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Lucky BitStarz Player wins €200,100 on Crazy Time!

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Posted on 23 July 2020 by "T".

Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming has just been released on June 10th and there's already a big winner from this game on the same month!

One lucky player from BitStarz managed to capture a massive €200,100 (approx. $228,700) from a single round on Crazy Time a week after its release date. This is the biggest win of 2020 yet at BitStarz!


Biggest Winner this 2020, So Far

It has been indeed a strange year full of drastic changes, but 2020 is now halfway done.

The biggest win in 2019 was at a colossal $2.4 million from a single spin - can players in 2020 try and beat that record? With Crazy Time here to help out, it's only a matter of time before that happens.

Congratulations to the winner of €200,100!


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11 comments on "Lucky BitStarz Player wins €200,100 on Crazy Time!"

 dule-vu23/07/2020 13:26:42 GMT
I know that this new live game can pay and you can find lot of videos on you tube with big wins on this game!french player who have streams won ,I think, 200 000 e on this game and it was sick win,but you must be lucky to hit right bonus and when you get multiplier who will add bigger value on your bet!
 antonis32123/07/2020 23:03:28 GMT
Wow , 200K euros win from this game on BitStarz , this is awesome win , you can play there and have such a great payday !!! Very lucky this player , now everyone has a good reason to go and try this game for themselves and see if they could be as lucky as him or more Smile As I read in the news article , the biggest win on 2019 was 2.000.000 euros or $2.2M from a single spin , wow , just imagine sb breaking this record win on this game or on a slot , life changing money !!!!
 CALICUL24/07/2020 11:10:22 GMT
BitStarz is incredible. It offers great prizes and does not stop here. This casino will become strong, especially as they have many winners who have won nice amounts. Big winner is one of lucky ones, who got their hands on a pile of money.
 dule-vu27/07/2020 12:33:33 GMT
as I see on you tube and some other forums,people love to play this live game and now they play it more then monopoly live or games like that!its not just because its new game,they love what this game offer and this bonuse games are very interesting and can pay big!
 CALICUL27/07/2020 15:16:11 GMT
The prize is fabulous. I am curious what other big prizes this Bitstarz Casino offers. They have exceeded their conditions since last year or more. Here some players won $... over expectations. In future this situation will be unchanged.
 dule-vu28/07/2020 14:31:44 GMT
I know much bigger casino sites where players get amounts like this,but you cant see news like that on forums or somewhere else!so its strange when you see every month some big news from bitstarz,but you can know anything about player,not a single video or something else!thats why I dont believe to them!
 CALICUL28/07/2020 15:48:35 GMT
A few days ago someone from neighborhood catch a special on the device and won 4,000 dollars. A Jackpot could bring him more money. The important thing is that people win prizes and we can do the same. It's great to make money.
 geseco1208/09/2020 22:36:28 GMT
The prize that was won was very good, the casinos can give us that luck of winning a lot of money, but it is a very small probability, but if you like to play it, your day will come that you will win a jackpot, haha ​​well, each one would make their decision.
 CALICUL10/09/2020 16:00:48 GMT
The prize is a remarkable one but it seems to be too much for a single winner. Prizes could be redistributed for multiple players, through a unique method of casinos and slot machines. This is not happening and that situation it's ridiculous.
 geseco1222/11/2020 12:25:50 GMT
luck is like that, but as they say when it's your turn, congratulations to this player, well sometimes things happen for something, the attempts are worth it, and the jackpot was taken, hopefully there are more players who can win this great prize to keep the players entertained and not go to other rooms that offer similar promotions.
 CALICUL22/11/2020 16:52:48 GMT
I would love to win something big at the casino, but this thing is too hard for me. I am not a devoted player of slot games and have no illusions, so as not to be disappointed. I saw that you can win good money and can say that many casinos are reliable.

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