes. 1xBit is a crypto casino where you can find a myriad of other games, including 5000 slots, 100 dealers, live casino tables, a variety of bets and sports, as well as many other enticing promotions.

What's more, 1xBit offers one of the most substantial welcome bonuses in the casino industry, as new users that sign up receive a bonus of 7 BTC.

Find out more about 1xBit and follow its latest activity on social media at:


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8 comments on "Win BTC Prizes in the New Monthly Tournament "Freebooter Treasure" at 1xBit"

 dule-vu06/05/2020 15:27:24 GMT
dont know much about this casino and what number of players play on this kind of casino,where you only use crypto currency for playing games!would be nice to see some experience from players how good are this casino site and how easy is to make deposits and cashouts with crypto!somehow I like more cash and euro currency for playing!
 antonis32106/05/2020 23:27:40 GMT
It;snice for players with crypto portofolio , especially a lot of money in it, and if they like casino games , to go and play on 1xBit and win on their slots , casino games and not only . Now they have these daily tasks , accumulating points , without the need to do it every day , in order to be in the top ranks/places , and be awarded some extra mBTC , and play more of the games you like , and win more Smile

Bitcoin portofolio and account is very important , so as to play on some sites , or make a withdrawal , which otherwise would be impossible due to restrictions or prohibitions . There is this site to deposit on this coin , also some poker sites using exclusively this cryptocurrency , but it's also being used by other pokerrooms or casinos , not exclusively . Also if you know when it's the right time , you can see your cryptocurrency balance go skyhigh , then make a withdrawal , many have great success stories multipliying their initial deposit Smile .
 CALICUL10/05/2020 13:51:04 GMT
You can take advantage of this and try to win something here because will be very good in case you succeed in this monthly tournament. Sometimes we can get a very good bankroll where we don't expect and always have to take advantage of that.
 ImRincewind10/05/2020 14:51:01 GMT
Most of the players on this tipe of poker rooms (where they only use cryptocurrencies) are fishes... so it's a good way to make some cash... also, the payout it's really simply, easy and fast, no delays... you should try them!
 dule-vu10/05/2020 23:48:19 GMT
I see that they have free offer on casino section at this site,no deposit offer with 80 free spins and deposit offer also!you can find all details in bankrolls section,so every member can see what this site offer and maybe to register!not so sure about things,how everything about crypto works,its easier to bet in euros!
 Mober11/05/2020 17:03:58 GMT
Cant say that i ave heard about this casino before.
But i bet there are lots more that i havent Smile
Its a crypto based so it must be well know among the community.
The promotion seems to be a nice one for the grinders.
Good luck to all the ones following.
 CALICUL11/05/2020 22:52:58 GMT
I hate this virtual currency system because it's still a way to make players waste time doing calculations. This had to be done on deposit or withdrawal and the tournaments they must have been calculated in dollars. It's a wrong thing here...
 roeish313/05/2020 17:24:06 GMT
Not sure I trust crypto based casinos, but it could be helpful in countries where you can't play by your name and have to do it anonymously.
I guess you don't pay taxes on the revenues and well, unlike winning from sites that works with regular currencies.

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